Original Ford GT40 Price

Original Ford GT40 Price: All You Should Know About Ford’s Supercar

An original Ford GT40 is now worth millions, and several buyers have bid over $1 million on the car in several auction events. How much the original Ford GT40 price is, is a testimony that only the history of the car and its brand can determine.

A group of bidders took the price of the original Ford GT40 price from $9 million to $12 million. The early history of Ford and the kind of quality cars they have made now drive the price of the original GT40. Unlike most cars, the original Ford GT40 does not depreciate in value.

Over the years, the price increases as the unit of the car available reduce and as the year rolls on. For instance, a particular rich man bought the last version of the GT40 that won the 1966 Le Mans, for $3.5 million. In this article, you will get more details about this supercar.

Ford GT40

Ferrari dominated the Le Mans by winning the competition six years in a row between 1960 and 1965. Subsequently, Ford had the plan to buy Ferrari just to win in the La Sarthe. The project nearly came to reality before Enzo Ferrari turned his back on the deal in the dying minutes, this annoyed Henry Ford, and he decided to defeat Ferrari in his backyard; It was at this point that the (FAV) Ford Advanced Vehicle was created and subsequently the launching of the Ford GT40.

The main work on the Ford GT40 started in 1963 in the new headquarters of FAV Slough. The car received its public debut in 1964 when it was called the MK1, and after the trial, the car proved to be very fast but fragile. They moved the headquarters back to the US, and the car now has a 4.7-liter Ford V8 engine, making it more powerful and giving it its first win in 1965.

Apart from the engine, they made other changes to the car, such as lighter glass fiber in place of aluminum and steel, and the wider magnesium wheels proved to be better than the wire-spoke version. There were several other upgrades made, mainly in the aerodynamic parts.

Around mid-September 1965, several significant upgrades were made, such as suspension, fuel system, and brakes. It uses a four-speed manual transmission and a 7-liter engine. The car now weighs 1215kg with a top speed of 205mph.

Original Ford GT40 Price

Ford GT MK2

As a continuation of this legacy, Ford unveiled the Ford GT MKII a few years back. Some people tagged the Ford GT MKII as the most insane track car ever, it didn’t get that tag by accident, but it did because of its features and speed. When people saw this car in the museum, they were in awe.

Multimatic built the new Ford GT MKII; this car weighs less than the previous ones and has an extra 200 horsepower, meaning the engine now produces 700 horsepower in total.

It has a 3.5-liter twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 engine that can outperform any V12 engine. It is the most expensive Ford that you can buy in recent times; they sold it for about $1.2 million. The price increased because of the changes made to the car.

The upgrade involves an extra 200 horsepower, gallery-cooled pistons, high-energy ignition coils, and a unique performance exhaust system. They also made improvements to the airflow and cooling system, which contributed to the efficiency of the Ford GT MkII and justified the price.

Ford GT MKII has a simple dashboard, a race car steering wheel with a rectangular shape, and new controls. The MKII has carbon-ceramic brake rotors.

Ford GT 1966

Professional racing has always been a big competition, not just between the racers but also between the automobile brands. Races like Le Mans are not only about the competition; it’s also about the pride and reputation of the brands that made the automobiles in the race. What happens in that competition may make or mar the success of these brands.

This kind of scenario gave birth to the Ford GT 1966. What made the Ford GT 1966 special? First, Carroll Shelby took charge of the production and upgraded the 4.7 liter V8, producing 306 horsepower and 329 Ib-ft torque. It wouldn’t be a big deal if made today, but it was an excellent fit for the car.

This engine and the spectacular V8 helped Ford racing win the 1966 Le Mans in France and another top-level competition the following year.

Since then, Ford has produced two generations of GTs, and they have been a success based on the reputation of the 1966 model. In 2018, Ford sold the GT 1966 in an auction for a record-breaking $12 million.

Ford GT40 Price

Considering that the car has won several awards, won several tournaments, and has an incredible history, you shouldn’t be surprised that the Ford GT40 will cost about $10 million. The manufacturers only created 31 models, which is the reason for the price. Also, it’s scarce; getting ahold of it then was tedious, and finding it nowadays is extra difficult. If you are lucky to get one, owners won’t sell it for less than $10 million.

