Milltek Sport Exhaust BMW M2

Revving Up: Milltek Sport’s Exhaust Systems Roar Ahead into 2023

BMW G-Series Leads the Pack

Let’s start with a bit of a cheer for BMW G-Series enthusiasts! This year, the roar on the streets isn’t just any noise; it’s the sound of success for Milltek Sport.

These folks have been quite the talk of the town, revealing a soaring demand for their exhaust systems specifically tailored for the BMW G-Series models. With a whopping 6,000 systems sold in 2023 alone, it’s clear that these beauties are in hot demand.

Milltek Sport, hailing from Derby and celebrating 40 years in the business, has been nifty in responding to the needs of BMW aficionados. They’ve ramped up the production of their exhaust systems for various BMW models, including the latest M2 G87 and M3 Touring.

And guess what? They were among the first to get their hands on these models, leading to the quick development of enhanced systems.

Hot Hatchbacks and Prestige Models: Still in Vogue

Milltek Sport Exhaust BMW M2

Now, let’s not forget the hot hatchback lovers. The GR Yaris, Fiesta ST, and R53 Mini Cooper S systems have also been racing off the shelves. And it’s not just about the newbies on the block; there’s a growing trend for older, more prestigious models like the Porsche 911.

Owners of these classic beauties are seeking out Milltek Sport’s superior stainless exhausts, known for their durability and cost-effectiveness.

Performance and Aesthetics: A Match Made in Heaven

Milltek Sport isn’t just about making cars louder; they’re about enhancing the whole driving experience. Their exhausts are a treat for the eyes and ears, improving aesthetics and sound, and boosting performance.

What’s more, they cater to both road warriors and track enthusiasts, offering over 30 variations for the M2 exhaust alone. Fancy a resonated or non-resonated version? They’ve got you covered, with prices starting at a neat £2628.79 for an ECE-approved system.

The Future Looks Loud and Clear

Milltek Sport Exhaust BMW M2

Steve Pound, the Managing Director of Milltek Sport, is chuffed with the year’s success.

He’s seen cars like the Civic Type R and Lotus Emira hit the markets, but it’s the BMW G-Series that’s stolen the hearts of tuners and modifiers. Milltek Sport’s commitment to rapid development and their investment in owning models for testing have paid off, making their exhaust systems a top pick for BMW enthusiasts.

Conclusion: The Roar of Success

In short, 2023 has been a revving great year for Milltek Sport. Their exhaust systems for the BMW G-Series have set the pace, while their offerings for hot hatchbacks and older prestige models continue to impress.

It’s all about quality, performance, and getting that perfect vroom! Whether you’re cruising down the motorway or tearing up the track, Milltek Sport’s exhaust systems seem to be the choice for those who want to add a bit more roar to their ride.

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