Polestar 5 Precept Concept

Polestar’s Precept Concept Will Come To Life In 2024

Polestar was once Volvo’s maddest skunkworks outfit, building V8 touring cars that made everyone tremble in fear. These days though, Polestar – now a separate company – is most known for its EVs. And they really do make some of the best, most potent, and prettiest electric cars on the planet. Its been through a rapid pace of growth, and one that can only be topped by a new, uber-lux halo car.

The Polestar Precept Concept was awe-inspiring when it was first teased a while back. It was unlike any other practical and conservative Polestar that came before it. The Precept was a long, sleek, low, and sharp four-door luxury grand tourer. Suffice to say, everyone liked it. Alas, the Precept was only a concept… Until now. Polestar has since announced that the Precept will be put into production.

Only A Tease (For Now)

Come 2024 or 2025, the Precept will become the Polestar 5, and will present itself as the flagship of the not-a-Volvo brand. It’ll sit on top of the Polestar 3 and 4 crossover SUVs, respectively. For now, Polestar has only teased us with the Precept – uhm, I mean, Polestar 5 – without any further details. So, we don’t yet know what sort of powertrain it has, the electric range, and so on.

What we do know is that it’ll compete directly against the likes of the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz EQS, and Lucid Air. Moreover, and from their teaser videos, we can see that Polestar’s been testing out some pretty fancy lidar tech on the roof. Most likely, we can expect a pretty advanced driver aid system, as well as some degree of autonomous driving. Until then, we’ll just have to wait… Patiently.

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