HARMAN Automotive Samsung CES 2024

Revving Up for the Future: HARMAN’s Innovations At CES 2024

A New Era of In-Car Experience

Buckle up, UK car enthusiasts. HARMAN, a powerhouse in automotive technology, has just rolled out its latest goodies at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and it’s nothing short of a tech feast for the auto world. Teaming up with Samsung and other big names, HARMAN’s fresh line-up at CES 2024 is all about beefing up safety and injecting some serious fun inside our cars.

Safety Meets High-Tech

Leading the pack is HARMAN’s Ready Vision QVUE. Imagine this: your windshield is now a tech hub, displaying key info like speed, mileage, and alerts, all without blocking your view. Thanks to Samsung’s Neo QLED brilliance, this HDR-capable display shines in any light, making driving not just safer but also more enjoyable. The cool bit?

It can even show you where the nearest charging station is or give you a heads-up about the weather. Now that’s smart driving. But wait, there’s more. The Ready Vision AR HUD is a game-changer. It’s like having a co-pilot that spots hazards, navigates traffic, and even helps with parking. With AI and 3D visuals, it’s not just about driving anymore; it’s about driving smart.

Upgrades on Demand

Next up, the Ready Upgrade series is a dream for car manufacturers. Whether it’s rugged adventure vehicles or sleek premium models, these domain controllers are all about making cars smarter and safer, quicker.

The Advanced Domain Controllers, powered by Samsung’s Exynos processors, are the real MVPs here, offering seamless upgrades and access to cool apps and features. It’s like giving your car a brain upgrade.

HARMAN Automotive Samsung CES 2024

Driver Care Like Never Before

But HARMAN isn’t just about flashy tech. They’re serious about safety too. Enter Ready Care. This nifty bit of tech keeps an eye on the driver, watching for signs of distraction or drowsiness. Using AI and neuroscience, it nudges the driver back to focus. It’s like having a guardian angel in your car, ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe on the road.

A Screen for Every Scene

And for the screen lovers out there, HARMAN’s Ready Display is a feast for the eyes. Bringing home-screen quality to your car, these displays range from HD to UHD, and even come curved. The Active Privacy feature is a neat touch, keeping passenger screens private when needed. It’s about blending style, safety, and functionality in one sleek package.

Connectivity at Its Best

The Ready Connect line is all about keeping you connected, no matter where you are. These telematics control units are designed to grow with your needs, from 4G to 5G, ensuring your car is always at the cutting edge of connectivity.

Partnering with Traffic Technology Services, HARMAN is making sure you’re always in the know about traffic conditions, making every journey smoother and more efficient.

HARMAN Automotive Samsung CES 2024

Sound That Moves You

Last but definitely not least, there’s SeatSonic. This isn’t just any car audio system; it’s an experience. With speakers integrated right into the seats, every note, every beat is felt as much as heard. It’s personal, powerful, and energy-efficient, redefining what in-car audio can be.

The Road Ahead

HARMAN’s showcase at CES 2024 isn’t just about flashy tech. It’s a vision of what driving can be – safer, smarter, and more connected. With these innovations, HARMAN is steering us towards a future where cars are not just vehicles but partners in our journey. So, gear up, UK – the future of driving looks bright, and it’s coming fast.

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