Bobcat 610 Specs

Bobcat 610 Specs – How Good Is This Old-School Skid Steer?

Are you planning to purchase a second-hand skid steer and you are interested in learning the Bobcat 610 specs? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to cover everything you know when it comes to choosing the right skid steer for your business.

Doing the proper research before you decide on buying something like a skid steer should be one of your top priorities. Why I’m saying this? Well, mainly because skid steers are expensive and they can cost many thousands of dollars. Especially if purchased new.

This is why a ton of people want to get good old used and reliable skid steers that have a good rep like the Bobcat 610. Even though this skid steer is not in production since a long time ago, these skid steers are still the way to go for a ton of customers out there and many that purchased this skid steer are really satisfied with what they got. But if you are still new to this and want to learn more about the specs, this is the article for you.

First, we are going to learn what skid steer is and learn the basics when it comes to this vehicle. Then we will learn what is Bobcat and a little bit about its history. After that, we will dive into the Bobcat 610 specs and learn more about the specifications in which this model is offered. Lastly, we will discuss some of the alternatives. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is A Skid Steer

Now before we dive into the Bobcat 610 specs, let’s first cover some of the basics and learn what is a skid steer in general. I bet that there are a ton of people reading this article, who are not familiar with this particular type of construction equipment and want to learn more about the basics. So, this chapter is dedicated to them. If you want, you can jump right to the chapter where we discuss more about the Bobcat 610 specs.

So, what is a skid steer? Well, a skid steer, or a skid loader as many people call it is a small and very powerful machine that is used for construction, or deconstruction, depending on the needs. Because these vehicles can be used for both building and demolishing stuff.

When you think about a skid steer, you imagine a rugged small machine with four wheels or tracks, that have a big bucket attached to the front end.

When it comes to construction, these vehicles are irreplaceable because they save you a lot of money and also labor that you will have to use in order to get the job done manually.

So, every construction company has at least one. They are perfect for filling and leveling holes and smoothening up the terrain since they have a big bucket on the front.

Skid steers are also good for moving excess dirt and loading it onto a truck. Also, besides the bucket, there are other attachments that can be fitted to the Bobcat. For example, a backhoe, sweepers, pallet forks, hydraulic breakers, trenchers, tree spades, snow blowers, and whatnot.

These skid steers are basically, the jack of all trades. But what about the Bobcat 610 specs? Well, more about that, we are going to cover it later on.

What Is Bobcat

Now since we learned more about what is a skid steer and why skid steers are one of the most irreplaceable pieces of equipment when it comes to construction. We think that now it is time to learn more about what is a Bobcat before we dive into the Bobcat 610 specs. Why do we think that this is necessary? Well, you need to familiarize yourself with the brand that you plan to purchase skid steer from.

So, what is Bobcat? It is some kind of wild animal? Well, actually yes, a Bobcat in reality is a wild cat. But the company that builds these skid steers is called Bobcat and on each skid steer that Bobcat makes, you will notice the Bobcat logo.

Usually, all the skid steers that Bobcat produces are made in white color. And you will notice the logo on them painted in black.


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Their logo is an image of a Bobcat head and the name of the company. They are an American company and except for skid steers, they are producing all sorts of construction equipment. Namely, excavators, skid steers, loaders, as well as engines.

So, you get the idea why so versatile their models are. They are also present in Europe and have a big presence there as well.

When it comes to construction equipment, there are only a couple of brands that are deserving your attention. CAT is probably one of the most common brands out there, you also have Kubota, but when it comes to domestically based companies. Bobcat probably is one of the best out there.

But what about the Bobcat 610 specs? More on that, we are going to cover in a bit after we learn more about the company.

Bobcat History

We covered the basics about the Bobcat brand and learned that this brand is named after the Bobcat wild cat. Now let’s take a look at its history and cover more about it. This is why we are going to cover some facts about this skid steer manufacturer and learn more about it. So, if you are interested in learning, follow along. If not, you can move on to the chapter where we discuss the Bobcat 610 specs.

So, where did it all start when it comes to Bobcat? As we previously noted, Bobcat is an American-based company that specializes in manufacturing construction and farm equipment.

The company was founded in 1947 in Gwinner, North Dakota. Nowadays, their headquarters are located in West Fargo, North Dakota.

What is interesting to note is that the company didn’t get the Bobcat name till 1960 when they first introduced the four-wheeled M400 skid steer loader. More precisely the name was adopted in 1962 for the 440 model.