1966 Le Mans

The 24 hours Le Mans of 1966 was a competition like no other. Ford GT40 broke the speed record to end the domination of Ferrari in the competition. Ford won the match with just a 20-meter gap ahead of Ferrari, the closest finish in the competition’s history. However, the 1966 competition is more than a war between two automobile brands.

Ford GT40’s win in this competition is the first of many and the first win for America. At this point, people see European sports cars to be unbeatable; they designed these cars to create a comfortable racing experience for the drivers. Meanwhile, People viewed American cars as heavy, oversized, and slow.

This win is a statement that American cars are also sleek, sporty, and unbeatable, and it gave the continent a boost and more confidence in the competition. In addition, that competition saw an all-time legend make his debut. Jacky Ickx made his debut in this competition.

Although he did not finish the race, he is now one of the most successful drivers in the contest, and he went on to win his first race in a Ford GT40 in 1969 and then won it five more times, a record that lasted until 2005. After the 1966 competition, Ford GT40 was outstanding for three years and later left the competition. In 2016, Ford GT40 returned to the competition and won it again.

Shelby GT40

The GT40 Shelby Edition single-handedly became the most significant investment in the history of Ford. What made it special? The Shelby GT40 is not just a sports car; it can last for 12 years. The manufacturers also documented it in the GT40, Shelby, and performance registry.

The front has an electronic front lift and an electro-galvanized body that makes sure it does not rust any time soon. Also, the Shelby GT40 has a unique air conditioning system. The car maintained the original GT40 dimensions of 163 inches long and 40 inches high. You can order it in right or left-handed drive, black/silver, blue/white, or red/white.

Also, The Shelby GT40 has a 468 cubic inch V8, just like a ZF five-speed manual. The engine produces 559 horsepower, and the car is worth about $289,000.

GT40 Replica

One of the most eye-catching Ford GT40 replicas is fitted with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine to produce the old and new functionality. People who have used this car called it the Future 40, and Superformance created it to celebrate Ford’s 50th anniversary of the 1968 Le Mans win. The future 40 also has a bespoke exhaust system produced by MagnaFlow (they also make catalytic converter) and Honeywell Garrett turbochargers, giving it more power than the original GT, which has 647 horsepower.

Ford GT Gulf

Ford and Gulf came together to create the GT Heritage Edition to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1968 and 1969 wins in Le Mans. The car is available in Gulf’s legendary light blue and orange colors. It has special mirror caps, orange brake calipers, and one-piece 20-inch forged aluminum wheels.

The interior is beautiful; the GT Gulf Edition’s cabin has splashes of retro goodness all over the space. The headliner, seats, instrumental panel, pillars, and steering are all designed in ebony Alcantara.

The seats and steering wheel have blue and orange stitching, giving the car a beautiful contrast to the black cabin. It has a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about three seconds and has a top speed of 216 mph.

Original Ford GT40 Price: How To Buy A Ford GT

There are specific rules you have to follow to acquire the new Ford GT. About 7000 people applied to buy the Ford GT when it was released in 2016. There was a little chaos because the brand only produced 1000 units. In 2018, the brand produced 350 more units to make it 1350. As this supercar uses a race engine and technology, the brand had to enforce some rules for users.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #1. Apply

The Ford GT application is different from anyone you have seen before, and you will have to provide answers to some questions about your followership on social media, how many Ford cars you own, and so on. Once you finish the application, Ford will access it and decide who is qualified.

When submitting your application, you will drop a link to your social media, and if you have many followers, you are more likely to be selected among people who will buy the car than someone with low followership.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #2. Attend Events

Once you acquire a Ford GT, you must take part in many Ford events and conventions. Ford needs you to show off their cars, drive them around and attend ceremonies with them. Although this is not by force typically, you can’t have a Ford GT and lock it in your garage.

Also, if you choose not to drive it, you can park it in a cool place and sell it after some years for a whopping amount. But Ford doesn’t approve of this.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #3. Cannot Exchange It For Another Car

After two years, a part of the agreement you signed with Ford states that you can not swap or trade the car for another vehicle.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #4. Must Drive It More Often

Apart from the fact that you must drive it to most Ford events, you must also drive it around always.

