Classic Gem Up for Grabs: A 1991 BMW Z1 with 5,804 Miles

Rare Find in Impeccable Condition

It’s not every day that you come across a gem like this—a pristine 1991 BMW Z1, with just 5,804 miles to its name. Thanks to three decades of care and shelter by a BMW dealership in La Spezia, Italy, this classic vehicle remains in extraordinary condition. It’s a testament to its previous owner’s love for maintaining its originality, right down to its set of Pirelli tyres.

The BMW with the ‘Slide and Hide’ Doors


BMW Z1 isn’t just another car from the 90s—it’s a slice of automotive history. Recognised primarily for its unique vertically sliding doors, this vehicle was BMW’s answer to a convertible sports car after a long hiatus, following the discontinuation of the 507 in 1960.

These innovative doors not only made turning heads a daily occurrence but also offered practicality, making getting in and out a breeze even in the tightest of parking spots.

From Concept to Cult Classic

Initially unveiled in 1986 as a concept, BMW hadn’t planned for the Z1 to hit the production line. However, given its overwhelming popularity and a surge of 35,000 preorders, BMW set the wheels in motion in 1987.

But, despite its fame, the hand-built nature of the Z1 and stiff competition from mass-produced competitors like the Mazda Mk.1 MX-5 meant that the Z1 had a relatively short production span, culminating in a total of just 8,000 units.

This scarcity, combined with its rave reviews—accolades for its impeccable balance and masterful design—has made the Z1 a sought-after collectible.

A Snapshot of What’s Under the Hood


The Z1 boasts a 2.5-litre M20 straight-six petrol engine, paired with a Getrag five-speed manual gearbox. With stats like 168bhp at 5,800rpm, it promises a top speed of 140mph and accelerates from 0-62mph in a breezy 7.9 seconds. Despite a few minor exterior scuffs and a need for slight bodywork tweaks, the Z1 is in remarkable shape.

Its interiors, decked out in a striking camouflage pattern and complete with a period radio, are in mint condition. The operational roof and unique sliding doors add to its allure. The cherry on top? It comes with the original user manual, service document, Italian registration, and toolkit.

A Golden Opportunity for Collectors

For classic car enthusiasts, particularly BMW aficionados, this is an opportunity that’s hard to pass up. The auction on Car & Classic is set to go live from October 1st to the 8th. Given a previous sale on the platform that raked in just under £50k, industry insiders predict that this rare find could fetch a handsome sum of between £50k and £60k.

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