Honda Ruckus Top Speed

Honda Ruckus Top Speed – How Fast Can It Go?

How much is Honda Ruckus top speed? The Honda Ruckus is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating bikes on the market. It’s rough, minimalistic, futuristic, and brimming with character. It appears to be more at home in a dismal technological future than on our streets. In actuality, the Honda Ruckus is a sleek, easy-to-ride bike that makes motorcycling accessible to everyone.

The crucial word here is simplicity. There are no complex gears or big displacements. Only the essentials are present on the Ruckus: an engine, a twist-and-go throttle, a strong frame, and two wheels. It’s not going to win any awards for its performance, which is powered by a tiny liquid-cooled 49cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 4.4 horsepower and 3.35 lb-ft of torque. Still, it’s not the total performance that makes the bike stand out.

It’s light and nimble, and despite its little displacement, it never feels strained. It has a lot of storage space, is affordable and fuel-efficient, and it also looks fit. The Ruckus has it all for people wanting affordable, dependable, and enjoyable transportation. No worries about gears. This is where city transportation ends. Let’s learn more about the evolution of the Honda Ruckus, the Honda Ruckus top speed, and its generation.

Overview Of Honda Ruckus

Honda has a scooter for you if you want something challenging and durable. Ruckus is one of Honda’s most popular scooters. This bike includes a skeletal frame that is lightweight, as well as enormous and oversized tires.

If you want to have a good time when riding, this is the bike for you. It is a low-cost model that is much lighter than the Honda Grom. People who prefer comfort and don’t want to spend a lot of money should choose this bike above its competitors on the market. This motorcycle sports a 49cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. To ride this bike, you simply need a valid driver’s license.

It has an 8000 rpm engine and a Honda Ruckus top speed of 40 mph. The fuel economy is 114 mph on this bike. The scooter weighs 194 pounds, which is extremely light compared to other scooters on the market. In this situation, the CVT transmission requires no input. The front suspension consists of dual downtube forks. For safety, this scooter incorporates front and rear drum brakes.

The Honda Ruckus’s Origins And Progression

If you live in the United States or Canada, the Honda Zoomer, often known as the Honda Ruckus, is an excellent scooter alternative. This is a scooter that is made for both of those countries, as well as Japan, and it started out looking nothing like any other scooter you’re likely to come across.

In fact, it’s been in production since the 2003 model year, which means it’s been out there since 2002, as new models are always released a year or two ahead of schedule. If you’re interested in learning more about how it has changed over time, continue reading.

2003-2004 Honda Ruckus

This is a scooter that began life very differently than you may imagine. Considering the fact that it’s a scooter, it has an impressively tough design. Because these devices are typically built to be lightweight and travel over reasonably smooth surfaces, manufacturers rarely feel the need to produce something particularly tough when it comes to anything in this class. Honda chose to attempt something new right away.


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As a result, they fitted it with more comprehensive, larger tires capable of providing excellent traction on practically any surface. It also has a strengthened suspension system and frame. One thing you’ll notice is that the frame itself lacks many storage spaces. It gives the scooter the appearance of a dirt bike with a footrest (for more insight, check out our guide on how to make a dirt bike street legal and how to ride a dirt bike). It’s quite distinctive, to say the least, but that was Honda’s intention from the start.

2005 Honda Ruckus

With one exception, Honda did not make significant changes to the Ruckus. They actually reduced the width of the suspension by 56mm in the front and 66mm in the back. Unfortunately, for most riders, particularly those over five feet tall and weighing more than 150 pounds, this had an unfavorable influence on the overall feel of the scooter.

Nobody knows why Honda changed its mind, considering the entire objective of the Ruckus was to create a scooter that could bounce itself onto and off of bumps or anything less than two feet high from the start.

Nonetheless, this was a decision they made. There was also a problem with the mirrors that had been bothering the Ruckus for years, and Honda finally took notice in 2005. It wasn’t long before they started getting a lot of requests for replacement mirrors from scooter owners, so they started thinking of a long-term solution for future models.

2006-2010 Honda Ruckus

Again, not much has changed with this machine throughout the years. In reality, throughout the model years 2006 through 2008, there were hardly any changes at all. The only exception was the aforementioned mirrors, which Honda finally fixed so they wouldn’t come loose and tumble around every time you ran down the road.