Original Ford GT40 Price

Original Ford GT40 Price: #5. Negotiate The Price

There will always be a sticker on the Ford GT you pick; on the sticker, you will see a price, and that’s how much you will pay. Ford GT is against anyone creating another price range for the car, and that’s why it’s strict about the sticker price.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #6. Can’t Sell Or Transfer Ownership Until After Two Years

If you sell your Ford GT or transfer ownership to someone else before two years, Ford will sue you. John Cena did something like this, and the brand sued him.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #7. Must Live In Specific Markets

You can only acquire the Ford GT if you can take the delivery in participating locations such as Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States of America. Also, you must have a driving license and must have reached the driving age.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #8. You Can Move It With Only JIMGLO Elite Trailer

JIMGLO trailers are made with the best materials and have several safety features that will the Ford GT secure till it gets to your location. Also, you must provide $30,000 worth of special tools and a secure room for the Ford GT.  No other mechanic must work on the car except those that Ford authorizes.

Original Ford GT40 Price: #9. Multimatic Inc. Handles The Repairs

Only Multimatic Inc. from Canada has the technical know-how to service a Ford GT. They are the only company allowed to service Group 3 repairs. According to the leaked document, Group 3 repairs are: These are major repairs that Multimatic will perform at the Multimatic vehicle assembly and repair facility.

This group would include collision repairs, transportation damage beyond bolt-on parts, major powertrain repairs, repairs requiring splitting the car’s back half from the main vehicle tub assembly, and other major repairs.

Things You Need To Know About Ford GT40

Here are some things you need to know:

Ford GT40 Was Born Out Of A Grudge

In the 60s, Ford had a plan to make its car more exciting to drive and it decided to produce an all-around track star. To achieve this, Ford decided to buy Ferrari then because the brand was going through a bankruptcy stage, Ferrari pulled out of the deal at the last minute and that was the beginning of the feud between the two brands. Ford had to take another route, designed the Ford GT40, and defeated Ferrari in the Le Mans.

The GT40 Mk IV Is The Fastest Ford Ever Built On American Soil

Ford produced the GT40 MK 1,2 and 3 in Britain but they produced the MK IV in America and it became the first formula car that the brand produced in America.

The Ford GT40’s Best Feature

The best feature of the Ford GT40 is the engineering behind its production, the 7.0-liter V8 engine that could produce about 484 horsepower.

Facts: 1966 Ford GT40 and Its Present Estimated Market Value

  1. The 1966 Ford GT40 was a high-performance endurance racing car inspired by American-built Ford V8 engines specifically modified for racing.
  2. The GT40 initially debuted in 1965 in Le Mans, but the team created a Mark II version that raced in ’66 and beat Ferrari’s P3, winning international titles and stunning the world.
  3. The 1966 Ford GT40 boasted an eight-cylinder 90-degree vee pushrod engine with four twin-choke Weber carburetors, topping a whopping 390 hp.
  4. The most expensive Ford on the market at the time, the street-legal version of the 1966 Ford GT40 cost fifteen times the amount of a standard Ford Anglia.
  5. Only thirty-one cars were produced for the mass market, making it difficult to purchase and exclusive.
  6. The Ford GT40 was remodeled in different Mark levels to improve its engine and performance times until the team stopped with the Mark IV in 1967.
  7. The Mark II was the best model that Ford produced, winning famous races and beating all other sport racing cars on the tracks with simple tweaks.
  8. The final 1966 Ford GT40 could top speeds of 200 mph and managed to grab four international titles, including the 1966 International Manufacturers Championship and the 1966 International Championship for Sports Cars.
  9. Only multi-millionaires can own a 1966 Ford GT40, with recent auctions seeing the car go for upwards of $12 million due to its exclusivity and immense history.
  10. The release of the movie Ford V Ferrari chronicling the car’s win at Le Mans increased its popularity and demand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Original Ford GT40 Price

Here are some popular FAQs:

Did Ken Miles Win Le Mans

Ken Miles came second in Le Mans, he didn’t win. He was born in Britain and was a talented race car engineer and driver. Miles ranked first in the 24 hours of Daytona and 12 hours of Sebring in 1966. He later died in a crash while testing the Ford J-car in late 1966. There has been a long rivalry between Ferrari and Ford, and it hit its peak in 1966 when Ford humiliated the Italians by coming first, second and third. This victory did not happen without a bit of controversy. Ken Miles was several kilometers ahead to bring an end to Ferrari’s dominance in the Le Mans competition and also become the first driver to win the world’s three most prestigious endurance races; the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 hours of Sebring, and 24 Hours of Le Mans in a calendar year.

How Much Is A Ford GT

The 1966 Ford GT cost around $10-12 million. The Ford GT40 MK2 used by Ken Miles in 1966 24 hours Le Mans is about $1.87. The 1965 GT40 is approximately $16,250; the Ford GT supercar is still the most expensive, costing about $400,000. The last Ford GT40 won the 24 hours Le Mans competition, and the manufacturer sold it for $3.5 million.

Is The Ford GT Street Legal

Ford GT is a street-legal car like the Ford that defeated Ferrari in the 1966 Le Mans competition. It has all Ford’s features and an advanced aerodynamic system. The Ford GT has a twin-turbo, 3.5 liters V6 engine that produces 647 horsepower. It has fantastic handling, a high-performance engine, outstanding aerodynamics, and top-notch technology.

How Many Ford GTs Were Made

There were 87 production units of the GT40 made coupled with 12 prototypes, less than 100 altogether.

When Was The Ford GT Made

Abbey Panels built the Ford GT on March 16th, 1964. They delivered the car in fiber-glass moldings. Ford unveiled the first Ford GT, the GT 101, on April 1st in England.

What’s The Rarest Ford GT Model

Ford created a lighter, robust, and track-only model of the Ford GT supercar in 2019 and tagged it the GT MK II. They produced 45 of this version in 3 years and priced it at $1.2 million. If you cannot buy it then, you will have to purchase a used one which is also very scarce.

How Many Generations Does Ford GT Have

The Ford GT has three generations. It is also called the GT40 and won its first Le Mans in 1966. After 40 years, the brand revived the Ford GT in 2005 and 2006. Ford produced the first generation GT40 to beat Ferrari on the track, but the brand built the second-generation Ford GT to beat Ferrari on the road, and it comfortably did. In 2012, the Ford brand started another project to upgrade the Ford GT. The main goal was to prepare the car to beat Ferrari again in the 2016 Le Mans, which it comfortably did. Ford GT40 won the 24-hour Le Mans competition again after 49 years; this marked a victory for the 3rd generation of GT.

Is Ford GT Reliable

The Ford GT is reliable. It ranked second in reliability among 44 Ford models and only had four complaints in 4 years.

How Many Miles Can A Ford Last

According to car reviews, a Ford GT can last about 300,000 miles.

Do Ford GTs Go Up In Value

While some other cars depreciate as they age, Ford GT’s price increases with time. One of the reasons for that is the car’s history, the tournament is featured in, and how they produced it. Ford GT has held its value for years.

Why Can’t I Sell My Ford GT

You can’t sell your Ford GT until after 24 months because it’s in the agreement you signed before you purchased the car. Once it’s after two years, you can sell or transfer ownership, but if you do that before the stipulated time, the brand will sue you.

How Many Ford GTs Exist

The brand built about 550 Ford GT in 2004, about 1900 in 2005, and close to 1600 in 2006, that’s about 4038 altogether. The brand disassembled the last 11 Ford GT and sold the body panels as service parts.

Will Ford Make Another Generation Of GT In 2022

The production of the third generation Ford GTs will end in December 2022, but the brand is yet to say anything about when or if there will be a fourth generation.


Ford GT40 signifies history, prestige, quality, and elegance, and the brand has made sure to pass these features over to every generation of the car. It’s one of the greatest sports cars, and that fit remains till now. The 1996 Le Mans Ford GT40 is currently being auctioned and there are lots of bidders. The original Ford GT40 price is $12 million.

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