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Shooting a Rolls-Royce Phantom DHC From Every Angle

High Roller

As Motor Verso’s resident photographer, I have had the opportunity to shoot some amazing cars. I have developed my own skills and jumped at every chance to shoot cars from the littlest Honda Jazz through to the mighty Maserati Ghibli and a hell of a lot of things in between.

Knowing that we had something very special on the horizon, Editor-in-chief, Paul, and I came up with the idea of inviting a bunch of local photographers to shoot a ‘mystery’ car. The idea was to give people a chance to see how we go about a shoot and the opportunity to photograph something decent, though I doubt many expected it to be £350k of stunning Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.


With photographers of all skill sets, we set about placing the car and setting them free. The results, as you can see below, comprised varying styles and even encompassed a few unexpected flames, transparent bonnets and even a Hyena! It was an amazing night with fantastic people and the final images look great. Many thanks to all those that attended and we can’t wait for the next one!

Paul Stephens

Paul Stephens 7_1600x1038 Paul Stephens 6_1600x1067 Paul Stephens 5_1600x1067 Paul Stephens 4_1600x900 Paul Stephens 3_800x1200 Paul Stephens 2_1600x1067 Paul Stephens 1_1600x1067

Mark Walden

Mark Walden 8_1600x849 Mark Walden 7_1600x1067 Mark Walden 6_800x1200 Mark Walden 5_1600x1067 Mark Walden 4_1600x936 Mark Walden 3_1600x964 Mark Walden 2_1600x883 Mark Walden 1_1600x1067

Kris Kuznair

Kris Kuznair_1600x1066 Kris Kuznair 4_1600x1028 Kris Kuznair 3_1600x1068 Kris Kuznair 1_1600x1036

Jay Rajpra

Jay Rajpra 24_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 23_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 22_1600x1145 Jay Rajpra 21_1600x1066 Jay Rajpra 9_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 8_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 7_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 6_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 5_1600x1005 Jay Rajpra 4_1600x1071 Jay Rajpra 3_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 2_1600x1067 Jay Rajpra 1_1600x1081

Barbara Gibson & Marta Kochanek

Gibson Kochanek_1600x1067 Gibson Kochanek 2_800x1200 Gibson Kochanek 1_1600x1067

Adrian Hedges

Adrian Hedges 11_1600x577 Adrian Hedges 10_1600x1057 Adrian Hedges 9_1600x1057 Adrian Hedges 8_1600x1022 Adrian Hedges 7_848x1200 Adrian Hedges 6_1600x938 Adrian Hedges 5_1600x1039 Adrian Hedges 4_1600x962 Adrian Hedges 3_1199x1200 Adrian Hedges 2_1600x1177 Adrian Hedges 1_1600x1129


  • What can I say, a great night of shooting a car that many can only dream of owning, great direction and help given by Ross and the other photographers that came along and some stunning images by all that attended bring on the next one !!

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