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The seat was somewhat modified in 2008 to make it slightly taller and equip it with a forward, downsloping inclination. Apart from those two improvements, the scooter stayed substantially unchanged throughout the 2010 model year.

2011-2014 Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus didn’t seem to be doing anything unusual during this period. Apart from a number of adjustments already mentioned, they apparently felt they had gotten things pretty close to right when it was originally released. As a result, nothing else changed.

2015-2018 Honda Ruckus

The seat was redesigned at this stage, and it now looks almost comparable to its original layout. Honda has finally realized that a flat seat was preferable to one that pushed you off your feet. They also installed a locking device under the seat to keep your helmet secure without it being stolen, and that’s about it. The engine, tire, brakes, and overall design are all nearly identical.

There are aftermarket pieces available to enclose the area surrounding the seat if you want more storage, but if you’re like other people, you’ll just tie down whatever you’re carrying. You can’t really carry that much on the scooter either, and you definitely wouldn’t want to with a Honda Ruckus top speed of roughly 50 mph. As a result, you’ll most likely be traveling light.

2019 Honda Ruckus

The 2019 Honda Ruckus Scooter is one of the best and most popular among riders. You can’t help but smile when you see Ruckus, can you? Make an effort not to feel bad about it. After all, the Ruckus 2019 Honda Scooter is a fun little scooter with plenty of seating options.

The 49cc four-stroke OHC water-cooled single-cylinder engine is lightweight and powerful enough for city riding. It includes a carburetor with a constant refilling velocity (CV) and an automated throttle valve. This Ruckus 2019 Honda Scooter’s electronic starter makes it simple to get going.

Ignition timing, alternator regulation, ACG starter, electric fuel pump, and automated throttle valve are all controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU). The Honda V-Matic automatic belt-driven transmission provides powerful acceleration and a comfortable ride. Overall, the Ruckus 2019 Honda Scooter is a blast to ride throughout town. Ruckus is a fun summer ride that is easy to control. This bike is the most excellent option if you are tight on funds.

2020 Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus 2020 is the epitome of the cult scooter. Since 2003, Honda has offered the Ruckus, which is unlike any other scooter on the market. With a liquid-cooled 49cc single engine, electronic start, and fully automatic belt or pulley gearbox, the Ruckus is an excellent utility motorbike.

It gets 114 miles per gallon, according to EPA regulations, and there’s open storage beneath the minimalist seat, which is less than 29 inches off the ground. The $2749 Ruckus is accessible to a wide variety of two-wheeled customers due to its ease of installation and management, as well as cheap ownership costs.

The 49cc carburetor engine keeps speeds low, but the under square power plant produces enough torque to get the Ruckus through city traffic. That’s a good thing because the Ruckus has small 10-inch rims and short travel suspension. The shock is only 2.6 inches long, while the fork is less than two inches long. The Kenda tires are a lovely touch, and the almost 50-inch wheelbase provides sturdiness.

2021 Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus 2021 is a motorbike that belongs to the Honda Ruckus series, which contains motorcycles with various displacements. This motorcycle is classified as a scooter. The first model of the Honda Ruckus generation was released in 2004, so, as incredible as it may sound, we’re talking about a motorcycle generation that has already lasted 18 years.


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It has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with an electronic starter with a displacement of 49.0 cc (2.99 ci) to recap the specifications. When this model first went on sale to the general public, it came in the following colors: gray, midnight blue, tan, white, and metallic blue.

2022 Honda Ruckus

The 2022 Honda Ruckus is a bike with a rough overall appearance and minimal bodywork. There are no bikes in the class that look like Ruckus and have two wheels. Dual round LED headlamps, and a visible two-piece die-cast aluminum front frame with a steel upper-rear frame are highlights of the vehicle’s appearance.

Ruckus, as previously stated, is a superb option with unique personalization that provides best-in-class town transportation. The Ruckus is more practical than any other model in its class, with light handling and unrivaled reliability. In addition, Honda has introduced three new colors: Gray, Midnight Blue/Tan, and White/Metallic Blue.

