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My Summer Car Cheats – Getting Through The Finnish Summer

For as long as there have been games – digitally rendered or otherwise – we’ve thought of ways how to cheat. In the realm of video games, cheating has been adopted before for any number of reasons. It might be used to give you an edge against other players in a competition. Or, it may be able to afford you an opportunity to skip past the difficult or tedious parts of a game. But in the case of My Summer Car cheats, the existence of these lines of code is more comical than it seems.

Besides, if cheat codes are conceived as a way to boost your enjoyment of a particular game even more, then we should revel in it. Quite literally perhaps, if we look at My Summer Car. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, and left to do any number of silly things, using cheat codes in this Finnish fever dream will only make your smile ever bigger in how intensely funny they can be. So, what are the codes that I’ll need to activate to enjoy some sweet, sweet My Summer Car cheats?

What Is My Summer Car

For those of you that might not be familiar, My Summer Car has been around since 2016. Since then, the game has been in its development stage, continually adding new changes and content. According to its Steam page, the game is still in its Early Access stage as of mid-2022.

For now, though, My Summer Car is an open-world simulation game. With the player put somewhere in the Finnish countryside in the 1990s, you have a very simple end goal.

It’s a game built around spending the summer months trying to put together a working car and then having loads of fun with it. While it does have a lot of silliness to its gameplay mechanics and drunken antics, the actual car building part is very meticulous.

You start the game off with a number of parts strewn about. You’ll then spend the rest of the game building this car – based on a Datsun 100A – completely from scratch. Attention is being put on every single nut and bolt.

Aside from building your car, you’ll also get the chance to tune and modify it, as well as maintain it. With hundreds and thousands of individual parts, you can mix and match to build the perfect automobile.

As you’re stuck anyways, you could complete several tasks for other people to earn money and use them to buy parts. Once your car is built and ready, you then have a choice of taking part in racing competitions. If your own car isn’t good enough, then you can buy a new one.

If you want a full walkthrough guide of My Summer Car read our post.

How To Activate My Summer Car Cheats

It’s in this open-world sandbox where My Summer Car cheats have gotten so popular. Mostly, it adds another element of fun to how you can approach the game, or it could be used to remove some of the more tedious tasks.

But how can you activate and use these My Summer Car cheats? For that, you’ll need to boot up the game, and open up its built-in console. Originally, this was included with the public release of the game as a mistake. The console was then subsequently removed.

However, you can still have easy access to the console. It’s worth bearing in mind that the game is, right now anyway, in a continuous state of development. While the console might have been added back into the game recently, it may be removed again.

Alternatively, some cheats might not work with newer or older versions of the game, for example. For these, you can always install mods for My Summer Car cheats to work, and for you to be able to open the console if you couldn’t before.

Presently, the console is readily accessible from the game’s menu. You could open this by pressing ‘F1’ or ‘ESC’ on your keyboard. Cheats can exist in different forms depending on the game. For My Summer Car, cheat codes exist as “console commands”.

To activate these cheats, all you need to do is type in those commands into the console, and press the ‘Enter’ key. Should you have mistyped a command, the console will display an error message saying, “UNKNOWN COMMAND :-(“.

My Summer Car Cheats

All My Summer Car cheats come in the form of console commands. While the console may be able to fit 12 characters, all the console commands here will only have four characters. Anything typed after the fourth character is ignored, apart from some numerical values.

Some console commands may require one or more numerical values to better define the command. Here are some of the My Summer Car cheats that we know of right now, in alphabetical order.


Using the My Summer Car cheats, “ARVO”, (ignore the air quotes) will allow you to use and interact with the Arvo-Algotson combine harvester. One of the key gameplay aspects of My Summer Car is its role-playing and life simulation mechanics.

You’ll be needing to actually do work within the game to earn money, which could then be used to complete your car building process, such as buying parts. One of the works that you’ll be doing is working on a farm.

Here, there are two particular jobs that relate to the Arvo-Algotson. Placed on a large farm to the east of the urban center of Peräjärvi, the combine harvester can be found inside a red shed located next to the farmhouse.

