Honda A12 Service

Honda A12 Service – What Does This Maintenance Code Mean?

So, you’re interested in learning more about the Honda A12 service code? You’ve come to the right place. Owners of the Honda Civic might be familiar with its maintenance and servicing minder codes. A12 is one such code.

There is a lot to learn about this code, and being aware of what it represents will help you maintain your automobile correctly and take better care of it. What does the Honda A12 maintenance code mean, then?

This code typically appears when the car needs either substantial or minor maintenance. In both cases, the car’s components are often inspected, serviced, and in many cases, replaced.

Honda Maintenance Minder

The Maintenance Minder System from Honda is a common feature of contemporary Honda vehicles, notably the Civic. Honda created this system to remind you when repairs or maintenance need to be done because they understand how important it is to keep owners on top of maintenance activities.

The amount, kind, and frequency of maintenance required for each vehicle vary. Based on the unique requirements of that particular vehicle, Honda creates a specific maintenance program.

This is often determined by the model year and trims, as well as specifics such as the engine or transmission installed or the features you’ve added to it. This schedule is programmed into the car’s microprocessor by the company.

The computer keeps track of various information, including the miles you have traveled and even the state of the motor oil. A warning is displayed on the dashboard when it notices that certain conditions have been satisfied. That instructs you to take the car in for maintenance.

Honda Maintenance Codes

The Maintenance Minder has a service light that will flash when main service codes and sub-codes indicate necessary maintenance that could impair your Honda’s performance (otherwise, you could also learn more in our explainer on how to reset maintenance light on Toyota).

The sub-codes are based on previous maintenance regimens, whilst the major codes are individual to users and triggered based on your Honda’s operational status.

1. Primary Codes

There are two key codes that you should be aware of. When the main code A appears, the engine oil has to be changed. However, you need to perform complete maintenance when the primary code B is shown (such as the Honda B16 service code).

In addition to changing the oil, you should also check the parking brake adjustment (especially if you’re experiencing an electric parking problem in your Honda Civic), inspect the front and rear brakes, and replace the oil filter. You might also need to look at additional Honda-specific components.

Honda A12 Service

2. Sub-Codes

The Honda Maintenance Minder comes with six sub-codes.

  • Sub-code 1: You should rotate your tire.
  • Sub-code 2: This code instructs you to change the dust/pollen filter, examine the drive belt, and replace the air cleaner element.
  • Sub-code 3: The transmission fluid needs to be replaced.
  • Sub-code 4: The timing belt and spark plugs should be replaced, and you should check the water pump and valve clearance.
  • Sub-code 5: This code indicates that the coolant needs to be replaced.
  • Sub-code 6: The differential fluid needs to be changed.

Honda B1 Service

You might be concerned about what your car is attempting to tell you if you’ve noticed a Honda B1 service code in the dashboard. Fortunately, Honda B1 maintenance is simple and affordable. What exactly is Honda B1 service, then?

This code has two components: “B,” which means that your car needs an oil change and a mechanical inspection, and “1,” which means that your tires need to be rotated. No matter what brand and type of car you drive, you’ll ultimately require care, so head to your nearby service shop.

When your Maintenance Minder system sends you this alert, you don’t need to get your Honda’s B1 service because it’s neither time-consuming nor expensive. Your vehicle will require new oil, a new filter, a tire rotation, and the following when you notice your B1 Honda service indicator:

  • Examination of the brake rotors and pads on the front and back
  • Adjusting the parking brake
  • Analysis of the steering gears, boots, and tie-rod ends
  • Review of the suspension parts
  • Examining the driveshaft boots
  • Inspection of the brake lines and hoses
  • Examining the exhaust system
  • Examination of the fuel connections and lines
  • Assessment of all fluid levels and fluid condition

Oil Life 15

The average number of miles suggested is 15%. Depending on your driving habits, the amount of city driving you do, etc. You have a potential range of about 1000 miles before due if you use 7,500 intervals. At 0% oil life, the car won’t self-destruct. Feel free to head over to our guide on driving with no oil in the car to see how bad it gets.