1. Transmission & Engine

The Honda Ruckus has a lightweight and reliable single-cylinder, four-stroke, OHV, 49cc engine. It has an automatic throttle and an 18mm CV carburetor for fuel induction. The engine of this scooter is liquid-cooled and uses a CD ignition system. It has a compression ratio of 11.9:1 and an extremely quiet exhaust system. The Ruckus scooter has an automated V-Matic transmission and a centrifugal clutch.

2. Honda Ruckus Top Speed And Horsepower

This tiny scooter’s 49cc engine produces enough power for daily use. The Honda Ruckus produces 4.3 horsepower and 3.35 pound-feet of torque at 8,000 rpm. It’s also extremely fuel efficient, with a 114-mile-per-gallon rating. The Honda Ruckus top speed is 40 mph, which is incredible for a scooter of this size.

3. Suspension & Body

The Honda Ruckus boasts a two-piece lightweight frame with an aluminum swingarm. The chassis is made up of a die-cast aluminum front frame and a steel upper rear frame. This scooter has twin down tube forks with 1.9-inch travel in the front and a single rear shock absorber with 2.2-inch travel. It has a very comfy padded rider which is the only seat.

4. Rims And Brakes

A 95 mm mechanical drum brake is mounted on each wheel of this one-of-a-kind scooter. Unlike other Honda scooters, the drum brakes provide adequate braking force, but it lacks a combined braking system. The Honda Ruckus is equipped with front and rear 10-inch metal sheet wheels. It sports a 120/90-10 front tire and a 130/90-10 rear tire.

5. Good Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to comparing automobile expenditures to Ruckus costs, this scooter’s gas mileage is ridiculous. it has a 114 mpg rating and can only contain roughly 1.3 gallons of gas, which means you can get close to 150 miles per tank of gas. Depending on how frequently you use a Ruckus and how far you travel, you may only need to fill it up every week or two.

6. Aspects

The Honda Ruckus has a wheelbase of 49.8 inches and a ground clearance of 5.7 inches. The scooter’s fuel tank size is 1.3 gallons, and the seat height is 28.9 inches. It weighs 194 pounds with all of the usual features and a full tank of gas.

7. Characteristics And Features

This scooter comes with a halogen tail light and dual 35-watt halogen headlights. There are also turn indicators with an audio signal. The Honda Ruckus’ analog instrument console comprises a speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge. There’s also a push-button electric starter and an engine cutoff switch.

8. Pricing And Competition For The Honda Ruckus

This Honda scooter comes in only one variant but three color variations. The Honda Ruckus starts at $2,799 in the United States, including destination and freight. The Yamaha 50F and the Vespa Primavera 50cc are its main rivals. There are presently no direct competitors for this unusual Honda scooter.

9. How Can A Honda Ruckus Top Speed Be Increased?

A Honda Ruckus top speed is 35 mph, although it can be boosted by changing some manufacturers’ parts. A larger bore carburetor, new brakes, and a new ignition system are all included. These changes offer the bike more propulsion, especially when it is first started, resulting in a faster speed.

This process necessitates the use of a skilled mechanic capable of correctly installing the components. A big bore carburetor ensures that air flows freely and evenly into the engine. This enhances engine performance while increasing air stability. In the Honda Ruckus, a Bowls PC20 carburetor may be utilized because it is the most suitable for the bike.

A robust braking system is installed to ensure optimal stability at high speeds and the ability to make quick stops. It also improves the Honda Ruckus rider’s safety. An ignition kit is employed to create a higher spark and enhance the revolutions per minute.

It boosts the Honda Ruckus’s revolutions per minute from 8700 to 10500, increasing the bike’s top speed. These accessories must be purchased from authorized dealers and must be compatible with the Honda Ruckus model. This is to ensure consistent results.

Pros And Cons Of Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus’s bare appearance makes it look rugged, but it just has a 50cc engine, so don’t expect it to go very fast. Nonetheless, you’ll appreciate its 1.3-gallon petrol tank, 114 mph fuel efficiency, and aluminum and steel frame and subframe. Here are some more advantages and disadvantages.


Some of its best qualities are its quiet exhaust system, smooth operation, and quick acceleration. The Ruckus, like the Metropolitan, has comfortable seats, audible turn signals, and a firm parking brake. It also includes a maintenance-free battery and a backup starter level and is green.

