Touch Up Paint Factory Paint Pen Review

Touch Up Paint Factory Paint Pen Review

Of all the colours that you could paint on the Mustang, Grabber Blue is certainly my favourite. Seeing the plethora of grey, black, white, and silver cars on the streets today is a reminder that a bit of pop and pizzazz never hurts. Grabber Blue is especially eye-catching, with its bright and vibrant French Racing Blue-like hue to it. But why then, is Touch Up Paint Factory’s paint pen getting involved?

Well, there’s one huge downside to Grabber Blue, in that it shows off chips, scratches, and damage awfully well. There’s a particularly nasty gash on the rear side of the bonnet on my Mustang. While it’s not as visible from most angles, it sticks out like a sore thumb once you do lock eyes on it. Here, and coming to the rescue, let’s see if the aptly named Touch Up Paint Factory can save the day.

Matching The Paints

Touch up paints come in many shapes and sizes. There are brush bottles, aerosol sprays, as well as pens. The latter tends to be the most precise of the lot, which is perfect for when you have a fairly small scratch like this. Touch Up Paint Factory’s paint pen, for just £16.95 a pop, covers a wide variety of vehicles. The first order of business, as is the case with touch up kits, is getting the right paint colour.

On Touch Up Paint Factory’s webpage, there is a myriad of ways you can do this. You could input your car’s specific colour code. Not to mention, its make, model, the year that it was built, and the name of that shade of paint. Technically, you don’t have to fill in every box. However, know that the more information you provide to Touch Up Paint Factory, the better the result of matching the paint.

Touch Up Paint Factory Pen

Easy Application, Great Results

Nevertheless, Touch Up Paint Factory ensures that any paint they send you will be a 100% match. So, let’s give it a whirl and see. Using it is quite straightforward. First, you give the damaged area of the car a good cleaning and leave it to dry sufficiently. Next, you can take out the pen, and give it a hard shake, just to get the paint mixed in properly. And, you’ll need a piece of paper for the next step.

It entails you having to push the pen down. You’ll notice how the tip retracts into the housing of the pen. While it’s pushed in there, the paint contained inside will slowly drip and submerge the tip with paint. Once that’s done, all you need to do is apply it onto the scratched surface. Gently and lightly brush the tip over the scratch, making sure you’ve covered the entire damaged piece.

Using a pen here is especially useful, given the location of the scratch on the Mustang. Over a slim, tapered, and curved edge, there’s minimal risk of spillover. In addition, you could more accurately point and position the tip of the pen. The end result, as you can see, is seamless. Give it some time to dry and bond, and Touch Up Paint Factory’s easy to solution would ended up looking even better.

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