Honda A12 Service

The Honda Civic is one of the best-known vehicles for dependability. It will remain working hard for you if you keep up with its upkeep. Occasionally, the car will use codes like A12 to notify you that maintenance is required.

The Honda Civic’s maintenance code A12 displays for what reason? When your car decides it requires maintenance, these codes typically appear on the dashboard. If you notice any codes, you should act to service the vehicle.

If the A12 code displays on the dashboard, it might be necessary to rotate the tire, change the oil, or the engine air filter. The easier it will be to take better care of your car, the more you understand what they signify and how to fix them.

When a maintenance reminder happens, you may see other items mentioned on your dashboard along with code A12. Here are some specifics.

Honda A12 Service #1: Condition Of The Engine Oil

One of the items that need checking with a Honda A12 service code is the condition of the oil. When you replace the oil on your car, the figure should be 100%. From that moment forward, the percentage will fall as a result of this.

You might notice oil life indicators decrease at around 15%. Looking at the percentage shown will allow you to determine how long it will be before your oil runs out. If you want to check the oil on your own, do refer to our guide on whether to check the oil when it’s hot or cold to learn more.

Honda A12 Service #2: Wrench Light

The Honda Civic’s dashboard also has a yellow wrench (similar to the wrench light on a Ford Fusion) alongside the Honda A12 service code. This wrench indicates that there is a need for service. There are no instructions provided. However, you are advised to bring your car to the dealership so they can provide you with more details.

You also receive a code that goes with it. You might be able to do part of the work on your own using the code. Your car needs a major oil change to keep it operating smoothly and avoid future costly problems. For maximum vehicle safety and performance, rotate your tire every six months.

Once a year, have the engine air filter checked to make sure all the internal components are working properly. You can maintain the value of your car and improve its performance over time by routinely monitoring the fluid levels, brakes, shocks, and tune-ups (to learn more, check out our guide on what is a tune-up on a car).

So, if your car has a dirty air filter, it will need a replacement. Should you be concerned about what the replacement process entails, our deep dive into the engine air filter replacement cost might provide some insight.

Honda A12 Service #3: Your Car Requires An Oil Change

Every 3,000 or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first, a significant oil change is advised by Honda. When a significant oil change is necessary for your car, the Honda A12 service code lets you know.

If your car doesn’t have the Honda A12 service code, you should change the fully synthetic engine oil and filter and perform other recommended maintenance like rotating the tires and inspecting the brakes.

And for more context, be sure to check out our guides on the oil change sign, how many miles can you go over an oil change, and do you have to change the oil filter every time, as well as what happens if you don’t change your motor oil.

If you are going to change the oil, head over to our guide on the 2017 Honda Civic oil type to make sure that you get the right oil grade. For the cost-conscious, our detailed write-ups on whether is it cheaper to change your own oil, cheap oil change, the cheapest oil change near me, and how much does an oil change cost might help.

Honda A12 Service

Honda B12 Service

The Honda B12 service is essentially just a routine inspection carried out by a Honda mechanic. The cost of the parts is roughly $80, and the labor cost is about $120 per hour. An experienced Honda mechanic can complete this task in 20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes. A dealer will bill an hourly rate.

This service includes:

  • Change the oil and oil filters.
  • Air filter replacement
  • Replace the cabin air filter
  • Checks and visual fluid refills
  • Visual inspections of the brake pads and axle boots
  • Tire rotations

Within 30 minutes, the owner can easily complete the first three tasks. The air filter can be easily accessible and replaced if necessary (they don’t always need to be changed), and the cabin filter is located under the glove box. Although replacing the oil takes a little longer, it can be done in 10 minutes.

Simply inspecting the wheels from below the car constitutes the axle boot examination. Rubber axle boots are often located where the rim is. They must be changed if they are torn. You definitely need a Honda mechanic at this point.

Honda A1 Service

Regular maintenance of your car encourages safe and dependable operation. You not only increase the longevity of your Honda when you get the necessary services performed on it, like A1.

