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How Dash Cams Make Driving Safer In The Modern World

Nowadays, dash cams are massively increasing in popularity. This is especially true for parts of the world where it’s unsavoury. It has become a method to keep track of all your car journeys, granting you additional peace of mind on the road.

Ensure Your Safety via Dash Cams

Fast forward a few years, and dash cams are getting increasingly intuitive. They’re starting to become way more than just a simple image sensor pointing out to the road. In fact, I believe that they are beginning to play a big role in making driving a safer place for everyone.

transcend dash cams

Increasing Road Awareness

To begin with, a dash cam is a double-edged sword. Of course, with a dash cam, you can always stand strong to your points. In the event of an accident, you have hard evidence of who is in the wrong.

You don’t even need to flinch at the thought of the other party making up their own fairy tale. You simply show the footage recorded to your insurance provider, and the case can get solved definitively.

transcend dash cams

In fact, if enough people catch on the dash cam wave, many accidents can be avoided altogether. Everyone will just assume each other is recording an all-knowing eye and think twice about making that illegal U-turn.

However, that is all well and good, but remember, dash cams are independent. You can be in the wrong, and the footage will show just that. This’ll make you more safety aware, and pay more attention to driving.

Discouraging ‘Crash For Cash’

A critical point that drives many to go out and fetch a dash cam is to prevent insurance fraud. This is a case where the ‘victims’ will intentionally go out and have an ‘accident’, putting the blame on the other party to cheat insurance providers. Hence the name.

They might also blow the entire story out of proportion and claim way more money than they need. With a dash cam, there’s no way people can get away with fabricating exaggerated claims.

Videos will bring con artists down, especially if they cause accidents intentionally which is considered a felony. Basically, ridding those scammers will make the road a safer place overall.

Useful Technology

As technology is improving, so are dash cams. Over at Motor Verso, we’ve tested out multiple Transcend dash cams. While they are pricier than the cheap Chinese dash cams, they do have a lot of redeeming qualities that prove their worth.

For example, on the middle of the road DrivePro 220, there were a lot of additional safety novelties that are nice to have. A good one was lane departure warning, in which the camera is able to identify the lines on the road and warn you when you run astray.

Additionally, the camera is also capable of predicting collisions. If it thinks that a collision might occur, it will audibly alert you, giving you a few seconds extra of reaction time.


Honestly, in this day and age, there really is no excuse to have no dash cam. Even a basic, entry level one will help you more than you think. In the most critical of moments, a simple piece of footage will often be more than enough to resolve your worries.

Otherwise, it’ll still act as a cool little trinket to record your journeys. We’ve all seen Russian dash cam videos of road rage, shootings, and even meteorites crashing. What are you waiting for? Fetch one from Transcend now!

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