Review of ANCEL BD310 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth

After using the ANCEL BD310 OBD2 Scanner, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for both professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts alike. Here’s a breakdown of my experience with the device:

Ease of Use

The scanner is extremely user-friendly, right from the installation to diagnostics. The plug-and-play feature makes it perfect for those who might not be technically inclined. The instructional videos available on YouTube are a great added touch, making complex tasks seem simple.


The multifunctional connection options, especially the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection to mobile devices, are seamless. It ensures that you can easily monitor and diagnose issues without being tethered to your vehicle.

Display and Features

The 2-inch clear display screen is compact yet very readable. Being able to use it as a supplemental instrument panel is innovative and beneficial, especially with real-time monitoring. The various tests – from the O2 sensor tests to EVAP System Test – are comprehensive, and the feature to retrieve vehicle information (VIN) is super helpful.

Battery & Performance Test

The battery detection feature is a standout. It doesn’t just stop at voltage detection; it goes further to detect max/min/flameout voltage and monitor the battery’s operational status.

Real-Time Monitor & Trip Analysis

The real-time monitoring feature is ahead of many competitors in the same price range. With the device, you get insights into various parameters like oil temperature, speed, fuel consumption, and more. Additionally, the trip analysis, which records driving time and distance, can be a handy tool for frequent travelers.


The scanner’s compatibility with a wide range of vehicles and multiple languages makes it versatile and accessible to a global audience.

Brand and Support

ANCEL’s commitment to solving automotive aftermarket issues shines through with this product. Moreover, their official website provides support, ensuring that if there are any app download issues, users have a reliable place to find solutions.


Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to invest in a reliable and comprehensive OBD2 Scanner, the ANCEL BD310 is an excellent choice. It’s more than just a diagnostic tool; it’s a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system. Whether you’re a professional or just someone keen on understanding your vehicle better, this tool is bound to be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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