LOKITHOR JA302 Jump Starter & Tyre Inflator

Among the tools and devices that I most often recommend for folks to keep in the boot for emergencies are a jump-starter and a tyre inflator. In that case, why not have both devices in one, like LOKITHOR’s JA302.

Within a single and relatively tiny brick, the LOKITHOR JA302 pulls double-duty as a really neat jump starter, and a fantastic tyre inflator. Technically speaking, the JA302 is more of a 4-in-1 rather than a 2-in-1 device.

That’s because, thanks to its huge battery, it can function as a big battery bank to charge all your electronic devices. So, if you need to top-up your phone or laptop in a pinch, the JA302 has fast charging and USB-C!


Moreover, the side of the JA302 features a bright, white, 300-lumen LED flashlight. Thanks to its diffusion, I found that it works just as good as a portable work light to keep in my garage, and while I’m on the go.

Nonetheless, the USP of the LOKITHOR JA302 is the jump-starter, as well as the air compressor/tyre inflator. Immediately out of the box, you know it’s a good jump-starter when the leads and clamps are this solid.


Easy Portability And Maximal Performance

The build quality of the JA302 overall is beyond impressive, and it’s made better by how easy it is to use. All you need to do is connect the JA302 to your car’s 12V battery, and it’ll then show the battery’s voltage.

On the JA302’s screen, you’ll now notice green lights indicating when the jump starter is ready. With a press of a button, the LOKITHOR JA302 will boost your 12V battery, and it’s suitable for a wide range of cars.


Anywhere from (up to) 8.5L petrol engines and 6.5L diesel engines are compatible. Furthermore, with a very admirable 2,500A jump-start current, the JA302 could restart a dead car battery in just under 3 minutes.

When you’ve charged it up fully, it could keep jump-starting 50 more times, too. Aside from that, it’s nice to see that LOKITHOR has since included a plethora of safety systems and features with their jump-starter.


That includes neat additions such as short-circuit protections, over-current protections, reverse connection protection, spark-proofing, and much more. Overall, it’s everything you want a jump-starter to be.

Inflates Most Car Tyres In Under 5 Minutes

Since the air compressor and tyre inflator are a single package with the jump starter, the availability of that onboard battery means that you don’t have to mess about with charging cables just to inflate a tyre.


Once you’ve got it up and running, the JA302’s tyre inflator and air compressor feature a maximum air pressure of 150PSI and 35L/min of airflow. Thus, it could inflate most car tyres in under 5 minutes.

On top of that, the JA302 could detect your tyre pressure, as well as stop inflating at a pre-set pressure, and switch between BAR and PSI. In addition, it’s super-accurate, down to 1% of your actual tyre pressures.


With a full charge, it could keep inflating all 4 tyres on your car, and it could up to 6, in total. Another thing that I’ve noticed is its relative quietness, as the JA302’s rubber feet help to dampen out the noise.

As a tiny device to replace 2 big ones, the LOKITHOR JA302 is a brilliant bit of kit that works great at being a tyre inflator, jump starter, LED flashlight, and a battery bank, without any of the compromises!


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