MINI Cooper Reliability – Are Mini Coopers Reliable?

Stigma is a genuine occurrence when it comes to the automotive business. If people associate your brand with a general consensus of dubious reliability, then it’s going to be an ordeal in orders of magnitude to rebuild trust.

Such is the case with MINI. As is common knowledge, BMW had bought out MINI since 2000, and totally moulded the brand into something drastically different. Make no mistake, new MINIs still have that distinctive MINI look. Being a brand originally built upon its inexplicable charm and history though, the enthusiasts certainly found the new MINIs to be ultimately deprived of its original ethos.

There’s the other thing with the new MINIs. During the new MINI’s inception, its track record was marred by tons of reliability and quality issues, both minor and major. As expected from a new manufacturing plant. The CVT proved particularly troublesome in the MINI that was already unreliable by most standards.

However, as time passes, the new MINI has definitely begun maturing, digging out its own niche as the eccentric car of choice for most. Style over function is applicable here. That said, new MINIs have actually been remarkably impressive. Now, I reckon that the scepticism regarding the brand as a whole is partially unfounded. In fact, let’s take a deeper look, and scrutinise MINI’s present performance in terms of dependability.

How Reliable Is MINI Current Line-up?

Much like the classic MINI, the new MINI started off from the MINI Hatch, before branching off and broadening their lineup to an eclectic range of cars. From the beloved 3-door hatchback MINI Cooper, all the way to the ironically named crossover, the MINI Countryman.

Today, MINI produces a lot of cars to cover a vast ground in the automotive landscape, as is commonplace amongst the automotive industry nowadays. One MINI to the next, it remains distinctively recognizable styling wise despite how BMW construes the whole MINI ethos.

Also, thanks to the emphasis placed on a modular design, it’s fair to say that in modern cars how one model performs impacts other models to a certain degree. We will cover the main models MINI UK has listed on their site as of the time we compiled this article.

MINI 5dr/3dr Hatch (F55/F56) Reliability

The cornerstone of the entire MINI marque, the 3 door and 5 door Hatch is where the new MINI began. They’re also the most affordable models within the range, starting from around £17,000.

Both models, along with the F57 Convertible, shares the same platform. They’re also powered by identical drivetrains, and only recently received a minor facelift. One thing is for certain, the third-gen MINI Hatches are ubiquitously loved by the owners.

They especially love the punchy engine and colourful driving characteristics. Most MINI Hatch owners rated their ownership experience 3 to 4 stars out of 5, and in most dependability surveys the MINI Hatch ranked in at average or just above average.

The Cooper comes in just about above average in most Driver Power surveys and also musters above-average reliability index at 117. The average repair costs are intermediate for its segment at around £400, and they’re off the road for 3 hours a year on average. The engine represents 30% of the problems owners face.

In WhatCar’s small car reliability survey, the MINI Hatch comes in at 14th place with a score of 94.3%. Take into account the fact that this survey ranks cars for 5 years, and that this is ahead of cars like the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa.

In fact, the new MINI Hatch mustered 93.98% on the reliability index in AutoExpress’s 2018 Driver Power survey, ranking in 18th place overall. This is just behind the likes of the Lexus RX and Honda Jazz, quite a nice showing for the MINI.

MINI Convertible (F57) Reliability

Though based on the same chassis as its fixed-roof brethren, the MINI Convertible features modifications made to cope with the loss of a solid roof. Considering how it’s highly praised for its style, invigorating driving mien, and interior quality. In fact, it’s amongst the top few rated in its segment.

The MINI Convertible is a bit of a unique car with much fewer buyers overall than the MINI Hatch, so it’s tougher to gauge it on a concrete reliability index. However, owners who have left their thoughts on the Convertible all explicitly praised the Convertible for its engaging driving experience, with no mentions of unreliability.

On WhatCar’s reliability contest between sporty coupes and convertibles though, the MINI Convertible comes in at 7th place with a score of 91.9%. The Audi TT is only 0.1% ahead though.

