KAMManufaktur Kamm 912C Carbon Porsche 911

Reviving a Classic: KAMM Elevates the 912 to Modern Marvel

Budapest-based KAMManufaktur is causing a stir in the automotive world with its latest offering, the 912c, a restomod that seamlessly blends classic charm with modern innovation. Known for their meticulous work on the original 912 sports cars, KAMManufaktur has now upped the ante with an option for a full-carbon body, taking this iconic model to new heights.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

The 912c’s new full-carbon option is a game-changer in the realm of restomods. Weighing in at a mere 699kg, this featherweight powerhouse boasts a significant reduction from the standard 912’s weight. The original semi-carbon body version, still available for purists, tips the scales at a still-impressive 750kg.

Power and Poise

It’s not just about shedding kilos. The 2024 912c packs a punch with a more robust engine, better aerodynamics, and even optional carbon wheels. These enhancements are not just for show; they promise an exhilarating driving experience, marrying power with agility.

KAMManufaktur Kamm 912C Carbon Porsche 911

Customised to Perfection

KAMManufaktur isn’t just selling cars; they’re crafting bespoke masterpieces. Each 912c can be tailor-made to the owner’s preferences, right from the initial technical spec meeting to the final delivery. This level of personalisation ensures that no two cars are identical, making each 912c a unique piece of automotive art.

Technological Upgrades

Under the hood, the 912c is just as modern as its exterior suggests. A more powerful air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine, improved aerodynamics, and new seat designs are just the tip of the iceberg. The car also features enhanced in-car audio, upgraded air-conditioning, and improved phone connectivity.

These additions are thoughtfully integrated to maintain the car’s classic essence while providing a contemporary driving experience.

The Visionary Behind the Wheel

KAMManufaktur Kamm 912C Carbon Porsche 911

Miklós Kázmér, the founder of KAMManufaktur, is the driving force behind these innovations. His vision for the 912c is not just about creating a car but offering a unique and rewarding ownership experience. Kázmér’s passion for perfection and innovation shines through in every aspect of the 912c.

Pricing and Availability

The full-carbon KAMM 912c is priced at around £340,000 for the standard specification, including a donor 912. For those providing their own 912 for conversion, the cost is about £306,000. The semi-carbon version is also available at slightly lower price points, offering flexibility for different budgets and preferences.

KAMManufaktur’s latest creation is more than just a car; it’s a statement. The 912c combines the nostalgia of a classic with the thrill of modern technology, making it a dream for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

As we look forward to the first deliveries in early 2024 and the unveiling of the new development car later in the year, it’s clear that KAMManufaktur is not just restoring cars; they’re redefining them.

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