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Will the Bentley SUV Kiss Range Rovers Goodbye – Teaser

We have been hearing for a while now that Bentley are looking at joining the ultra-luxury SUV market in 2015, and yet again we receive another tease from the luxury brand.

Bentley revealed the EXP 9 F concept in Geneva in 2012, but as it has been further developed, the car has had a few updates since then. It’s clear that the SUV has taken elements of its design from the Continental GT, which I think can only be a good thing.

Bentley SUV Teaser Video

Now, we have a teaser video, but don’t get too excited as is doesn’t give away much at all. The video is focusing on the interior elements of the car and has lots of references to hides and stitching.

Personally I’m quite excited about the release of this new car and I would be interested to see exactly how it slots into the market, as I should imagine all that luxury its likely to come at a big price.

What do you think about Bentley making SUVs?

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