2024 VW Volkswagen T-Cross

2024 Volkswagen T-Cross: An All New Chapter in Compact SUVs

Revamped and Ready: The New Volkswagen T-Cross Hits the UK Market

Good news for SUV enthusiasts! Volkswagen’s T-Cross has just rolled out its latest update, hitting the UK streets with a starting price of £23,965. This isn’t just any refresh; the T-Cross now boasts a sleek new design, amped-up equipment, and cutting-edge tech to keep you ahead of the curve.

A Fresh Face and High-Tech Enhancements

Let’s talk looks first. The new T-Cross is a head-turner with its redesigned front and rear, complete with integrated LED headlights and tail lights that add a modern, sophisticated touch. What’s more? Volkswagen’s IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights make their debut on the T-Cross, setting a new standard in visibility and style.

Inside, the T-Cross steps up its game with a free-standing infotainment display. Depending on your pick, you get either an 8-inch or a posh 9.2-inch touchscreen. The dashboards had a makeover too, now sporting high-quality, soft materials that give a nod to Volkswagen’s larger models.

And for those who opt for the Style and R-Line versions, the front door trims are just as plush.

2024 VW Volkswagen T-Cross

Space and Versatility: The T-Cross Signature

Space-wise, the T-Cross remains a champion among compact SUVs. It’s roomy enough for five, with a rear bench seat that can slide back and forth by 140 mm. Boot space? It’s a flexible wonder, ranging from 385 to 455 litres when fully occupied, and up to 1,281 litres with the rear seats down. Perfect for family trips or those larger shopping hauls.

And there’s more good news for the outdoorsy types. The T-Cross now supports a towbar load of up to 75 kg, up from the previous 55 kg. That means more scope for towing and loading up your bikes – yes, even three e-bikes!

Safety and Comfort with Travel Assist

Safety and comfort get a major boost with the standard Travel Assist feature. It controls your speed based on traffic and road conditions, and even takes bends, roundabouts, and speed limits into account. Add in Lane Assist and an optional stop-and-go function for traffic jams, and you’ve got a vehicle that’s not just comfortable, but smart too.

Lighting the Way: Enhanced T-Cross Features

The upgrade isn’t just skin deep. The T-Cross now includes new LED tail light clusters, a Dynamic Road Sign Display, a Digital Cockpit, and a revamped infotainment display across all versions. And under the hood? All UK models are powered by Volkswagen’s reliable and efficient TSI engines.

2024 VW Volkswagen T-Cross

The T-Cross Legacy Continues

Since its launch four years ago, the T-Cross has been a standout in the compact SUV market, with over 1.2 million units sold worldwide. In the UK, you have a range of options to choose from, with prices for the different models and specs as follows:

  • T-Cross Life: starting from £23,965.00
  • T-Cross Style: beginning at £27,620.00
  • T-Cross R-Line: from £28,555.00

Each model comes with varying engine and gearbox combinations, ensuring there’s a T-Cross to suit every need and style.

In summary, the updated Volkswagen T-Cross isn’t just a new car; it’s a statement. It’s about blending style with functionality, and comfort with technology, all while keeping that unmistakable Volkswagen quality. Whether you’re a city driver or an adventure seeker, the T-Cross promises to be a companion that’s as versatile and dynamic as your lifestyle.

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