It’s fair to say that the Convertible should theoretically be more prone to mechanical issues because of the added complexity of a motorised folding roof. That said, nothing much has been reported on its comparatively simple folding mechanism yet.

MINI Clubman (F54) Reliability

The Clubman has always been the estranged cousin of the whole MINI family, even back in the classic Mini days. It’s marketed as the most pragmatic MINI you can buy today because it’s an estate. Being an estate MINI also means that it has the odd elongated 5dr Hatch look, but it has 6-doors thanks to its true-to-roots split rear doors that provide broad trunk access.

2016 MINI Cooper S All4 Clubman 21

That said, it rides on a different platform from the MINI Hatch family. In fact, it shares its foundation with multiple smaller BMW models, along with the drivetrain. The general consensus from owners over at Carbuyer indicates that they’re happy with their Clubman, if a bit lacking in vigour.

Multiple other blogs have been through a long-term test of the Clubman though, and most had a mixed, but overall positive experience with the admittedly quirky Clubman. However, none had tales of woes to tell.

2016 MINI Cooper S All4 Clubman 12

In WhatCar’s 2019 family cars reliability survey, the Clubman sits at 7th place with 97.0%, on par with its sibling – the BMW 1 Series. This is actually behind the ubiquitous 9th generation Honda Civic by 0.2%, and ahead of the likes of the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

MINI Countryman (F60) Reliability

MINI’s entry into the small crossover segment, the Countryman is one of the better performing new-gen MINIs today. It also shares its platform with the Clubman, and almost all of its drivetrain as well, including the optional AWD which the Clubman is also available in. This is also the only crossover MINI you can have since they phased out the poor performing Paceman.

MINI Cooper D Countryman 2017 5

The Countryman surprisingly makes it into the 2nd spot of WhatCar’s most reliable compact SUV survey at 99,1%. The general thoughts from owners in the forums state that the new Countryman is generally dependable, but the All4 model with a manual transmission does suffer from excessive clutch wear.

MINI Cooper D Countryman 2017 8

Long-term reviews from multiple other blogs show that the Countryman behaved rather well throughout their test period, with no troubles arising. Though they did find the normal Cooper model to struggle at powering a laden Countryman.

MINI John Cooper Works Range Reliability

The John Cooper Works range of MINIs are perhaps the most faithful to MINI’s original ethos. Focusing on pushing out peppy, sprightly MINI models mean that the JCW tuning division makes a few big changes over then the normal model.

MINI John Cooper Works Challenge 1

The most noticeable change of all is tucked within the bonnet. In lieu of the standard 1.5-litre turbocharged affair, you will instead find a beefy BMW B48 2.0-litre turbocharged engine in its 230 horsepower guise across the JCW range.

MINI John Cooper Works Challenge 9

Enthusiasts have all found their JCW Minis to boast a reliable powertrain, perhaps due to its relatively restrained output. However, the punchy torque delivery leaves plenty of owner satisfied, all leaving a remark stating that the JCW is ‘grin-inducing’. One thing of note though is that the JCW models punish the front tyres, and frequent thrashing will wear them out quickly.


Best Year For Mini Cooper Reliability

In 2019 the MINI Cooper was ranked the most reliables sporty compact car by J.D. Power. The MINI brand as a whole came in fourth over for outright dependability. MINI had made big improvements to move its self up the rankings over the 5 years prior to this improving over 20+ places. If you are buying a. 2019 MINI Cooper then they are deemed to be the most reliable.

The Reliability Of MINI’s Rivals

MINI’s retro niche isn’t exactly something groundbreaking, multiple other companies have hopped onto the bandwagon around the same time. None quite as dedicated as the MINI marque, mind you, but fierce rivals nevertheless.

It’s worth noting that while MINI doesn’t make the most reliable of cars, owners do find their MINIs to be quite trustworthy, especially as of late. In fact, they often perform better than their parent in reliability indexes.

