Honda Puts A Name To The Face Of Its New Urban EV

If you have eyes, ears and an interest in the motor industry, then the chances are you’re aware of Honda’s new EV prototype showcased at Geneva Motor Show back in March. Until this point, it has been a face with no name and slowly building expectations throughout the industry. In fact, so far Honda have received almost 6,500 expressions of interest within the UK alone.

Frankfurt IAA 2017 224 Honda EV Concept

Honda E Welcomed To The World

The name revealed for this new electric Honda is a little predictable, with ‘Honda E’ now being stamped on the birth certificate. Honda is working hard on their electric vision, also announcing that the next-generation Jazz will be available with a hybrid powertrain featuring their intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) technology.

Honda also say their electric vision includes 100% of the brands European sales to feature electrified powertrains by 2025.

The Honda E will be the first proper EV from Honda, fully whirring electric power. However, as well as taking a step in the right direction in terms of propulsion and technology, Honda are also taking a very bold step in the direction of design with this new EV.

Frankfurt IAA 2017 227 Honda EV Concept

EV Impressions

From the outside, being inspired by the original Civic, its hard to fault the compact and futuristic style. Its rather ‘different’ alloys and side cameras are refreshing and feel a little utopian. The back end and front-end look like they could be the same thing and overall a really interesting and appealing design.

Frankfurt IAA 2017 226 Honda EV Concept

However, inside is where this car lacks for me. Resembling a posher than most dentist waiting room, it doesn’t really do a whole lot to impress you, rather the opposite to its outside looks. Yes, it has got 3 rather large screens, but that’s one of the few points that attract me. The combination of what looks like plastic resin coated wood and some plastic buttons, dials and vents create an underwhelming vibe.

Frankfurt IAA 2017 225 Honda EV Concept 675x450

Then again, this might be what the budget EV of the future will look like. EV technology is not cheap, so making some cuts on interior costs might be necessary to reach a wider customer base, something I’m fine with if it means getting EV’s to the masses.

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