What Makes The Crafty + Vaporizer Unique For Car Guys?

If you want a simple and effective, yet portable vaporizer, look no further than the Crafty + Vaporizer manufactured by Storz & Bickel. This company is best known for designing products that boast superior artistry. It is no surprise that they were the market leader from the moment vapor became popular across the globe.

But are there any aspects of this Crafty vaporizer that distinguish it from its competitors? Well, yes, several features make this portable vaporizer unique. In this article, you will get to know the stand out characteristics of the Crafty + vaporizer that differ from the rest and make it one of the best on the market.

Conducting Heating And Hybrid Convention

Integrated into this vaporizer is the distinct hybrid heating system, which fuses the best of convection and conduction heating. The common kind of heating in many battery-powered vaporizers is conduction heating. This system works by placing the heating system and dry herb into direct contact to vaporize it. In contrast, convection heating involves heating the hot air around your dry herb directly, and this slowly produces the flavor.

The Crafty Vaporizer is a hybrid heating system, hence why it is considered to be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. Its innovative heating system also allows you to vaporize concentrate or herbal material. Therefore, it delivers a versatile vaping experience as well as enabling you to mix things up if you wish too.

Compact And Tactical Design

This vaporizer is an excellent choice to satisfy your vaping needs when on the move, thanks to its pocket-friendly and compact design. It also comes in a tactical and ergonomic design.

The exterior of this portable vaporizer is ribbed. This is crucial as it allows heat to get dissipated from its grooves to prevent it from getting too hot while in your hands, regardless of the duration of vaping sessions. Moreover, this device is very easy to hold as it fits perfectly on your palm, so you never need to worry about it falling. It also incorporates a durable plastic that is robust and makes it sturdy enough to resist wear and tear it gets exposed to.

User-Friendly Controls

Another thing that makes the Crafty + vaporizer unique is its versatility and ease of vaping, with the vaporization of two default pre-set levels. When looking to use it, you should press the power button, and it will start to heat to a temperature of 356F. By double-clicking this button, you activate the booster mode to increase the temperature to 383F, and this then enables you to extract all the flavor and terpenes from your herbs.

Using this one-button control system, you are free from having to fidget around complex buttons when using this vaporizer. This makes it an ideal choice for quick, short sessions when you do not have enough time to vape. When the green LED light shows on the Crafty + vaporizer, and it vibrates softly, then you can start vaping session as the optimal temperature is attained.

Mobile Integration

This is one feature that makes the Crafty + vaporizer stand out, and it has an app for both Android and iPhones that can be connected via Bluetooth. Consequently, you get access to lots of features such as the ability to adjust default temperature between “normal” and “boost” modes and change LED lights brightness levels. The app also delivers notifications.

Rae Castillon: