Xpert-60 Product Review

Xpert-60 Product Review – Cleaning Up The Mustang

Properly cleaning and detailing a car can be an art form all on its own, and all good artists deserve to have the best tools available. However, car detailing products are a rabbit hole far too deep for us to delve into and have presented a huge challenge to car owners. Mainly, which cleaning and detailing product is good, and worth the money? Well, Xpert-60’s line-up might help to simplify the selection process for you.

They boast a large range of automotive cleaning and detailing products, encompassing your interior, and your exterior, with all the small nooks and crannies in between. My Ford Mustang is cleaned regularly, but that shimmering lustre has gotten rather dull in recent weeks. So, I thought I’d try out Xpert-60’s offerings, and see how it performs against other well-known car detailing and cleaning brands on the market.

What Does Xpert-60 Offer?

You can see the breakdown below of all the products we are testing. That’s pretty good value, given how costly car detailing and cleaning products tend to be, especially for large bulk purchases like this. But can Xpert-60 deliver ease of use and quality, as well? Well, let’s see how each of them performs…

Name SKU Price Qty Value
Xpert-60 Liquid Shield 17192 £12.99 1 £12.99
Xpert-60 Tyre & Plastic 17196 £9.99 1 £ 9.99
Xpert-60 Interior Detailer 17183 £9.99 1 £9.99
Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner 17180 £5.99 1 £5.99
Xpert-60 Universal Cleaner 17179 £9.99 1 £9.99
Xpert-60 Nano Shampoo Conditioner 17172 £7.99 1 £7.99
Xpert-60 Express Wax – Nano Carnauba 17187 £11.49 1 £11.49
Xpert-60 Wash & Wax Shampoo 17171 £7.99 1 £7.99
Xpert-60 Hologram Remover 17186 £13.99 1 £13.99
Xpert-60 Leather Cleaner 17181 £9.99 1 £9.99
Total £100.40

But before that, a rundown… We’re going to start with the interior, using Xpert-60’s interior detailer, and glass cleaner, as well as their leather cleaner and universal cleaner. Then, we’re going to head outside for Xpert-60’s wash & wax shampoo, and their nano shampoo. Lastly, we’ll make some finishing touches with the Xpert-60’s hologram remover, carnauba wax, and liquid shield, with some tyre cleaner, too. You can find more of Xpert-60’s products here.

Interior – Xpert-60 Interior Detailer, Glass Cleaner, Universal Cleaner, Leather Cleaner

1. Interior Detailer – Starting off, the Xpert-60 Interior Detailer is different from most other interior cleaner solutions. In that, it adopts a matte (but, nonetheless, silky smooth) finish compared to the glossy finish that Xpert-60’s rivals go for. In practice, it works really well, and smells nice, too. It’s designed to recondition or restore trim, mainly plastic (hard or soft), vinyl, or rubber, but also works with PVC and metal.

2. Glass Cleaner – This should help to remove any of those smudges and stains left on your windows. Aside from that, it’ll also work to clean away any grim, insect droppings, or tobacco stains. Best of all, Xpert-60’s Glass Cleaner is formulated to work fast, without leaving any hazes or streaks behind. It’s easy to use (just spray it onto your windows and wipe it clean) and works as well as expected on any glass or mirror.

3. Universal Cleaner – If you need a single solution to clean most surfaces, Xpert-60’s Universal Cleaner is a good place to start. It’s safe to work on a myriad of surfaces, like vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather, metal, and even fabrics. You can use it as an effective solution to remove dirt and grime from your carpets, and seats, and if you don’t have water, as a waterless cleaner for the exterior, like cleaning droppings on the paint.

4. Leather Cleaner – In simple terms, the Xpert-60 Leather Cleaner lifts and removes dirt off leather trim or upholstery. In this case, there’s even a special formulation that feeds protective oil onto the leather to aid in keeping it looking fresh. And, restore the suppleness of the leather. It also adds that ‘new leather smell’, too. Usability-wise, it’s easy enough to use and wipe clean once you’re done with it.

Exterior Shampoos – Xpert-60 Wash & Wax Shampoo, Nano Shampoo Conditioner

5. Wash & Wax Shampoo – While the bundle thus far includes quite a lot of stuff, Xpert-60’s basic Wash & Wax Shampoo is perhaps my favourite. For most people, if you’re serious about cleaning a car, instead of spending a fortune on special waxes or polishes… You’ll leave a more lasting impression by spending just that bit more to get a good, high-quality car shampoo rather than skimping out on budget options.

This encompasses most of the exterior, so make sure you find a good car shampoo, like Xpert-60’s Wash & Wax. It’s very effective at removing common road dirt and grime, ensuring that your paint gets that bright and glossy sheen. Plus, this shampoo is rated for a neutral pH (as some car shampoos may lean toward an alkaline pH value). This is ideal to make sure that it doesn’t affect any existing sealant layer or wax.

