Polestar 3

Polestar’s First Sporty Electric SUV Is Just Around The Corner

Polestar has been making big waves recently, and it’s not a reputation that’s deserved without merit. As we’ve experienced ourselves, they make some of the most impressive electric cars out there. Nope, let’s correct that to ‘some of the best CARS’ on the market (not just EVs), period. Although, and while their current line-up is well-rounded enough, it feels like it’s missing something… An SUV, perhaps?

Yeah, I know you petrolheads and purists might not like it, but SUVs are a hot commodity these days. For carmakers, it’s especially important that they offer at least one SUV in their line-up. Thus far, the folks over at Polestar have yet to feature one with the style of SUVs that we know them today… Big, long, boxy, and have loads of cargo space. Finally, this is a void that’ll be filled with the Polestar 3.

Loads Of Power, Even More Tech

Come October 2022, the long-awaited and much-anticipated Polestar 3 will make its debut. Not only would this be Polestar’s first SUV, but it’ll also be electrified, and supposedly, pretty sporty, too. Once it’s ready for launch, you’ll be able to get one with a dual-motor powertrain. In addition, a large battery that’s good for at least 600km. Being a performance-focused brand, it’s likely a hoot to drive.

Moreover, the tech inside the Polestar 3 will be just as impressive. It’ll come with a suite of the finest LIDAR sensors for autonomous driving capabilities. Plus, an NVIDIA-built central computer to process and manage all those electronics. If you’re not all too interested in an SUV, then keep on waiting. As the Polestar 3 starts maturing on the market, Polestar will soon announce a new car every year.

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