Introducing the S14 Lift Assisted Bollard

A good set of driveway bollards has the potential to massively improve your driveway and home security, as well as ensure that it’ll make lives way harder for thieves to simply drive off with your vehicle. While it can be quite pricey to install one, companies like Bollard Security offer a huge variety of budget-oriented and wallet-friendly options, such as the D4 telescopic bollard that I got to look at recently. However, what if the D4, or even the BFT STOPPY B 115/500 (that I installed personally at my home) isn’t strong enough? Or, what if you wanted a more commercial-grade driveway bollard? Well, on the opposite end of the price range, Bollard Security has the S14.

The S14 lift-assisted bollard is a much more robust solution, offering greater security against ramming or heavy force being put onto it. Compared to some of the other driveway bollards that I’ve sampled previously, like that aforementioned D4 telescopic bollard, the S14 is definitely way more expensive. Specifically, the S14 costs £900 for a singular bollard; most residential driveways really only demand two or three. In addition, if you want the S14 bollard to be installed by the guys and gals over at Bollard Security, it’ll raise the price to £1,195. Given my positive experience with them thus far, I’d definitely recommend having it installed by Bollard Security.

Maxing Out Your Driveway Protection

£1,200-ish is, as you can imagine, for a single driveway bollard, pretty expensive. I doubt it’s necessary for most regular homeowners who’d want to secure their driveway, homes, and cars parked outside. Or, you could use it to block pesky neighbours or strangers from parking in your driveway, too. Nevertheless, it’s perfect if you really want that added peace of mind, and are willing to pay more for it. Optimally, the S14 lift-assisted bollard is also made for commercial applications. These could include scenarios such as preventing vehicles from accessing any specific streets or areas, or blocking off motorists from urban zones that have a lot of pedestrian traffic.

According to Bollard Security, the S14 lift-assisted bollard is one of the largest and most heavy-duty bollards in their line-up, with the highest level of security available. Its physical dimensions alone speak for themselves; a diameter of 114mm, 670mm in height once it’s raised above ground, and a wall thickness of 6mm. With such a sturdy build and is made from hardy 304 stainless steel, you can expect top-of-the-line driveway security available from Bollard Security. If worst comes to worst, the S14 lift-assisted bollard is classed as an anti-ram bollard. If that’s not strong enough, there’s an extra steel insert to increase its impact resistance and strength.

The Best Level Of Security Money Can Buy

Should thieves instead attempt to tamper with the lock and force the S14 driveway bollard down, that ought to be nigh impossible, thankfully. With a 10-pin anti-frill and tamper-proof lock, these make it way harder for any burglar to simply drill out, tamper with, or pick the lock. The only way to properly lock or unlock the S14 then, is by using the provided set of coded keys. Moreover, the S14 lift-assisted bollard has been accredited as both Sold Secure and Secure By Design, which guarantees that it’s been approved by insurance companies. As such, it may help to keep your car’s insurance premiums lower, particularly in regard to car theft; a prevalent issue today.

Another handy bonus feature with the S14 is in its name; it has lift assistance. This makes it far easier for you to manually raise and lower the bollard, thanks to an internal gas actuation mechanism. It should help to reduce, according to Bollard Security, the lifting weight of the S14 by 70%. This is great for folks with physical ailments and elderly persons, where it can be extremely challenging to continually lift up or lower the bollard into place. It offers a lot of ease of use compared to a regular, manually-operated, telescopic bollard, like the more budget-oriented D4. If you’re seeking to max out your driveway security, the S14 is one of the best bollards to buy.

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