Retro Racing Fever Hits Dubai: A Weekend of Classic Speed

The Classic Comeback

As the sun beamed down on the Dubai Autodrome, a wave of nostalgia and engine roars filled the air. This wasn’t just any race weekend; it was the third edition of the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. A festival of speed, this event brought together a record number of fans, legendary drivers, and a showcase of classic cars that turned the venue into a petrolhead’s paradise.

Legends Reunite

Imagine the thrill when four-time Formula One World Champion Alain Prost reunited with his 1991 Ferrari 643. It was a sight to behold for fans as Prost took the iconic car for a spin, reviving memories of F1’s golden era.

Joining Prost in this grand racing reunion were stars like Jean-Éric Vergne, Andre Lotterer, and Sophia Flörsch. Each brought their unique flair to the event, sharing their love for the sport and the joy of driving these timeless machines.

A New Twist in the Tale


This year’s event had a special addition – the Le Mans 60s sunset endurance race. As dusk fell, the 1965 Ford GT40, driven by Kyle Tilley and Nicolas Manassian, battled to a spectacular victory, adding a new chapter to the event’s already rich history.

This race, alongside the usual mix of F1 and GT legends from various decades, provided a perfect blend of nostalgia and adrenaline.

Thrilling Races, Iconic Winners

The weekend was packed with edge-of-your-seat action. Steve Brooks clinched top honours in the Le Mans 00s races, demonstrating skill and precision. In the Formula 1 70s+ category, Stuart Hall and Mike Cantillon gave fans a thrilling duel, with Cantillon clinching victory in a nail-biting finish.

The Le Mans 80s+ race saw Iconic Racing’s 1990 Porsche 962 and the 1991 Cougar C28LM take the top spots, adding to the event’s competitive spirit.

F1 Nostalgia and More

The F1 classics from the 1990s made a grand appearance, with demonstration runs that had fans on their feet. Sophia Flörsch, driving the Brabham BT60B, and Stefan Johansson in the 1987 Leyton House 871, were among the drivers who brought these machines to life. Their presence and the cars’ roar were a reminder of the glorious days of F1.

Beyond the Track

The Dubai Autodrome wasn’t just about racing. The 70s-themed atmosphere, complete with music, hospitality, and intimate access to teams and drivers, made it a festival to remember. The Apex Garden provided a perfect spot for fans to enjoy the races, offering panoramic views and an electric vibe.


A Look Ahead

With over 16,000 attendees, the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival was a resounding success, indicating a growing interest in historic racing. Frédéric Fatien, Founder of GP Extreme, thanked everyone involved and looked forward to welcoming fans to future events.

The exciting news of GP Extreme’s merger with Masters Historic Racing promises an even more thrilling future for classic motorsport enthusiasts.

Celebrating Motorsport History

Gulf Historic, part of GP Extreme, continues to celebrate the allure of motorsport history. Their dedication to preserving and showcasing these iconic cars ensures that the legacy of motorsport’s golden years will continue to thrill and inspire generations to come.

This weekend at the Dubai Autodrome wasn’t just a series of races; it was a time capsule that transported fans back to the glory days of motorsport. The blend of classic cars, legendary drivers, and an electric atmosphere made it an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

As we look forward to more such events, one thing is clear – the passion for classic racing is not just alive; it’s thriving.

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