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How to Start a flooded Mazda RX8

The Mazda RX8 is a great performance car for a relatively low cost. Rather than your conventional engine, the RX8 has a rotary engine and as you may know, rotary engines can suffer from flooding relatively easily. Once flooded they can seem impossible to start, but in the article below I will show you how to start a flooded Mazda RX8 without the huge mechanic bill.

On this occasion the flooded engine was caused from moving the car from one location on the drive to another, without letting it warm up enough.

How to start a flooded Mazda Rx8 in 15 minutes

What you need:

  • A battery charger
  • Set of high quality jump leads
  • Another car to jump off
  • One Phillips screwdriver

how to start a flooded Mazda rx8 - You need

De-flood Method

First we are going to disconnect the power from the fuel pump and then crank the engine over to clear out some of the additional fuel that is in the engine, then we will reconnect the fuel pump and jump start the car to get it started. Unless you are very lucky, it is unlikely to start on the first try, and could take 10-15 iterations of this process to get it started. Make sure you leave around 30 seconds between cranking the engine over to allow the starter motor to cool down.

Step 1

Put the car on charge before hand to ensure it has maximum power to crank the engine over.

Starting a flooded mazda RX8 (2)_1000x750

Step 2

Remove the rear passenger seat by pulling the base of the seat upwards to reveal the the fuel pump cover.

Starting a flooded mazda RX8 (3)_1000x750

Step 3

Use a phillips screw driver to undo the 4 screws on the cover and lift off the cover.

Starting a flooded mazda RX8 (4)_1000x750

Step 4

Here you see the fuel pump and the connector that we will be disconnecting.

how to start a flooded Mazda rx8 - fuel pump

Step 5

Set the car up for a jump start. Make sure you use large chunky jump leads as you may be cranking the car over for around 15 minutes on and off, use another powerful car for the jump start, and make sure the other car is running at the time of jumping.

how to start a flooded Mazda rx8 - jump it

Step 6

Back in the driver’s seat, ensure the car is out of gear and remove the fuel pump connector from the fuel pump. Once removed crank the car over with the clutch depressed for 30 seconds to clear out the excess fuel from the engine.

how to start a flooded Mazda rx8 - reconnect after a few minutes

Step 7

Whilst still cranking the engine, plug the fuel pump back in, apply 1/3 throttle and continue to crank the engine with the clutch depressed for 30 seconds. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the car starts to fire up. When the car begins to catch, don’t let go of the key until you’re sure it will stay running. It can take many attempts to get it started. See the video below for an idea of how the process looks.

Step 8

Once running take the car on a good 20 minute run ensuring all fuel is burned off out of the exhaust properly.



  • Ollie Bell Says

    Flooded my engine and followed these steps, had to repeat 6 and 7 a few times but it did the trick. Unplugging the fuel pump is essential! Thanks!

  • luke simms Says

    What is the difference between this method and removing the fuel pump fuse which is much more easily accessible

  • Phil Bate Says

    Unplugging the fuel pump or its fuse are unnecessary. Fully depressing the accelerator while cranking disables the fuel injectors for this very purpose. Check the user manual.

  • Del Worville Says

    Don`t you think this advice is a little irresponsible!
    To suggest making and breaking the 12 volt supply to the petrol tank whilst live (cranking) is not the thing to do, a random spark and any possible petrol fumes do not mix believe me!
    This method is totally unnecessary when you can just floor the throttle or remove the fuel pump fuse.
    Someone needs to brush up on safety procedures before tinkering with a petrol tank.

  • drfreud Says

    please don’t think i’m stupid, i can’t get the fuel pump fuse out-literally. I can pul the rest, is there something special about the blue? Laugh later…I’m not paying someone to fix my car, i’m trying.
    (front right blue fuse)

  • my rx8 don’t want to start and am not sure if its flooded or compression loss. and my challenge is that I don’t have the tester and mazda Namibia wont do it because I imported my car from UK. but all I know is I had a misfire, and when checked it was 2 coils dead,and the mechanic used to start the engine with 2 coils but later it couldn’t start, when new coils came the car couldn’t start.

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