MINI John Cooper Works Challenge 10

In JD Power’s 2018 UK Vehicle Dependability Study, MINI is ahead of two other main manufacturers who also rely on chic style: Citroën and Fiat. They had 153 problems over 100 vehicles, where Citroën and Fiat scores 164 and 177, respectively. Renault is ahead by 14 problems less, but that’s a different market.

Look one year ahead, and MINI is faring much better. With a whopping 50 less problems per 100 vehicles, MINI now comfortably sits at 8th place ahead of marques like Volkswagen and Ford, and far ahead of the stagnant Citroën and Fiat. Its parent, BMW, ranks in last though at 183.

This result is consistent with JD Power’s US Initial Vehicle Quality study, which takes into account the first year of ownership rather than from the first to the third year. MINI scores 107 problems per 100 vehicles, ahead of manufacturers like Subaru, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. The US is a much different automotive landscape though.

MINI Cooper D Countryman 2017 7

In Auto Express’s 2019 Best Car Manufacturer ranking, MINI scored 89.90%, which is a ranking of overall brand satisfaction from customers. This tells us that owners generally find MINIs to be pleasing to live with, and the cars they make provides pleasant ownership. This is 18th place on the rating, and 0.09% behind Volkswagen.

WhatCar’s latest manufacturer reliability survey documents MINI’s drastic improvement in driver perception as well. 95.4% of owners find their MINIs to be an enjoyable experience, and WhatCar states that the Countryman boosted MINI’s score up by a fair amount.

MINI Cooper D Countryman 2017 12

On the US side, Consumer Reports rank MINI at 9th place in terms of brand reliability in their 2019 survey. This is ahead of Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Nissan.

In JD Power’s 2019 US Vehicle Dependability Survey, MINI improved vastly over its 2018 rating with a problems per 100 vehicle (PP100) score of 119. This is 34 problems less than its performance last year. In fact, this pins MINI at 6th place overall, far ahead of the industry average and 10 PP100 behind Toyota.

However, MINI is a bit of a special brand because it’s not an immediate competitor to other similarly priced brands, even if they’re in the same segment. This even includes its parent which produces very similar siblings – BMW.

MINI does have two prominent rivals though – the Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Beetle. Hence the comparison made against those two brands primarily prior.

The Fiat 500

Fiat is another brand who has trouble shaking off its dotted reputation when it comes to reliability. Similar to MINI, the 500 has a range of models from the basic 500 to the crossover 500X and sporty Abarth models.

FIAT 500 S 2017 Twin Air 0018

The Fiat 500 directly competes with the core MINI model, the MINI Hatch. Intriguingly, while many owners liked its style and pizzazz, they quickly found the Fiat 500 to be tiring to live with from frequent electric issues to drivetrain problems and general quality problems.

Coincidentally, both the 500 and Hatch are listed in WhatCar’s 2019 Small Car Reliability Survey, and the MINI Hatch is 4 places ahead outscoring the Fiat 500 by 1.8%.

FIAT 500 S 2017 Twin Air 0014

There is a big problem with the Fiat 500 though, and it’s the fact that it’s getting long in the tooth. Receiving mostly minor updates over its 10-year anniversary means that owners are stuck with an outdated chassis and a cramped interior.

In CarBuyer’s Driver Power Reliability survey, Fiat ranks in at 15th place, ahead of MINI by 0.23%. This is perhaps due to Fiat’s more eclectic model range though, as they also build the simpler, more accessible Punto and Panda. Both are quite popular and great cars in their own right.

FIAT 500 S 2017 Twin Air 0007

WhatCar’s 2019 Car Manufacturer Reliability Survey tells a different tale where Fiat comes in at 19th place with 93.3%. That’s 11 places and 2.1% behind MINI, who improved drastically over a year’s period.

