Kia EV6 GT 1000 Miglia Green Rally 2023

Kia EV6 GT Makes History in the 2023 1000 Miglia Green Rally

The Green Glory

Kia’s all-electric performance beast, the EV6 GT, recently made a head-turning debut at the 1000 Miglia Green 2023. Dubbed the ‘most beautiful race in the world,’ this event is a true test of endurance and skill for both the vehicle and the driver.

Open only to fully electric cars, the 2023 edition was the longest in the race’s nearly 100-year history, covering more than 2,000 kilometres over five days. The EV6 GT not only marked its territory as the first Korean car to compete in this eco-centric rally, but it also ranked sixth overall, making it the highest-scoring performance electric vehicle in the race.

A Race Like No Other

British pro rally driver pairing, Jade Paveley and Ross Leach, represented the EV6 GT at the event, making it a pivotal moment as they were the only team to represent Great Britain. Their masterful driving and navigation secured them several stage wins throughout the gruelling race, helping the EV6 GT to a top-six finish.

A perfect harmony of performance, precision and skill took centre stage as the teams raced back to Brescia on the final day of proceedings, scoring the highest for a performance EV.

Kia EV6 GT 1000 Miglia Green Rally 2023

Born for Performance

The EV6 GT’s outstanding performance is backed by a twin electric motor setup delivering a blistering 577bhp and 740Nm of torque through all four wheels. It also boasts an impressive 263-mile range per charge (WLTP combined), making it a practical choice for those seeking a thrilling yet efficient electric vehicle.

Equipped with 800V charging support on its E-GMP platform, the EV6 GT can rapidly charge from 10-80 per cent in as little as 18 minutes at the fastest charge points.

Test of Endurance

Each timed leg of the race was covered on a single charge, adding another feather to the EV6 GT’s performance cap. Thanks to Kia’s extensive European charging network, Kia Charge, the team could ensure a seamless charging experience during the race, as it offers access to more than 540,000 charge points across Europe.

Performance Meets Precision

Kia EV6 GT 1000 Miglia Green Rally 2023

The blend of rapid road driving under police escort, precision time trials and special stages on closed roads perfectly tested the EV6 GT’s performance. The EV clocked a staggering 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds and reached a top speed of 162mph, marking it as the second-fastest EV at the event.

More than a Competent Racer

Jade Paveley, a rally driver and commentator, praised the EV6 GT’s impressive performance and comfort during the race, calling it “every bit worthy of wearing the GT badge”. Ross Leach added that despite the demanding nature of the race, the EV6 GT never skipped a beat and was a pleasure to be in.

The 1000 Miglia Green 2023 event served as a proving ground for the Kia EV6 GT, marking its historical debut in an FIA-approved motor race and solidifying its place in the competitive world of performance electric vehicles.

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