However, you cannot yet interact or be able to use the Arvo-Algotson until you complete those two aforementioned tasks for Tohvakka, a local farmer. The first of these tasks is helping to deliver 23 haybales using a Kekmet tractor which the player owns.

Once you complete this task, Tohvakka will be able to trust you by using the Arvo-Algotson combine harvester. But you can’t yet drive it at will without completing the second task.

For this, Tohvakka will call you about retrieving the combine harvester and then delivering it to him. Once both tasks are complete, the player is allowed to use the Arvo-Algotson freely. However, using the console command, “ARVO” will unlock this ability immediately.

2. DATE*

Note the asterisk here represents a numerical value that you need to input for the console command to work. “DATE*” is among the most useful of My Summer Car cheats, as it helps you to instantly change the day of the week. This is great from a progression standpoint. Or, you could use this to skip ahead if there’s a particularly important event on a different day.

You can thus use this cheat code to avoid needing to wait it out. The asterisk (*) is replaced with the numbers 1 to 7, representing Monday to Sunday. For example, typing in the console command “DATE5” will change the current day you’re on to a Friday. “DATE1” would skip ahead to a Monday, while “DATE7” should skip it to a Sunday.


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As we highlighted earlier, you will be able to race your car once it’s been built. There are several different racing events that you can partake in. One of the most popular ones seems to be drag racing.

However, drag races can only be hosted on the game’s sole airstrip, and they are only available on Fridays. The chore here is needing to drive down to the airstrip. As we’ll learn later on, there are some reasons why you might want to avoid driving too much in this car-related game.

In any case, the size of the game’s world is also fairly large, which might take you a lot of time to get to the airstrip. Hence, the “DRAG” console command has been one of the most helpful My Summer Car cheats here.

Typing that in will instantly teleport the player to the airfield. If the player happens to be in a vehicle, then the “DRAG” command will also teleport the car to the airfield as well.


No spoilers here, but typing in the “ENDI” console command will show the player the ending of the game. This is surely one of the My Summer Car cheats that you’ll want to avoid typing in on purpose.

Some players might consider this ruinous to the game’s story and player progression. But there are useful ways in which the “ENDI” cheat can be used. For example, a player who’s already finished the game can type it in and replay the ending one more time.


Using the code “FARM” will teleport the player to Tohvakka’s farm. As we mentioned earlier, “the farm” is a key point of interest within the game. Several jobs and locations can be found on the farm and its surrounding areas.

Plus, the Arvo-Algotson combine harvester is kept within Tohvakka’s farm, too. You can use “FARM” in tandem with “ARVO” from earlier if you’d like to teleport over to the farm and have fun playing around with a big combine harvester.


The console command, “HEMO” will teleport the player back to their home in Kesselinperä. Your home is where you start off the game from, and a lot of what you’ll need to revolve around it. The car that you’re going to rebuild, the Satsuma, is kept in the garage of your home. Many essential gameplay resources are here, as well. For example, having a bed to sleep on in order to reduce your fatigue, or using your home’s sauna to reduce your character’s stress level.


As with the farm, this is another of the namesake My Summer Car cheats. Typing in “JAIL” will quite simply teleport the player off to the in-game jail. Within the game, you can get arrested and jailed for certain criminal offenses.

This includes not paying your fines on time or evading a routine police stop. Since the jail is used to punish the players by wasting their time – a four-day sentence is equal to spending two hours in the game – there’s not much reason to go to jail in the first place.


One of the most fascinating parts of My Summer Car is its permadeath mechanic. In gaming terms, this means that your character’s death will ultimately result in a game-over scenario.

You’re then forced to restart the game from scratch before another death will end the game once more. Hence, the player is advised to play cautiously to avoid getting killed. There are several ways in which you can die in the game.

For instance, you can crash your car while driving, such as hitting a tree or a vehicle. Alternatively, the life simulation mechanics mean that you need to care for your player, like ensuring proper intake of food and water.

Thankfully, here’s one of the My Summer Car cheats designed to make your life easier. Typing in “KEKE” will give the player invincibility. In other words, they cannot die or get killed in the game. Note, that this command might not work in some versions.


