Brabham Automotive Reveals New Logo

‘Brabham is back,’ according to David Brabham, son of the founder of the iconic racing brand. 

The new logo combines elements of the classic ‘V’ badge featured on the companies’ 1960s championship-winning race cars, and the ‘Hissing Sid’ snake mascot which adorned their formula 1 cars in the Ecclestone-era.

Brabham Automotive Redesign

The redesign is intended to recapture the essence of Brabham, which in their own words is; ‘Fearless, intelligent, confident, and forward thinking.’

This revised logo was unveiled alongside the all-new BT62 hypercar at an exclusive event at Australia House in London earlier this month.

The location was chosen in homage to the company’s Anglo-Australian roots, with over 200 esteemed guests attending to see the resurgence of the previously dormant race car manufacturer.

Brabham Automotive Shown Off Amoung Stars

TV sports commentator Steve Rider presided as the Master of Ceremonies introducing countless motorsports icons throughout the night to give their perspective on the company’s return. The likes of engine builder John Judd, former Brabham Formula 1 Team Manager Herbie Blash, the team’s former Race Coordinator Tony Jardine, plus drivers Derek Bell, John Watson, Derek Warwick, Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell, who each raced for Brabham and were part of its thirty-year reign in Formula 1 were all present.

Introducing the proceedings, Managing Director, David Brabham, gave a passionate speech; “Welcome to our celebration of Brabham, which also marks the beginning of the next exciting chapter of our story. This is such an incredible day for the whole family. And by family I don’t just mean the descendants of Sir Jack. The Brabham family encompasses all of the amazing, talented and determined individuals who have contributed to the Brabham legacy over the last seventy years.

Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart Message

Legendary three-time Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart sent a message showing his support of the brand’s return; “It is great to think that the name of Brabham Automotive is coming back to life with the creation of the BT62. What a great name and what a great brand”.

Sir Jack Brabham’s business partner and co-founder of their racing team, Ron Tauranac, who was sadly unable to join the celebration due to his age, delivered a heartfelt video message recorded at his home in Australia.

“I congratulate you all on celebrating seventy years of the Brabham legacy. My connection to Jack goes right back to the 1950s. Together, our team won many World Championships and always maintained a strong connection with Australia. It’s a joy to see the ‘BT’ brand being honoured with the new and exciting Brabham BT62. I wish David all the best as he takes Brabham into the future.”

The half of Brabham’s founding fathers concluded his message to the audience; “You’ve built the model of the future, now let’s see how it handles.”

Two Year Development Process The Brabham BT62

Following a covert two year development process the Brabham BT62 was finally revealed as David Brabham remove the silk cover, showing the supercar to both guests, and the global media.

With Brabham’s first road car out in the open, former Brabham Formula 1 driver, Derek Bell commented; “What we have seen so far is stunning”. His sentiments were echoed by fellow team drivers Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell.

‘The rule of thumb is that if it looks right, it normally is right. And I have to say it looks stunning. Outstanding job”.

With the event’s closing David Brabham reflected; “This has been made possible by the hard work, clear vision of the group and very determined individuals. My father launched his racing career seventy years ago, which is where the legendary Brabham story began. Tonight, the reveal of the BT62 proudly upholds that legacy, marking the start of our next chapter with a bold statement: Brabham is back.”

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