Classic VW Scirocco 0034

The Weekend Garage: British Roadsters

Spring is fast approaching, and any car enthusiast knows what that means.  With the absence of that stubborn white stuff that simultaneously freezes roads and the flow of traffic, revheads in the northern hemisphere are pulling the covers off of their classics and turning the key to a new year of enthusiastic motoring.

British Roadsters

Some of the most popular cars to be seen on spring backroads are small, nimble, British roadsters.  Google Image search your typical topless British motorcar and I can guarantee you that almost half of all the pictures you come across will feature a small, brightly-coloured car sitting in a green pasture.  You can almost smell the spring when you see an image such as that. And you can also feel the allergies.

With that being said, the scenario: it’s a warm weather weekend with clear skies for both days and cruising with a top on seems sacrilege.  So, if the choice was yours, which British roadster would you choose, and why?  Leave your comments below.

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