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One other teleportation command, “KESA” will teleport the player to the theatre. It’s a small stage where three NPCs (non-playable characters) are seen conversing and taking part or practicing for a play.

While the theatre itself is not entirely useful, it is located near Peräjärvi, which is the game’s only urbanized area. There are countless shops, locations, and services that are accessible here. Thus, the “KESA” command is a quick way for you to get there in a pinch.

10. KEYS

There are a large number of vehicles within My Summer Car other than the Satsuma or the agricultural machinery that we looked at earlier. Some examples include rally cars, drag cars, lorries, or specialty vehicles like a police cruiser. You could even interact with certain vehicles in the game beyond wheeled modes of transportation, like a train or a boat.

The player can complete certain tasks or work to gain access to these vehicles. For the most part, however, doing this can take a lot of time and effort. For this reason, My Summer Car cheats include “KEYS”. Typing this will give you the keys to unlock every single vehicle in the game. You could use this as a quick way to drive something that you otherwise won’t be able to have access to just yet.

11. KILL

While it might seem as though the “KILL” command is designed to kill the player, it actually kills something else. By typing in that command, you’ll be removing the player’s beloved Satsuma from the game. If you’re ever frustrated with the Satsuma, this is one way to have it destroyed for good.

12. LEFA

The Fleetari Repair Shop is one of the most useful and valuable locations to have in the game. Here, you can repair, upgrade, repaint, or test out the Satsuma. Some services include wheel alignments, repairing and replacing damaged engine parts, or installing a roll cage.

Some of the game’s more advanced car-building aspects, such as tuning, are best done at Fleetari. Hence why the “LEFA” command is among the best My Summer Car cheats, as it lets you teleport there instantly.

13. MANS

Another significant landmark within My Summer Car is an abandoned mansion. It is located near the town of Loppe, where we previously found Fleetari’s repair shop. There isn’t much to be done with the mansion aside from exploration and world exposition.

However, the biggest reason for coming here is the fact that there is a full set of wheels that can be found in the attic. If you need to get there quickly, then typing in “MANS” in the console command should teleport you there.

14. MOKK

Peräjärvi is the primary lake within the game, and here, you’ll find a small island. On that island, you’ll discover a cottage in the middle of the lake. Although only accessible with a boat, the cottage itself is a great place to call home.

There is an endless supply of food and water, as well as being able to rapidly reduce the player’s stress. The only downside is a lack of access to electronics and a garage. If you’d like to go there, typing in “MOKK” will teleport you instantly to the cottage.

15. PASK

One of the jobs that you’ll be working in the game is pumping out septic tanks with the Gifu vacuum truck. Once the septic tanks are full, there are two options on how you can dispose of the waste.

You can dump it illegally into waterways or in the woodlands, which could risk getting fined and jailed. Or, you can do it properly by visiting the wastewater treatment plant. Should you need to go here easily, just type in the “PASK” command and you’ll be teleported there.


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16. PIGG

Using the “PIGG” console command will teleport the player to the “Ventti house“. Located near Peräjärvi, this is where you can take part in a game of Ventti. This is basically a Finnish version of blackjack.

Playing Ventti is one of the ways in which you can earn money, by placing bets. Otherwise, the house in which the Ventti games are played could also be used as a home by the player.

17. POOR*

In addition to the numerical commands that we looked at earlier in our My Summer Car cheats guide, this one is to help with getting you extra money. The in-game currency is measured in the old Finnish Markka or abbreviated as ‘mk’.

There are many ways in which the players can earn money, such as doing jobs, completing miscellaneous tasks, playing Ventti, getting podiums in races, lottery, gambling, and so on.

There are also plenty of ways to lose that money other than spending it on buying parts for your car and personal essentials. Some examples are getting fined by the police or losing a bet in races, or a game of Ventti.

Should you need to inflate your player’s bank account, you could type in the “POOR*” console command. As mentioned before, the asterisk (*) needs to be replaced with a numerical value. Typing in “POOR1000” will add 1,000mk to your player’s account, for instance.

