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6 Car Run of the Special ‘Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio’

Back in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show there was a concept car called Pininfarina Sergio. At the time most of us thought that it was just a one-off design done for the sake of being a bit different. Little did we know that two years later we would be looking at the production version of the car called the Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio

Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio – 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio was released at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and is celebrates the 60th anniversary of Pininfarina working with Ferrari

Based on Ferrari 458 Spider

As you may have guessed the car is based on the Ferrari 458 Spider. Pininfarina has customised the majority of the car and there will only be six of the cars ever produced for some very exclusive customers.

Is it Good Looking?

Being honest, I don’t think I like the styling of the car. What do you think?

 Source: AutoBlog

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