But you also enjoy peace of mind during every journey. You must adhere to your scheduled oil changes and tire rotations. You can see why the oil change and tire rotation included in the Honda A1 servicing are crucial:

1. Changing The Oil

The oil in your Honda regulates temperature while also lubricating the engine’s internal parts. The oil degrades over time, which lessens its potency. The engine will run more smoothly, consume less gasoline, and cost you less money if you keep the proper oil level and change the oil regularly.

2. Rotate The Tires

The trained experts rotate the tires on the car during a tire rotation service to ensure the tread wears evenly. The type of drivetrain in your car will affect the way the tires are rotated.

Honda B13 Service

The Honda Civic service code B13 denotes an issue with the transmission fluid or engine oil. Based on the severity of this code, the vehicle should be serviced at the recommended interval, which is typically every 7,500 miles (12,000 kilometers).

If you drive your car in a way that puts a lot of strain on the engine, you might need to change your transmission fluid more frequently. Transmission fluid is typically red when it is new, but as it ages, the hue darkens. We do have a guide on the transmission fluid change cost for a Honda, if that helps. Also, check out our guide on whether should you change transmission fluid.

A Honda Civic with a B13 error code requires both an engine oil change (and maybe an engine filter replacement) and a drain and replacement of the transmission fluid. Many mechanics advise draining and refilling the transmission as opposed to flushing it.

After changing the oil in your car and emptying and replacing the transmission fluid, the check engine light might not go away right away. It is advised to take your Honda Civic in for repair right away if you notice any issues with it that could be related to this code, such as difficulty starting the engine or strange driving behavior.

Honda A13 Service

At most dealerships, you may anticipate paying between $250 and $300 to have your Honda A13 service. Costs for labor and parts are both included in this price. However, you may anticipate paying only $130 to $170 for labor if you’re prepared to bring your own parts.

Getting your Honda A13 maintained is crucial to preserving your Honda car and keeping it in good condition for a long time, regardless of whatever option you choose.

Wrench Light Honda

More current Honda automobiles determine how frequently you should service your car based on your driving habits. When the oil life 15% hits, the wrench indicator on Honda vehicles automatically turns on.

And it stays on till the oil life is reset. The amount of mileage, how long it has been since the previous oil change, and driving style all affect the oil life. For example, your oil may deteriorate more quickly if you typically drive small distances in the city rather than on the highway.

The computer in the car keeps an eye on the sensors, gathers the data, and shortens the oil’s useful life. The engine operates at a higher temperature when you travel short distances, stop and start frequently, or go through an incline. Your oil life will last longer if you drive more regularly and at lower RPMs.

The self-care system in your car includes the lighted wrench. The sensors in your car can alert you to the need for maintenance, and this system sends that information to you. It then informs you when your model needs to be serviced.

The dashboard will display a maintenance warning and a wrench icon. This notification is intended to inform you that your vehicle needs maintenance.

Honda Maintenance Schedule

Following the suggested routine maintenance schedule is critical to keep your Honda working as efficiently as possible. By doing this, you can keep your Honda running as safely, dependably, and fuel-efficiently as possible.

Consult your Owner’s Manual or the online Honda Maintenance Minder for precise maintenance advice for your particular Honda vehicle.

Honda maintenance schedule by mileage:

7,500 – 22,500 – 37,500 – 52,500 – 67,500 – 82,500 Miles:

You should take your Civic in for the following services at these mileage intervals: an oil and filter change, brake inspection, throttle linkage lubrication, fluid level check and replacement, tire rotation, and assessment of tire wear and pressure.

15,000 – 45,000 – 75,000 – 105,000 Miles:

All of the aforementioned repairs, as well as the lubrication of the chassis and hinges, replacement of the oil drain plug, tire balancing, inspection of the undercarriage and shocks, clutch pedal adjustment, a review of the A/C and heater, transmission service, parking brake check, spark plug replacement (and figure out how many spark plugs in a V8), an inspection of the lights, steering systems, differential oil, and brake lines inspection, are necessary at these mile markers.