18. PORO

The Burnet Ferndaleinspired by the Dodge Coronet – is one of the fastest and most powerful cars in My Summer Car. It can be found outside the Fleetari repair shop. Whenever the player sends their Satsuma to be serviced by Fleetari, the Ferndale will then be offered as a loaner.

After that, the player can use the Ferndale at any time. Should you somehow be keener to add even more power to the Ferndale, you can type in “PORO” to boost its performance.

19. RBED

As with real-world humans, your in-game character will need to sleep to preserve their well-being. Remember, failing to abide by this results in the player increasing their chances of dying.

Sleep is one of those things to keep in mind. If you can’t find a bed handy, then use the “RBED” command to put your character to sleep, regardless of where they are.

20. RCAR

The beloved Satsuma is no doubt the most important element in the game. The player is tasked with rebuilding it, part by part, before later maintaining the Satsuma and using it day to today.

Extra modifications can be made, such as improving its performance to take part in the local rallies. There are times when the player might get separated from it, however. Should you need to move the Satsuma back home instantly, you can use the “RCAR” console command.

21. RTRA

Just like “RCAR”, the “RTRA” cheat will move the Kekmet tractor back to your home. The Kekmet is one of the vehicles that the player starts off with. It can be found inside the woodshed by the player’s house.

Many jobs within the game require the use of the Kekmet. You could use it to deliver firewood or tow abandoned cars that you found lying around. You could even attach a trailer to the Kekmet, with which you can use its arms and forks to life vehicles or items into the trailer.

22. RVAN

Following the past few My Summer Car cheats, the “RVAN” command line will move your van back to your home. The van in question is the Hayosiko Pace, modeled after the real-world Toyota Hiace.

You can borrow the Hayosiko Pace from the character’s uncle, which it is an ideal vehicle for deliveries or transporting large goods. If you need to move around furniture or large bulks of items such as an engine for the Satsuma, the Hayosiko Pace has plenty of cargo space.

23. SALE

Located in Peräjärvi, Teimo’s shop will be a location that you’ll likely visit most often. Teimo’s shop is a convenience store where you can buy items like food and water. It also doubles as a fuel station and a post office.

A large number of goods and purchasable goods will be found here, as well as important jobs and tasks. To get to Teimo’s shop in an instant, you can type in “SALE” in the console, where you’ll be teleported.

24. SEIV

In My Summer Car, there is no convenient way to save the game. There is no easy ‘save game’ button to be found, nor is there an autosave function. The only way to save your progress is to go to a toilet, and you can save the game there.

To make this process a bit more convenient, you can instead type in “SEIV”, which should save your game instantly wherever your character is.

25. TIME*

The last of the numerical My Summer Car cheats is being able to change the time of the game at will. It even lets you roll back time if you had missed an important event, for instance.

It’s a very handy cheat to have, and you can access it by typing in “TIME*”. Once again, the asterisk (*) is replaced with a number. In this case, it should be a 24-hour time. Typing in “TIME12” will change the time to 12.00pm, while “TIME630” will change it to 6.30 am.

26. WEAR

As with the many parts in My Summer Car that you’ll fit on your car, they each will wear out, as they do in the real world. This goes for everything, from the engine, transmission, suspension, tires, and so on.

Thus, the player is encouraged to take good care of their cars, as wearing them down inevitably means you’ll need to replace those parts. If you’d like to extend their lifespan, you can use the “WEAR” cheat code to remove part wear altogether.

27. WEAT

Although set in the Finnish summer, the weather there undergoes a lot of changes, from sunny skies to rain. My Summer Car has built-in a dynamic weather system that actively changes the climate over time. If you prefer a bit of sun while you’re in-game instead of it pouring cats and dogs, you can type in “WEAT” in the console to change the weather.

