Jaguar C-X75 CALLUM

A Spectacular Revival: The Jaguar C-X75 That’s Now Road Legal

From Screen to Scramble: A Legendary Transformation

In a thrilling blend of cinematic legacy and engineering brilliance, one of the iconic Jaguar C-X75 stunt cars, famed for its adrenaline-pumping chase scenes in the James Bond film Spectre, is set to dazzle the public once more.

This time, it’s not on the silver screen but on the tarmac, thanks to the masterful reengineering by CALLUM. With hundreds of improvements under its belt, the car is now fully road-legal and gearing up to make a grand entrance at the Bicester Scramble on 21 April.

The Magic Behind the Makeover

Jaguar C-X75 CALLUM

Crafted for the 2015 blockbuster by the skilled hands at Williams Advanced Engineering, the C-X75 was designed to survive the most punishing of pursuits. However, transitioning from a film prop to a road-going vehicle is no small feat.

This challenge was eagerly accepted by CALLUM, a team co-founded by the car’s original designer, Ian Callum. The Warwick-based engineers have meticulously modified the vehicle, ensuring it complies with the UK’s stringent road use standards while preserving its soul-stirring essence.

Key upgrades include the installation of E-marked glass, a more neighbour-friendly exhaust system, and the implementation of catalytic converters to keep emissions in check. Additionally, the introduction of wing mirrors with integrated side repeaters has replaced the foam versions used during filming, a testament to CALLUM’s commitment to both functionality and form.

More Than Just a Car

The transformation of the C-X75 is not merely about making it fit for the roads; it’s a homage to its storied past and a celebration of automotive artistry.

The car’s exhilarating performance—characterised by its sharp steering and nimble agility—has been carefully preserved. Adjustments to dampers and ride height ensure the driving experience remains as thrilling as ever, blending the lines between a movie prop and a high-performance road car.

Adam Donfrancesco, CALLUM’s engineering director, shares, “Stunt cars are the unsung heroes of cinema, embodying the essence of iconic scenes. Our mission was to preserve this legacy while meeting the practical demands of road legislation. It’s a privilege to bring such a vehicle to the enthusiastic Scramblers.”

Jaguar C-X75 CALLUM

A Heritage Showcase

The unveiling of the revamped C-X75 at Bicester Heritage is more than an automotive event; it’s a cultural phenomenon.

Dan Geoghegan, chief executive of Bicester Motion, expresses his excitement, “Ian Callum and CALLUM are cherished members of our community. Showcasing the C-X75 is not just about witnessing automotive excellence; it’s about celebrating a rich history of design and innovation.”

With the April Scramble set to coincide with Drive-it Day, over 8,000 enthusiasts have snapped up tickets, eager to witness a mix of classic and contemporary vehicles. The C-X75 will undoubtedly be a highlight, parked proudly at The Armoury, bridging the gap between its illustrious past and its bright future on the open road.

This transformation marks a new chapter for the Jaguar C-X75, from a stunt car surviving the rigorous demands of a Bond film to a masterpiece of engineering marvel and design prowess. Its journey from the fast-paced world of international espionage to the tranquil roads of the UK is a testament to the passion and dedication of those who revere the art of the automobile.

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