Volkswagen ID.3 Wins Leading Industry Design Award

Volkswagen ID.3 rules the roost at the Automotive Brand Contest 2020

The all-electric ID.3 won the accolade of being the “Best of Best” in the “Exterior Volume Brand” and “Interior Volume Brand”. The judging panel that conferred this award on the ID.3 were particularly impressed by its styling both on the inside and the outside. They also were appreciative of Volkswagen’s courage to start something new in not just the EV segment but in the entire automobile industry.

Volkswagen Makes Its Presence Felt In Other Categories As Well

Volkswagen had a really good day at the awards as the new Golf also won an award for its design and so did Volkswagen’s latest concept car in SPACE VIZZION. These awards are considered to be quite noteworthy as the Automotive Brand Contest is the only independent competition for automotive brands on an international level

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