In 1969, Melroe Manufacturing which was the company that owned Bobcat was purchased by the Clark Equipment Company and then in 1995, the company was again sold to Ingersoll-Rand.

And in 2007 was sold again to the Doosan Corporation. Nowadays Bobcat is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation from South Korea. Nevertheless, if you look at the history, you could get really confused because this brand changed ownership many times. But it is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to skid steers in the 21st century. But why it is so popular? Well, more on that we are going to cover next before we cover the Bobcat 610 specs.

Why Bobcat Is So Popular

Now before we start discussing the Bobcat 610 specs, let’s first take a look at why Bobcat is so popular and is the number one choice for a lot of businesses out there that want a reliable skid steer or any other construction equipment.

Well, there are many reasons behind this but the first and most important one that we are going to mention is their longevity on the market.

As we learned in the previous chapter, this brand is with us since the 60s. And frankly, that is a really long period of time if you are asking me.

With more than 50 years of history as a brand, they have established itself as one of the best brands in the US market and people don’t even consider the competition.

And what is interesting to know about the Bobcat name is that this name basically became a generic name. So, what does this means? Well, this means that all of the skid steers in the US are referred to as Bobcats.

People just see one of these skid steers and say “hey that is a nice Bobcat”. This isn’t always the case since there are many skid steer manufacturers such as CAT, Kubota, and others. But the name stuck with people and they call any construction machine that resembles a skid steer a Bobcat.

And the last pro of having a Bobcat is probably the longevity and durability. If you look at the Bobcat 610 specs, you will learn that these machines are probably older than you. So, you get the idea why they are such legends. But what are the specs of the 610? Let’s elaborate more on that next.

Bobcat 610

So, we have covered the history of Bobcat and learned why are they such a legendary brand. Now let’s focus on the 610 model and learn more about the Bobcat 610 specifications. Since if you are on the market for a Bobcat, you probably want to get all the proper information on the specs and what this skid steer can do for your hard-earned money. So, let’s get into it and cover all the interesting stuff.

Bobcat 610 Specs

Now let’s start with the specs and learn more about the 610 model. What is worth noting about this model is that as you assume, it is a skid steer.

But an old Bobcat skid steer I must admit. This model is probably older than many of us. The M610 model was introduced in 1972 and was in production till 1982.

So, considering the years, the newest 610 that you can get is 40 years old. Some of them are even 50 years old. Years go by so quickly.

Nevertheless, this model is still one of the most popular skid steers around. Especially for the people who want something good and reliable. The Bobcat 610 parts list is long and there are parts for these models readily available.

You can buy them second hand or you can buy them even brand new. It doesn’t matter since this model is really supported when it comes to parts and other components that you will need to keep it in shape.

Also, modifications are also readily available for everyone out there. But what about the engine of this model, what kind of engine is powering this skid steer? Let’s learn more about that in the following chapter before we dive into the prices and learn how much money this model costs.

Bobcat 610 Engine

Now when it comes to the Bobcat 610 specs, let’s learn more about the engine that this skid steer has. The engine is probably the most important aspect when it comes to the performance of a skid steer since without an engine it would be rather a challenge to do the job right.

The engine used in this 610 model is the Wisconsin Vh4d. This is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine that is rated at 2800 RPM. It has a crazy compression ratio of 23:1.

The engine produces 32.5 gross horsepower and 30 horsepower net. The displacement of the engine is 108cu and it has a bore of 3.9×3.6 inches. The torque rating for this engine is 51lb-ft. Which is quite good, considering that this is a skid steer engine.

The engine itself is really reliable. And you can also do modifications for it, rebuild it, or even replace it with a newer and more powerful engine. Which is the way to go in our book since a lot of these engines are really worn out. Considering that this skid steer is 40 years old.

There are companies out there that offer new Kohler CH980 35 horsepower engines that outperform the standard engine used in this skid steer. And what is good is that you get this engine with a kit. This means that it has all the essentials to bolt onto the chassis as a factory OEM engine. Which is an excellent thing.

The price for an engine like this is about $4,195 plus the shipping costs. So, if you want an engine, you can check it out. Now let’s take a look at the Bobcat 610 and its work performance.

Bobcat 610 Performance

So, we have covered the specifications of the Bobcat 610 and learned about the engine and the engine replacements that are available.

