Sin R1 Silverston 2013 12

Sin cars debut R1 in GT Cup – Silverstone

Last weekend I was track marshalling for various races at Silverstone. The one car that stuck out from the day was the Sin R1 competing in its first ever championship.

The German supercar manufacturer Sin Cars has chosen the GT Cup for the first race of the brand new R1 supercar. The awesome looking machine was driven by company Founder Rosen Daskalov.

The car, powered by a General Motors LS3 V8 producing over 500bhp, made its debut at the Autosport show in January. The FIA approved car has a space frame chassis made in partnership with UK based Pro Formance Metals and a carbon fibre passenger cell.

I can say first-hand the Sin R1 looks and sounds amazing. Take a look at the pictures below sourced from Sin R1 themselves.

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