Facts: Console Commands for a Game

  • The console in the game was used by the developer to test the game before release.
  • The console was mistakenly included in the first public version of the game, then removed and added back again later.
  • The console can be enabled by setting the player’s last name to “Rauhijoketti” when creating a new game or mid-game using external programs.
  • The console is accessed by opening the options menu with F1 or ESC, and commands can be entered by typing on the keyboard while the console is open and pressing ⏎.
  • The command line can fit 12 characters, and incorrect commands will display “UNKNOWN COMMAND :-(“.
  • All console commands are four digits long, and typing anything after the fourth digit will be ignored (except for numerical values).
  • Some commands require numerical values to be entered, such as TIME* to change the time and POOR* to add money.
  • Some commands may not work with newer versions of the game, such as KILL, PORO, RBED, RCAR, RTRA, and RVAN.
  • Some commands teleport the player to different locations in the game, such as FARM, KEKE, MOKK, PIGG, SALE, and TANS.
  • Other commands affect game mechanics, such as COLL to toggle tree colliders, CLIP to toggle noclip mode, and WEAT to change the weather.

FAQs On My Summer Car Cheats

If you’re still curious to learn more about My Summer Car cheats, our FAQs here might help…

How To Clean Yourself In My Summer Car

While it’s more well-known as a car-building game, My Summer Car is by all accounts a role-playing game, as well. With that in mind, there are certain things that you need to do to ensure your character’s well-being. This includes ensuring that your character is well fed with food and drink, as well as taking care of their hygiene. Speaking of, the process of cleaning your character in My Summer Car begins at the sauna. There should be one in the character’s home, near the laundry room. Inside the sauna, you’ll find the burner, alongside a bucket and scoop. Start by picking up the bucket, and head over to the shower in the other room. Then, fill up the bucket, bring it over to the sauna, and turn on the sauna’s heater. From there, use the water scoop to fling water into the burner to enjoy a steam cleaning.

How To Save In My Summer Car

In My Summer Car, it adopts a particularly unique save mechanic. To save your game, you’ll have to head over to the toilet. Then, click on the toilet bowl. This should save the game properly. Afterward, you can find the individual save files saved onto your computer. Specifically, head into the AppData folder, head to LocalLow and navigate into the Amistech folder. You could even back up these save files, too. It should be noted that opening the in-game menu and clicking on the Quit To Menu button will not save the game. The other way of saving your game is by turning permadeath off. This way, any time your character dies in-game, it will create a save file that’ll let you resume progress more easily.

My Summer Car How To Drive Van

One of the most important starting vehicles in My Summer Car is the van. Specifically, a Hayosiko Pace owned by the character’s uncle. This van could be found parked outside of Uncle Kesseli’s home, located near the character’s home. To be able to drive this van, you’ll have to speak to Uncle Kesseli first. Note, that van will spawn and despawn at random. If the van can be seen outside Uncle Kesseli’s home, knock on his front door, and speak to him. Here, you can ask him if he’d lend you the van, at which point, he’ll hand over the keys. Once the van is under your possession, you only have it for a limited amount of time before it’s returned to Uncle Kesseli. If you walk too far or are gone too long away from the van, it’ll despawn, too.

How To Do Wiring My Summer Car

One of the most crucial aspects of the car-building mechanics of My Summer Car is when it comes time to put together the wiring. For this, you’ll first have to acquire the Wiring Mess, which is usually found in the character’s home. You can connect wires by equipping it and holding the Wiring Mess over an electrical part or connector. If you see a checkmark icon, press F and hold the Wiring Mess over another connector to connect those two components together. Note, you’ll only see the wires get connected if the connections are correct. Otherwise, no connections will be made if two incompatible parts are connected. In total, there are 26 different wires within the Wiring Mess that have to be connected to their respective parts.

How To Import Music To My Summer Car

Another unique aspect of My Summer Car is the ability for players to add their own music to listen to in the game. In the game, there are a total of 3 CDs, each of which can hold up to 15 tracks. To add music to each CD, you’ll first have to ensure that the music files are in an .ogg format. Each track for every CD will then have to be renamed and numbered, respectively. So, a music file should be named something like track1.ogg, track2.ogg, track3.ogg, and so on until you reach track15.ogg before you fill up one CD. Then, head over to your SteamApps folder, head to Common and find the My Summer Car folder. Here, you can find the CD1, CD2, and CD3 folders. Simply copy and paste your music files into this folder to add music to each CD.

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