We think that now it is time to discuss the work performance of this 610 model and learn what it can do when it comes to the lifting capacity as well as the tipping load, reach, and breakout force.

The 610 has a 54-inch wide bucket, which understandably can be replaced with a bigger one or a smaller one depending on your needs.


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The arms have a reach of 18 inches. The tipping load of the 610 is 2100lbs and the breakout force is 1000lbs. The Bobcat lifting capacity is 980lbs for this model.

The overall weight of the 610 is rated at 3800lbs. Which is quite light. And this is probably one of the smallest Bobcat skid steers out there.

Overall, the Bobcat 610 offers excellent performance for the price. Considering these skid steers are more than 40 years old, they are valued quite low in comparison to other skid steers that are newer age. And more about that we are going to discuss next.

Bobcat 610 Price

As we mentioned previously in the previous chapter where we elaborated more on the Bobcat 610 specs. We mentioned that the prices of these skid steers are really affordable.

So, you can snatch one of these machines for a really good price. Usually, they go in the range of $5,000.

But the price mostly depends on how well preserved this machine is. So, these are quite old machines and they have been through a lot during their long years of use.

It is expected that the engine is probably in desperate need of a rebuild or replacement. So, you should consider this.

In addition to this, the bucket is probably all mangled up and it would need to be replaced as well. But in some cases, there could be also structural damage.

Any machine, considering this age should be checked out for its structural integrity. This machine is not something that can be preserved in immaculate shape. These machines go through a lot of stress and are taken to extremes.

So, a thorough inspection is essential when it comes to these machines. The engine is a replaceable component. But you cannot replace the body of the Bobcat 610. Remember that. But what about the alternatives to the 610? Are there any alternatives that are worth your attention? Let’s cover more on that next.

Bobcat 610 Alternatives

So, we learned the Bobcat 610 specs and learned why this type of skid steer is still used widely even today in 2022. But what about the alternatives, what are the other options that you can go for?

Well, when it comes to alternatives, there are plenty of them. More precisely other Bobcat models from the same time period or even older.

The first one that comes to our mind is the M600. The M600 is pretty similar to the 610. Bobcat’s M600 is basically the ancestor of the 610.

The M600 was released in 1967 and is even older than the 610. The newest model of the M600 is the M600E. This model was released in 1976.

What is different in the M600 compared to the 610 is that the M600 uses a smaller engine that is producing only 25hp, compared to the 30hp on the 610.

The M600 also has a worse tipping load 1700lbs compared to the 2100lbs of the 610. Even the best model which is the M600E has a tipping load of only 1,840lbs.

So, if you want to go for the M600 instead of the 610, you will have to deal with some compromises. But when it comes to performance, these compromises are not as small as they might seem in the first place.

Another benefit of the M600 compared to the 610 is that the 600 has a lower price. These models can be found for even $3,000 or less. And that is really cheap if you are asking me. Still, the condition of the skid steer will depend on its usage. Some of these skids are so worn out that they are practically unusable.

This is why we recommend doing a thorough inspection before you make a purchase.


In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to Bobcat and we learned a lot about this company. We learned about their history and how they make one of the best skid steers around since the 1950s.

They have released a ton of legendary models throughout the years, including the 610 models. This is why in the rest of the article, we focused on the Bobcat 610 specs. We shared the specifications and learned more about this model and its performance. We also covered the price. As well as the alternatives that are available on the market. The M600 is probably one of the closest replacements that you can get.


Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Where Are Bobcats Made

All Bobcats for the US market are produced in Wahpeton, North Dakota. The Bobcat models are also sold globally. So, Bobcat has a worldwide presence.

How Wide Is A Bobcat

The width of the bucket really depends on the model. The models usually range from 3 to 6 ft. The smallest Bobcat is only 6ft tall and 3ft wide.

How Much Does A Bobcat Weigh

A skid steer usually weighs between 1,500lbs and 12,000lbs. On average, a Bobcat M610 weighs about 3,800lb. While the more modern Bobcat S64 has an operating weight of 6.974lbs.

How Tall Is A Bobcat Machine

The smallest Bobcat machine is the S70 model. This model is 6 ft tall. And has a width of 3 ft. There are also taller machines that are far more capable than the S70.

What Is The Smallest Bobcat Skid Steer

The smallest skid steer that Bobcat sells is the S70 model. This model has an overall height of 6 ft and a width of 3 ft. So, this type of machine is perfect for tight places where bigger machinery cannot reach.

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