Rodin Cars FZERO

New Hypercar on the Block: Rodin Cars’ FZERO Makes Waves

A Kiwi Marvel: The FZERO Hypercar’s Journey Begins

The serene landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island have recently been the backdrop for something quite extraordinary: the test and development phase of the Rodin Cars FZERO hypercar.

This New Zealand creation, first teased last year, is now a tangible, roaring reality, hitting the tracks for rigorous testing. The FZERO’s roll-out marks a significant leap for Rodin Cars, building on their success with the FZED single-seat track car.

Rodin Cars, nestled near Mount Lyford, boasts an impressive setup including three test circuits and a cutting-edge production facility. The brainchild behind this automotive marvel is David Dicker, a tech billionaire with a passion for racing. Dicker, at the helm of the FZERO’s maiden voyage, expressed his pride and optimism about the car’s performance and the journey ahead.

The FZERO’s debut wasn’t just a technical exercise but an emotional one too. Employees gathered around the track during their lunch break, captivated by the sight of the FZERO in action. Emma Duncan, Rodin Cars General Manager, shared the team’s excitement, calling the car a “masterpiece” and a “pivotal development” for Rodin Cars.

Rodin Cars FZERO

The FZERO: Power and Promise

What sets the FZERO apart? It’s a hypercar designed to push boundaries, aiming to rival established track-only giants like Aston Martin, Gordon Murray Automotive, and Mercedes-AMG.

The FZERO’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V10, the RC.TEN, is a testament to Rodin Cars’ engineering prowess. With an output of 1013bhp at 9500rpm and a top speed of 360 km/h, it’s clear that this hypercar isn’t just about looks; it’s about sheer performance.

The development of the RC.TEN engine has been a journey in itself. Initially built in the UK by Neil Brown Engineering, the project has since moved in-house at Rodin Cars. And here’s a twist for motorsport enthusiasts: Rodin Cars plans to offer the RC.TEN is a crate engine for racing applications, broadening its impact beyond the FZERO.

Looking Ahead: Rodin Cars’ Vision

Rodin Cars FZERO

The FZERO is more than just a hypercar; it’s a symbol of Rodin Cars’ ambition and technological capability. As the FZERO progresses through its development stages, it embodies a fusion of speed, emotion, and engineering excellence.

In a thrilling development, Rodin Cars, in partnership with LINK Engine Management, will showcase the RC.TEN at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis this December. This event will not only highlight the FZERO’s progress but also Rodin Cars’ growing influence in the high-performance automotive sector.

For car enthusiasts and industry watchers alike, the FZERO represents an exciting new chapter in hypercar development. With its blend of advanced technology, breathtaking performance, and the spirit of innovation, the Rodin Cars FZERO is not just a hypercar to watch; it’s a hypercar that’s rewriting the rules of the track.

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