30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 – 120,000 Miles:

All of the procedures above will be repeated, in addition to the PCV valve service, battery service, cable cleaning, change of the differential fluid, fuel lines, transfer case oil check, an inspection of the air elements, lubrication of the propeller shaft and wheel bearings, assessment of the propeller shaft flex coupling, and road test for your Civic.

Honda Reset Maintenance Minder

Let’s assume you completed all of the Honda A12 service code’s listed repair requirements. You are not required to have the dealership complete this. The vehicle still has to be informed that this has been completed for it to restart, monitor the miles, and reset the oil life.

Depending on the model year and trim you have, some procedures may vary. Honda Civic from 2016 to 2018 can be serviced using this procedure; other models follow a similar procedure.

Observe these steps:

  • Double-click the start/stop button. This turns on the car’s electrics. The car doesn’t need to be fully started.
  • Take note of the wrench, the maintenance reminders, and the listed code.
  • A little button that allows you to page through the displays is on the steering wheel’s left side. Continue doing this until the oil life display (if that’s what you changed) appears.
  • For roughly 10 seconds, keep the enter button depressed. As a result, the maintenance reset screen switches from the main screen.
  • To choose the one you want to reset, scroll through. Keep holding down the enter key. The necessary maintenance reminders are reset by doing this.

Honda Oil Life

You’ll notice “Oil Life” and a percentage on your dashboard. This handy and significant component of your Honda’s maintenance reminder system is the Oil Life Indicator. Your percentage is 100% when the engine oil is new.

It steadily drops as you get more miles on your Honda. Accordingly, your oil still has 40% of its useful life left before it needs to be replenished. Your oil life 15 still has its lifetime left at 15%, and so forth.

The terms Oil Life Percentage and Oil Pressure Indicator are different. When the engine operates, the red oil pressure indicator, which resembles a leaky red oil can should never turn on. If it begins to flash, it means that the oil pressure briefly fell very low before rising.

The engine has lost oil pressure, and catastrophic engine damage is probable if the oil pressure indicator remains illuminated while the engine operates. In either scenario, you must act right now.

The oil life percentage on your dashboard measures the quality of your engine’s oil. You might not need to add oil to the engine because it is NOT a sign of oil level. The oil life % is one more element of a maintenance reminder system designed to help Honda owners save time and money.

Honda Service Bulletins

TSBs typically address specific issues unique to a given vehicle type or challenging to fix and call for expert assistance. They frequently appear after the carmaker receives comparable consumer complaints or dealer warranty claims.

They contrast sharply with recalls, which focus on fixing safety-related issues like replacing faulty airbags that can harm drivers and passengers. Following the issuance of a recall, automakers are legally obligated to notify owners within 60 days, and repairs are completed without charging the vehicle owner.

The NHTSA forces some recalls, although the majority are voluntary.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious to learn more about Honda A12 service, our FAQs here might help…

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Civic

On the left side of the steering wheel, press the Menu button twice. It has a small I on it. Once you see the maintenance screen, press ‘Enter’ and hold it. Find the oil life option (often ‘Item A’) by scrolling through the available options on the screen. Hold down ‘Enter’ while waiting for the oil life to return to 100%.

How To Reset Oil Life On Honda Accord 2008

Your steering wheel’s ‘Enter’ button should be pressed and held down until the ‘Maintenance Reset’ menu displays. Scroll down when you reach ‘Item A’ or oil life choice. Once more, press and hold the ‘Enter’ button. If you have a newer model Honda Accord or Honda Civic, here is how you reset the oil life.

What Is B1 Service For Honda

The number ‘1’ indicates that a tire rotation is necessary, and the letter ‘B’ means that your car needs an oil change and a mechanical examination.

What Does 15 Percent Oil Life Mean

For instance, just because your oil life indicator reads 15% doesn’t indicate you’re 15% from running out of oil. Instead, it suggests that the time for an oil change is getting closer by the day.