Despite the simplicity of the design and styling, it radiates a sense of coolness and toughness. You can also personalize your Ruckus with aftermarket service providers’ customizing choices. It also has a one-year warranty with unlimited miles. Finally, its large tires make it a highly stable scooter.


The Ruckus, like the Metropolitan, has few flaws. The scooter is very appealing. If you want to bring someone along, the fact that it’s a single-seat scooter is irrelevant. It also has drum brakes, like the Metropolitan.

Five Reasons To Purchase A Honda Ruckus Top Speed

  1. For a really unique aesthetic, rough and tumble styling is combined with a simple, slimmed design. The Ruckus has an extremely high cool factor.
  2. Honda’s liquid-cooled engine is dependable. Honda engines, whether in trucks, vehicles, lawnmowers, or scooters, are known for their dependability.
  3. Fuel efficiency is consistently high. If saving money on gas is important to you, the Ruckus will return around 100 miles per gallon on a regular basis.
  4. There are numerous aftermarket modification components and accessories available. It’s also fine if you prefer to ride a stock scooter.
  5. Most states simply require a basic driver’s license to drive a Ruckus. In general, scooters with engines more than 50cc require a specific motorcycle license, whereas scooters with engines smaller than 49cc do not. Check with your state’s DMV to see what laws and restrictions apply to the engine size of your scooter.

The Most Common Honda Ruckus Issues

Users have reported the following issues with their Honda Ruckus:

  1. The valve shims may need to be replaced if you hear a ticking noise when driving at high speeds.
  2. Around the 10k–15k point, motors start to throw the bearing.
  3. Crankshaft-bearing problems plagued the 2003–2005 model years. The Ruckus has been dependable since 2006.
  4. Engine ventilation was a problem with pre-2005 vehicles. If the air filter isn’t precisely fitted, the Ruckus may weigh down at low speeds.
  5. You may need to clean your carburetors if you leave the Ruckus resting for a long time.
  6. There are problems with the fuel pump, mainly if the scooter is not used frequently.
  7. Owners in colder climates have reported stalling and harsh engine performance, which is most likely due to the carburetor operating low with dense, cold air. Or it can be due to the water-cooled engine requiring time to warm up.

Honda Ruckus Top Speed Facts:

  • The Honda Ruckus has an advertised top speed of 40 mph, but external factors and internal mechanics can affect this number.
  • Strong headwinds can slow the Ruckus down below its top speed, while drafting behind semi-trucks is a risky and non-recommended way to ride that can push its speed above the official rating.
  • Hills are the biggest factor affecting the Ruckus’s speed, with steep downward slopes enabling it to reach 45 mph and steep inclines dropping it below 30 mph.
  • The Ruckus can handle a rated maximum weight of one passenger weighing 220 pounds, but more weight will naturally result in slower speeds, particularly on inclines.
  • Some Ruckus enthusiasts modify their scooters to achieve higher speeds, such as by swapping out the 49cc engine for a 149cc GY6 engine, which can get up to 60 mph, or stretching out the frame or adding wider tires for better traction and increased speed.
  • The Honda Ruckus has not changed much since its introduction in 2003, with the engine and transmission consistently 49cc with automatic shifting and the top speed remaining around 40 mph.
  • Changes made to the Ruckus over the years have affected factors such as seating position and color options, but not its top speed.

Final Verdict – Honda Ruckus Top Speed

The Honda Ruckus has remained one of the most popular step-through style scooters in the 50cc class for nearly two decades. Ruckus scooter riders are a committed bunch. They’ve figured out how to alter almost every setting to obtain previously unheard-of results. However, most people agree that the Ruckus’ design is what attracts attention and wins hearts. With a matte black (or white) metal tube box and no decorative fairings or adornment, the look is straightforward.

The 50cc Honda Ruckus top speed is around 35 miles per hour. It reaches 43 mph downhill when there is a significant wind. This scooter climbs hills at a much slower pace, reaching speeds as low as 25 mph, but more commonly 28 mph or 30 mph.

The Ruckus has been upgraded with new colors that are fashionable, and it has received a modest price increase for this year. It is an ideal choice for city riding due to its tiny size and powerful 49cc engine. It’s easy to use and has a comfortable rider seat. The Honda Ruckus is a lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicle that is suited for quick suburban journeys.

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