The Fiat 500 as a model garners 3.9 stars from CarBuyer’s owners review, but most of the top reviews stated major problems with the transmission and engine.

The Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen is a formidable force within the automotive landscape. The Volkswagen Beetle (A5) is another model that has been conceived to take advantage of the nouveau-retro market.

Unlike Fiat or MINI, the Beetle doesn’t span across multiple different configurations. There are the convertible, sporty R-Line and rugged Dune variant, but it’s worth noting that the latest Beetle is being phased out in multiple parts of the world, with a Final Edition to commemorate. Volkswagen says that the Beetle is axed for good.

There is something going for the Beetle though, and it’s the fact that its underpinnings are heavily based on the MK6 Golf. That said, from owner reviews at ConsumerAffairs, the top reviews found the Beetle to be expensive to repair should you find issues with it, especially with its specialty parts like body and interior parts. Overall though, the Beetle received 3.7 out of 5 stars, just edging out the comparable Cooper with 3.5 stars.

WarrantyWise UK has also compiled a survey on manufacturer dependability compared against repair costs. MINI and Volkswagen performed similarly dependability wise, but they found that they’re paying on average £631 for Volkswagen repairs, while MINI repairs cost on average £497. This is more indicative of used car reliability though.

JD Power is another firm that focuses more on used-car reliability. Again, in the 2019 UK survey MINI performed admirably with 103 PP100; while Volkswagen scored 113 PP100. Still, not too bad when compared to Fiat’s 173 PP100 score.

In AutoExpress’s 2019 Driver Power survey on the best manufacturer, Volkswagen and MINI are neck and neck, with Volkswagen just edging out MINI. All three manufacturers, Fiat, Volkswagen and MINI are just ~2% off the top contender Lexus though.

Overall, the Volkswagen Beetle is comparable to the MINI Cooper, however manufacturer perception wise the latest MINIs seem to be performing better than Volkswagens in general.

What Makes MINI Such A Reliable Brand?

MINI offers the industry average on warranty, that means 3 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first. That said, you can purchase a mini cooper extended warranty package that’s available to any MINI below 100,000 miles.

That said, MINIs have a good perception amongst owners because of the premium fit and finish found within, the generally accurate claimed mpg ratings and it’s markedly better value retention than other brands. None other in its segment can quite retain their resale value as well as a MINI, and it’s simply due to the MINI namesake.

While MINI repair costs aren’t exactly cheap, considering that they’re a premium product it’s not that high either. Owners also love the consistently excellent handling dynamics of a MINI, especially the John Cooper Works model.

The History Of Minis Reliability

As we know, MINI as a brand goes far back. However, I’d say that the old MINI isn’t really related to the new MINI at all, since the new MINI has so much BMW DNA within. Therefore, I think it’d be fair to look at the MINI from 2000 onwards, post-BMW acquisition.

2001 – Redirection of MINI

Prior to this year, MINI was still producing the classic MINI Mark VII that received updates but still remained outdated in a rapidly evolving automotive scene. BMW couldn’t just buy MINI and continue modus operandi, they had to make a massive change, and a polarising one at that.

Therefore, post-BMW, MINI drafted up a brand new range of models. Initially, only available as a 3-door hatch or 2-door convertible, the new MINI Hatch (R50/52/53) marked a big leap for MINI. But it maintained the original ideology of MINI, style and sportiness.

It might be heavier due to new safety regulations and consumer-friendly technology, but MINI supercharged the original MINI Cooper S. This meant that even to this day, the R53 is a popular used car for its lovely supercharged mien. Along with the original MINI comes John Cooper Works tuning kit which much like the original MINI, provides more zest should you find your Cooper S to be lacking.

2004 – Introduction of the Convertible and Reliability Issues

Along with the first facelift, BMW brought out the convertible model. This isn’t the first convertible MINI ever, as there are classic MINI convertibles out there, albeit very limited. This again cemented BMW MINI’s emphasis on stylish sportiness.

