Edifier S1000W Speakers Review: An Audiophile’s Take

Hey, fellow speaker enthusiasts! It’s me, your resident audiophile who’s tried out speakers from car dashboards to the coziest corners of my living room. And guess what? The Edifier S1000W has completely won me over.

Key Features and Overview

Edifier S1000W: Not just a set of basic bookshelf speakers, the Edifier S1000W has all kinds of wireless connectivity, as well as most of the wired ports we’ve come to expect on consumer speakers. These are hefty retro-inspired bookshelf-style speakers, but underneath all that wood beats a heart of modern convenience.

First impressions?

They’re HEAVY. And in the speaker world, that’s usually a good sign. The weight gave away the robust build quality even before I set them up. Right off the bat, I connected them, and the moment I played the first track, I was blown away. Now, I’m picky when it comes to sound—like, really picky. But the rich, full sound that came from these bad boys? Absolutely top-notch.

All About The Bass

Now, let’s talk about that bass. It’s thunderous. At times, maybe a little too much for my taste. Found myself tuning it down just a tad. But overall? Stellar sound quality. The treble and mids are just as impressive. And the best part? I ended up rediscovering some old tracks just to hear them on these speakers. I swear, I heard nuances in those songs that I’d never noticed before and I love going through this process with a new set of speakers.


The concept of soundstage and imaging, when applied to speakers, pertains to the ability of the system to recreate a three-dimensional sound environment, giving listeners an impression of the spatial arrangement of instruments or sound sources. For audiophiles, this aspect is particularly important as it greatly enhances the listening experience by offering a lifelike representation of performances, as if you were present at a live concert.

For the S1000W, the soundstage is impressively expansive. It stretches well beyond the physical confines of the speakers, creating an illusion of a wider auditory space. This vast soundstage ensures that music doesn’t feel congested or squeezed, allowing each instrument and vocal to breathe and occupy its space.

The imaging of the S1000W is precise, pinpointing each instrument’s location with accuracy. This means that when you close your eyes, you can easily discern where each sound or instrument is emanating from, be it the gentle strumming of a guitar to the left or the delicate tinkle of a piano to the right. Such sharp imaging gives depth to the music and enhances the overall immersion, making it feel as if the musicians are arrayed in front of you.


Every speaker has its limits, and pushing it beyond those can result in distortion—a noticeable deterioration in sound quality. Distortion typically manifests as a crackling or buzzing sound, especially noticeable at high volumes or specific frequencies.

During our testing of the S1000W, it handled most of the audio spectrum with well. However, at extremely high volumes, there was a hint of distortion in the lower bass frequencies. This is common for many speakers when played at their maximum limits. It’s worth noting, though, that this distortion was only perceptible at volumes that would be very uncomfortably loud for most listening environments. For everyday usage and even at spirited listening levels, the S1000W remained clean and clear, showcasing its robust build and quality engineering.

WIFI – Is it Wise?

Connectivity-wise, it’s a dream. I’m all in for the Wi-Fi option. And for those moments when I’m feeling lazy (or just want to show off to friends), I use Amazon Alexa. But to be honest, Bluetooth is my go-to 90% of the time straight from my MacBook.

Minor Drawbacks

The controls situated at the back, which can be a bit of a reach. Also, they’re on the bigger side, so ensure you have enough space for them. But then again, given the sound quality, I’d say it’s a small price to pay.

Overall – They Are My Current Favourites in Daily Use

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid, modern-yet-retro-looking pair of speakers that deliver top-notch sound, the Edifier S1000W should be on your list. They’re a fantastic blend of style, functionality, and of course, brilliant sound quality.

Till the next sound trip!

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