How To Reset Oil Life Honda CRV

It’s simple to reset the oil life in your Honda CR-V. It won’t take more than five to seven minutes of your time. Going to the driver’s side of your car and getting inside will be your first order of business. After that, switch the ignition to ‘on’ without actually starting the engine. Put pressure on the trim stem now. The motor’s oil life will be displayed. One more time, push it down while maintaining pressure until your display screen blinks. It will take between 12 and 25 seconds for this to happen. Now select ‘reset’ from the list of options on the trip meter. You should now have a new oil life.

What Does The Wrench Light Mean Honda Civic

When the oil life hits 15%, Honda’s wrench light automatically comes on. Additionally, it remains on until the oil life is reset. The term ‘oil’ refers to motor oil, the maintenance item that must be changed regularly. The oil life is calculated based on the vehicle’s driving style and the mileage and time since the last oil change.

How To Reset Oil Life Honda Odyssey

Turning the ignition key to ON will allow you to restart the oil light on your Honda Odyssey. Push the Select/Reset button once more to reach the area for oil life. When you notice the lights blink, keep holding Select/Reset. When they do, you can release your grip on the button. Once more pressing the Select button, remove the key from the ignition. Your oil light ought to be reset and operational at this point. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position to make sure. It ought to be clear that there is a problem.

How Much Does A13 Service Cost

At most dealerships, you may anticipate paying between $250 and $300 to have your Honda A13 service. Costs for labor and parts are both included in this price. However, you may anticipate paying only $130 to $170 for labor if you’re prepared to bring your own parts. Getting your Honda A13 maintained is crucial to preserving your Honda car and keeping it in good condition for a long time, regardless of whatever option you choose.

What Are The Honda Service Codes

Based on your maintenance schedule, the Honda Maintenance Minder System provides subcodes that indicate further services your car requires. The first subcode describes tire rotation. Subcode 2 denotes replacing the air cleaner element, checking the drive belt, and changing the dust and pollen filter. The changing of both the transfer fluids and the gearbox is implied by Subcode 3. Subcode 4 performs a valve clearance check, replaces the spark plugs, fixes the timing belt (if present), and examines the valves. The engine coolant has to be replaced, according to Sub Code 5. Subcode 6 refers to replacing the fluid in the rear differential (if necessary), whereas Subcode 7 refers to replacing the fluid in the brakes.

What Does The Blue C Mean On Honda Civic

Your Honda Civic’s blue C indicates that the antifreeze is suitably matched to the operating temperatures of the car. Due to the extremely cold weather outdoors, the blue C may turn green or black if you have a coolant leak.

What Is A1 Service For Honda

Your vehicle requires an oil change, as indicated by the letter code ‘A,’ and a tire rotation is necessary, as indicated by the sub-code ‘1.’

How To Reset Maintenance Light On Honda Civic

Press the Menu button (the one with the small I on the left side of the steering wheel) twice. Once you see the maintenance screen, press ‘Enter’ and hold it. Find the oil life option (often ‘Item A’) by scrolling through the available options on the screen. Hold down ‘Enter’ while waiting for the oil life to return to 100%.

How To Reset Miles On Honda Civic

First, push the menu button on the left side of the steering wheel to change the odometer in the Honda Civic. ‘Odometer/Trip Meter’ will be one of the menu options. Using the controls on the steering wheel, highlight and choose it. Select ‘Trip Meter Reset.’ You can choose to reset Trip A or Trip B. Once chosen, the number of miles traveled is reset to zero.

What Does Maint REQD Mean On Honda Civic

Drivers can be alerted when an oil change is necessary by the Honda maintenance required light.

Honda A12 Service: Final Verdict

Honda A12 Service

One of the vehicles with a higher reputation for dependability is the Honda Civic. As long as you perform routine maintenance, it continues to work hard for you. Sometimes, the car may alert you and inform you what maintenance it needs by giving you codes like the A12. What does the Honda A12 service code mean?

These maintenance codes typically appear on your dash when the car decides it needs repairs. Any code should indicate that you need to service the vehicle. The A12 code denotes the possibility of an oil change, engine air filter replacement, or tire rotation is required.

You can easily take better care of your car once you understand what they signify and how to fix them. Make sure to find out more about your Honda Civic’s upkeep requirements based on the model year.

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