That said, with a new manufacturing plant came quality and reliability issues. Rattles, creaks and even rust were rampant with the new MINI, and the CVT, in particular, was quite catastrophic.

People loved the MINI, but at the same time JD Power found them to be consistently amongst the most problematic cars to own. Therefore, people kind of dove into MINI knowing what they were getting themselves into.

2008 – MINI?

A year later after the second generation of MINI Hatch which made the switch to turbocharger MINI introduced the first MINI Clubman model. The original MINI wasn’t all that small to begin with, but the Clubman is truly a stretch of the MINI badge.

You can still find the Clubman quirks though, with a compromise. The trunk door still opens outwards, but featured splitdoors for the passengers. It’s something like the RX-8, where the rear doors are smaller and opens like a suicide doors. Undoubtedly both are designed to maintain the original Clubman spirit, but also provide more practicality over the 3-door MINI Hatch.

However, this is the first sign for many that the new MINI is keen on exploring the market a lot more. It might maintain the MINI look, but people can’t help but feel the mass-market appeasing BMW is attempting.

The switch to turbocharging also marks the switch to a new powerplant. In lieu of the old Tritec engines developed by Chrysler and then-BMW Rover, BMW worked with PSA to develop the new Prince engines. The Cooper S (R56) with its new 1.6-litre turbocharged inline-4 is an early adopter of gasoline direct injection which also bumped up the efficiency by a considerable amount.

That said, across multiple reviews and rankings, MINI performed disastrously. Again, paradoxically, people loved how the MINI looks and behaves, but not when their MINI has to go into the shop on a weekly basis.

Today – Modular Design

The third generation of MINI Hatch, also the latest generation, is the first time MINI has incorporated all-BMW modular design. Adopting a modular platform and drivetrain meant that more could be shared across MINI and BMW. This is also when you could buy a 5-door hatchback, a move to sell the MINI Hatch to a broader audience.

Despite initial reception, this is also when MINI is finally ironing out the quality issues that plagued the early MINIs. MINI has since then been performing better than ever. Now is the best time for MINI in terms of reliability, better than ever.

Now, MINI has slowly evolved from the quirky brand you chose for something different to a brand that you might go to for a genuine competitor. Recently, MINI is also keen to explore electrification, with multiple plug-in hybrid models available and the first full-EV Cooper SE to be on sale by early 2020.

In Summary – Are Minis Reliable?

From what we’ve compiled, it’s plain to see that while MINI is improving in terms of reliability. They’re neither the most unreliable car nor most reliable, but one of the better brands you can depend on making quality products.

If you’re charmed by the MINI looks, there’s no other brand out there that’s as all-encompassing as MINI. You can find the MINI look in various configurations. If you want something like the MINI, then only MINI will satiate that thirst.

MINI Cooper Reviews

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Is the Mini Cooper reliable?

They’re neither the most unreliable car nor most reliable, but one of the better brands you can depend on making quality products.

What are the common problems with Mini Coopers?

Here are some of the common problems with Mini Coopers Clutch failure, automatic transmission failure, power steering pump fails, water pump leak and loose timing chain.

Are Mini Coopers expensive to maintain?

MINI and Volkswagen performed similarly dependability wise, but they found that they’re paying on average £631 for Volkswagen repairs, while MINI repairs cost on average £497. This is more indicative of used car reliability though.

Is a Mini Cooper made by BMW?

Yes. BMW have been making the modern Mini since 2000. The “Mini Cooper” was made by the British Motor Corporation from 1961 to 1971, then from 1990 to 2000.

Are mini coopers good cars?

Without a doubt the MINI brand has improved over the years with 2019 being the highlight for the brand when it become one of the most reliable compact cars you can buy.

Mini Cooper Ratings

If you want to see just how reliable MINI Coopers are take a look at the 2019 J.D Power survey. This is proven data around the performance on MINI and any problems that occur.

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