Betting on motorsports is very popular, with Formula 1 being the most popular of those. Many people tune in and place bets on the grand prix that is taking place on that day.

The sport wasn’t always a big betting sport, this is something that has changed over the last decade.

One thing we have seen is that the service from bookmakers has really improved, which is probably one of the main reasons why so many people have turned to betting on the sport and stuck with it.

The future for the sport as a whole is very exciting, and we are set to see more from the bookmakers, and this could spill over into other motorsports which would be further good news.

What Improvements Have We Seen From The Bookmakers?

The number of betting markets available for Formula 1 punters has certainly risen in the past few years. This means more options and ways to bet, which is always good.

When we have a race where there is an odds on favourite after qualifying, these betting markets can be very useful. Alternative ways to bet will help you choose a new markets and use that to get some value.

Betting offers have also risen too, these may be specific offers for Formula 1 or general offers for any sport. Offers like Formula 1 free bet or bonuses are a great tool for punters to gain an advantage when betting.

These free bet offers give you a chance to win for free without staking any of your own cash. Look out for these especially early in the season when people are getting back into the swing of F1 betting.

What Does The Future Hold?

With the advancements we have seen recently, there isn’t too much left for bookmakers to add. Having said that, Formula 1 could look a lot different in the future, so may betting on it.

One area they will be focusing on is the live in play betting markets. These have just started to be used in Formula 1 and are a key element of many other sports.

Live TV coverage is essential which we currently have, and there is the possibility of bookmakers streaming races in the future, which would bring further people in.

This would be great to see for a big race, such as the British Grand Prix, which has terrestrial coverage anyway.

Bookmakers could stream the race live and offer betting alongside it. The additional interest would allow the bookies to create new betting markets and try to take Formula 1 into the future with this, like we have seen with other sports.

Football is a great in play sport, with a huge range of betting markets available based on what will happen next. Formula 1 may get there one day.

Can Other Motorsports Benefit?

Generally, fans who like one motorsport like them all, so added interest in Formula 1 betting will help other sports too. These won’t get the same attention, but we may see more covered, or more markets for those that are already covered.

Sports like speedway and Nascar already have betting available on them from the bookmakers. However, this is nowhere near the same level as Formula 1 and if bookmakers feel motorsports need improving, these two could be in for a boost.

We may also see new events covered, that have no coverage at the minute. This is all about offering a rounded motorsports service that players can use to bet on multiple events.

The more each bookmaker offers, the bigger appeal they will have to motorsports fans, and the more likely they are to see new sign ups.