Otherwise, the Wash & Wax Shampoo works similarly to practically any other car shampoo out there. I’ve liked it more so given how thick and foamy the mixture is. There’s a nice fragrance to it, as well. You could see in these snapshots, in addition to the other products that go on top of this, that the shampoo works rather well. If you’re looking for just one Xpert-60 product to bring home, this is what I’d recommend.

6. Nano Shampoo – Another favourite of mine is Xpert-60’s Nano Shampoo Conditioner. This is what gives you the stunningly reflective, high-gloss finish that you see in those photos down below of the Mustang. Moreover, it’s featuring a special nano “lotus leaf” effect that drives away rinse water more effectively. This means both a significantly reduced drying time. As well as, I noticed minimal instances of any water spotting, too.

Exterior Sealants – Carnauba Wax, Liquid Shield

7. Carnauba Wax – Interestingly, Xpert-60’s Express Nano Carnauba Wax combines both nanotechnology and carnauba into a liquid-based wax. It’s pretty easy to use… Just apply it onto a microfiber cloth, and rub it onto your car’s paintwork, before finally buffing it. Xpert-60 has the upper hand with its unique carnauba wax, as it works fast. They claim that you could have your entire car waxed in under 30 minutes.

From my point of view, I’m just pleased that I could apply a sealant and protect my car’s paint that easily. You could even apply a lighter coat without any tools. Over the long-term, that nano-tech formulation in the wax should help to effectively keep dirt, grime, and water from sticking to your paint surface. All the while, providing your car with that ultimate glossy finish, particularly pronounced on darker paints.

8. Liquid Shield – In principle, this has a similar effect to that of carnauba wax… Adding a protective sealant over your car’s paintwork to protect the finish. But, instead of applying a hardy and long-lasting sealant, as is the case with wax, Xpert-60’s Liquid Shield is instead optimised to keep your existing wax layer and protective sealant topped up. As such, it’s even easier to apply on your car than carnauba wax.

All you need to do is spray it from the bottle and buff it with a cloth. You’ll note the hydrophobic formula, which helps to repel any water or dirt build-up. Better still, it can work on different exterior surfaces, such as paint, exterior plastic trim, or even your alloy wheels and windows. Furthermore, it cures quickly – just 10 minutes – but it’s supposed to be long-lasting, claimed anywhere between three to six months.

Exterior Finishing – Hologram Remover, Tyre Cleaner

9. Hologram Remover – This is especially handy for cars with darker paint jobs. In the latter, you’ll find how the after-effects of buffing up the paint can be more noticeable and pronounced. That includes all the tiny swirls, marks, and circles left on the paintwork. Xpert-60’s Hologram Remover aims to be the solution. It’ll pair well with a dual-action polisher (though you could also do this by hand), acting as a cutting polish.

Although, this hologram remover is harder to apply than the others here. It requires that you use this as a polish to buff the surface down and remove the aforementioned swirl marks. Only once that’s done would you consider adding the final sealant, like the carnauba wax. And, maybe give it a wash afterwards to give it a nicer, glossy finish. It requires a bit more effort, but it does work well when done it right.

10. Tyre Cleaner – Well, here’s a simple (and otherwise, commonplace) solution to apply some dressing to your tyres. In so doing, it’ll revitalise that deep, black, rubber look that you’ll typically see with fresh tyres. It can be a nice way to detail and restore some shiny to old and dull tyres. As with the other products thus far, the application of the Xpert-60 Tyre & Plastic Cleaner onto your tyres is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is spray it across the sidewall – in my case, a quick spray three to four times in specific spots. Once that’s done, you could then run it through with a sponge, and the job’s done! It’s not too greasy, so if you had accidentally sprayed it onto your wheels, it’s easy to wipe it off without staining it. Plus, it’s even effective on plastic and rubber exterior trim, like weather seals, bumpers, skirts, or fenders.

Conclusion – Does Xpert-60 Have Something Compelling For You?

All in all, I’m quite pleased with Xpert-60’s offerings so far. They’re easy to use, long-lasting, effective, and best of all, they’re affordable. Typically, a lot of other more premium brands will cost you much more, but without being really that much more capable than Xpert-60’s line-up. My favourite of the bunch has to be the shampoos. Again, I really do think most car owners should prioritise getting good car shampoos.

Their suite of interior detailing products is also rather superb. In particular, that universal cleaner, which makes for a good all-around cleaning solution to just keep it in the boot at all times. Their waxes, polishes, and sealants are fantastic, as you can see from the mirror shine that I could get out of the Mustang after a day’s hard work. If you’re thinking of giving your car a good clean, Xpert-60 is worth looking into.

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