Renault Rafale Hybrid Coupe SUV

The New Renault Rafale: Elegance, Power, & Tech in a Hybrid SUV

A Bold Statement in Automotive Design

The all-new Renault Rafale, a dynamic coupe SUV built on the latest-generation CMF-CD platform from the Alliance, defies conventions. Breaking the mould, this daring SUV is a testament to imaginative design and fine engineering. It adopts a fresh visual language that mirrors the essence of Renault, exuding a unique blend of natural charm and premium appeal.

With its slightly elevated fastback-style body, the Rafale makes a grand entry into the coupe SUV category. Its vibrant, sporty silhouette promises power and performance. The muscular shoulders, long horizontal bonnet, and chiselled bow beneath, imbue the vehicle with a forward-leaning, active stance.

Precision Crafted for Performance

The Rafale measures 4.71 metres in length and 1.86 metres in width, fitting neatly into the D-segment category. Its 1.61 metres height and 2.74 metres-long wheelbase underscore its sporty SUV nature.

Further accentuating its design are the 20-inch wheels that fill the wheel arches and the perfectly tilted rear windscreen at 17 degrees, which eliminates the need for rear wipers, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted look.

Renault Rafale Hybrid Coupe SUV

Innovation Shines through Rafale’s Design

The Rafale’s design is a testament to the new visual language by Gilles Vidal, first seen in the Scenic Vision concept car in 2022. The sharp lines and generous curves encapsulate Renault’s DNA, while the car’s muscular form contrasts beautifully against the geometric, black surfaces.

A standout feature is the novel radiator grille, centred around Renault’s iconic diamond. Constructed using artificial intelligence in a parametric modelling software application, this complex design strikes a pose of authority and lends the car a premium feel.

Power Meets Efficiency

The all-new Renault Rafale doesn’t just look the part; it packs a punch under the hood as well. Its 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid petrol powertrain combined with multimode automatic transmission, places its range and CO2 emissions among the best in its segment.

Looking forward, Renault plans to release a high-performance variant E-Tech 4×4 300 hp, promising an unparalleled driving experience.

A Blend of Agility and Comfort

Renault Rafale Hybrid Coupe SUV

Renault ensures driving pleasure with the Rafale’s advanced running gear that marries a multi-link rear axle with the latest upgrade to the 4CONTROL Advanced 4-wheel-drive system. The Rafale’s 4CONTROL Advanced system enhances handling at low speeds, boosts agility, and instils vigour at average and high speeds.

Its steering calibration amplifies the chassis’ agility, offering a thrilling driving experience with surgical precision around bends. The Rafale sets new standards for hybrid driving with an exceptional 60.1 mpg, emitting just 105g CO2/km and boasting a range of up to 683 miles.

Redefining the Driving Experience with OpenR Digital Cockpit

The all-new Renault Rafale’s OpenR digital cockpit offers a first-rate multimedia experience. Two displays, a 12.3-inch dashboard display and a 12-inch centre touchscreen console, form an ‘L’ shape for easy access and view.

The user interface encapsulates the Rafale’s unprecedented looks and high-tech character. Each MULTI-SENSE setting changes the dashboard with unique colours, and the vehicle’s shape on the screen matches the car’s body colour.

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