CALLUM Unveils The SKYE: The Future of Electric Off-Roading

Redefining Electric Adventure

Warwick, UK’s own CALLUM has just lifted the curtain on their latest marvel, the CALLUM SKYE. This isn’t just any vehicle; it’s their first fully in-house developed brand vehicle, and it’s set to turn heads and redefine what we think about electric, multi-terrain travel.

The SKYE is a high-performance, all-wheel-drive beast that promises to handle a variety of off-road terrains without breaking a sweat, while still offering a plush ride and precise handling on the tarmac.

Sleek Design Meets Rugged Capability

With an exterior that’s as functional as it is eye-catching, the SKYE is crafted to conquer the wilds without compromising on style. Its 2+2 enclosed cabin is a class apart, offering a refined space for adventurers and their companions. The design isn’t just about looks; it’s about marrying form with function, and it does so with a dramatic yet concise aesthetic.

Electric Power, Electrifying Performance


Under the bonnet, the SKYE is all-electric, powered by a 42kWh battery and boasting an impressive 170-mile range. But that’s not all – for those in a hurry, there’s an option for an ultra-fast charging battery that can juice up fully in less than ten minutes. And let’s talk speed – this sportscar isn’t shy, hitting 0-60mph in under four seconds. Yes, you read that right!

Designed by Visionaries, Engineered for Enthusiasts

Ian Callum, the head of design at CALLUM, describes the SKYE as a vehicle with “minimal mass, maximum capability.” It’s a statement vehicle, combining performance, style, and unparalleled capability. The attention to detail is evident, from the striking exterior lines to the integrated glass in the lower section of the doors, enhancing visibility in all conditions.

Tech Specs and Terrain Tackling

At 4,047mm in length and 1,900mm in width, the SKYE’s proportions are ideal for tackling a variety of landscapes. Its rugged space frame chassis and trail-capable suspension provide the necessary ground clearance for rough terrains, while ensuring comfort and compliance.

Anticipated to weigh around 1,150kg with a 50/50 weight distribution, it’s perfectly balanced for exhilarating drives.

The CALLUM Touch

Adam Donfrancesco, head of engineering at CALLUM, emphasizes that the SKYE was created with uncompromising standards, ensuring it meets the demands of varied off-road terrains while delivering top-notch ride comfort and handling. It’s about offering a captivating driving experience, no matter where the road (or lack thereof) takes you.


Unrestricted Fun, Minimized Environmental Impact

The SKYE stands out not just for its performance but also for its environmental consciousness. CALLUM aims to provide fun and enjoyment without the mess or hassle typical of off-road vehicles. Being significantly quieter than its ICE counterparts, the SKYE is as much about making a statement as it is about treading lightly on the environment.

Awaiting Spring 2024

The CALLUM SKYE is currently undergoing meticulous engineering refinement and rigorous testing across the UK and Europe. The team at CALLUM is gearing up to release details of definitive specifications and curated variants, each tailored for focused on- or off-road use, in spring 2024.

David Fairbairn, the managing director at CALLUM, highlights the SKYE’s potential to fill a market void with its bold engineering and boutique craftsmanship. The goal is clear – make a significant industry impact with the CALLUM SKYE, while being mindful of the environment.

In summary, the CALLUM SKYE is not just a vehicle; it’s an electric adventure on wheels. Designed for the discerning, built for the bold, and engineered for the adventurous, it’s poised to redefine off-roading as we know it. Keep your eyes peeled for this one – it’s set to be a game-changer.

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