Citroen Helps Smooth Over UK Potholes

I think we are all in agreeance, here in the UK we absolutely despise a pothole, almost as much as queue jumping or a lack of manners. The number of times I have driven home in the dark and hit one last second is hitting triple digits. In fact, within the 2017/18 period more than 905,000 potholes were reported on UK roads! To help you understand just how many that is, the UK has a road network that spans roughly 262,300 miles, so that’s over 3 potholes for every mile of road.

A Pothole Problem

So, its safe to say that they are a problem. However, in true Tesco’s Slogan fashion of every little helps, Citroen are on hand to smooth over 200 potholes in the county of Surrey. Teaming up with their new C5 Aircross SUV Brand Ambassador, Austin Healey, as well as the Surrey County Council, Citroen decided that as a brand dedicated to providing advanced comfort within their cars, something needed to be done.

An Easy French Fix

Citroen have been working with Nu-Phalt™ Contracting, using its Jetpatcher process to provide the drivers and residents of Surrey with what they say is a glimpse into the level of comfort that you can experience every day in Citroen’s latest models. So, as you can tell this isn’t just Citroen deciding to fix our roads for us, but is also an advertising campaign, and a clever one at that.

This is happening in sync with the rollout of the Citroen Advanced Comfort Programme, with the brand altering the concept of modern comfort for their customers. The most relevant piece of this programme being the Progressive Hydraulic Cushion, Citroen’s new suspension system. Citroen say that their new system will filter out bumps and dips in the roads, providing customers with a smooth and comfortable drive. This technology is fitted as standard to their new flagship models, the C5 Aircross, C4 Cactus as well as the brands family hatchback.

So, I urge the people of Surrey to make the most of this before the potholes inevitably return, but when that does happen, maybe invest in a Citroen!

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