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Gauge Your Driving Performance Through TomTom Curfer

TomTom Curfer is a hardware that plugs into your car’s OBD port and links to your smartphone so that you can get to know your driving technique and your car’s performance. It combines with an app for iOS and Android so as to record information from the hardware and display it in many useful ways. It gives instant feedback so you can enjoy your ride while having fun and it is compatible with most cars that were manufactured before 2004.

TomTom Curfer Scores

The main aim of this device is to let you track you’re driving, it will tell you what is your driving style is. The device has a map where it shows the scores on your acceleration, braking, cornering and idling in real time and your performance is mapped with colors from red to green along the route and the markers indicate where you could have done better.

TomTom Curfer

You can get to review your performance scores and the device will also give you tips on how to do better or improve your scores.  This, in the long run, will help you know how you can improve your car for more economical performance.

Parking Tracking

In case you have forgotten where you have parked, you don’t have to worry because the Curfer app will instantly show you where the car is on a map by displaying exactly where the car is hence you will get back to it easily.  You will be guided through each step of the way as positions are updated automatically.

It has advanced car data where you get to know more about your car’s performance by showing detailed data on oil temperature, battery voltage, engine load and more.  If anything is out of the norm, then a red line will appear on the left to warn you so it is important to do a quick check on the condition of your car before driving.

driving style badges

It rewards you with driving style badges which are meant to showcase your personal driving skills and driving styles. Challenge yourself to collect all badges which include Road Warrior, Easy Rider or Trip Maker badge and you can share your driving achievements with your friends via social media.

TomTom Curfer

It has easy step by step instruction which you follow when you want to set up the hardware. First, you would have to download the app from Google play or apple app store for free and then get to install the Curfer adapter into the standard OBD port in your car. Connection happens automatically and when you drive your car, the Curfer adapter will connect via Bluetooth with the mobile app and it delivers your driving data right into your phone. TomTom Curfer sells for £59.00.

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