1979 MG B-EAST Hot Wheels Legends Tour UK Winner

B-EAST Roars to Victory in the UK’s Hot Wheels Legends Tour

Record-Breaking Win for the 1979 MG

The car arena was all abuzz this week when a 1979 MGB GT, lovingly nicknamed ‘the B-EAST’, emerged triumphant at this year’s Hot Wheels Legends Tour UK. Held at the revered RADwood automotive event last Saturday (2nd September), the vintage car carved out its legacy amidst fierce competition from 274 participants.

Designed by the creative engineer, Michael Wallhead, the B-EAST stands out not just for its stellar performance, but for Wallhead’s commitment to sustainability. Boasting a 3.0-litre Jaguar AJV6 engine, it dashes from 0-60mph in a jaw-dropping 4.2 seconds and can touch a dizzying top speed of 148mph.

Sustainability Meets Speed

Michael Wallhead, the genius behind the machine, poured eight years of hard work into this unique build. Determined to recycle and repurpose, the B-EAST incorporates a prop shaft from a Range Rover, an axle reclaimed from a Reliant Scimitar, throttle bodies from a Triumph motorcycle, brakes from a Nissan Silvia S14, and perhaps most surprisingly, jeans for seat upholstery!

This dedication to reusing materials goes beyond just the B-EAST. Wallhead remarked, “For all my builds, I always look to find ways to reuse parts… I try not to throw things away that can be reused.” His recycling obsession even led him to use registration plates to craft the glove box.

From Childhood Dreams to Reality

1979 MG B-EAST Hot Wheels Legends Tour UK Winner

For Wallhead, Hot Wheels wasn’t just another toy but a gateway to his passion. Recollecting fond childhood memories, he shared, “Growing up, I played with Hot Wheels, and those memories inspired me when it came to designing the B-EAST.”

Wallhead’s relationship with speed isn’t just confined to four wheels. This thrill-seeker also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest wheelie bin, clocking in at an impressive 55mph earlier this year!

Judging the Best of the Best

The excitement of the UK finale was shared with the public for the very first time. The top ten finalists, chosen by Hot Wheels representatives from both sides of the pond, saw iconic marques like Jaguar, Ford, VW, and Skoda vying for the top spot.

Craig Callum, design manager for Hot Wheels, expressed the challenge of selecting the ultimate winner. Highlighting the B-EAST, he said, “Michael Wallhead’s MG perfectly encapsulates the three core elements we were looking for – authenticity, creativity and garage spirit.”

A Rising Star in the Car Community

In just four short years, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in the UK has skyrocketed in popularity. 2023 witnessed a record 274 entries, a phenomenal increase from the previous year. As Michael Wallhead preps for the Legends Tour Semi-Final on 2nd November, with the Global Finale on the horizon (11th November), the stakes couldn’t be higher.

If victorious, Wallhead’s B-EAST could join the ranks in the esteemed Hot Wheels Garage of Legends. The previous UK champion, the Volvo P1800 Gasser, dubbed ‘Ain’t No Saint’, didn’t just reach the Global Final in 2021 but clinched the overall win.

Today, miniature versions of this drag racer delight fans worldwide. And now, all eyes are on the B-EAST, as it gears up to continue the UK’s legacy.

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