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Bespoke Pagani Huayra Scozia Sold in Scottland

One of the top 10 exotic car dealerships in the world, Miller Motorcars, has sold a Pagani Huayra, specifically the Scozia which has been given a Scottish flare.

The Pagani Huayra Scozia is painted in a very dark shade of grey, keeping the car relatively subtle for a Pagani. The Scottish touches are all on the inside; the seats are dressed with brightly coloured fabric with a classic Scottish look, as well as dark brown leather. Brown leather is also found on the dashboard, steering wheel and parts of the centre console. The tartan interior would match that of the family crest of the lucky owner.

The unveiling of the Huayra Scozia also had a Scottish twist to it, people were wearing kilts and the traditional attire of a Scotsman, a bagpiper was also present completing the experience.

Pagani Huayra Scozia Video

Now for the good part, take a look at the video below which shows the highlights of the car up close.

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