Honda CRV Vs RAV4

Honda CRV VS RAV4: Which One Is The Better Crossover?

The Honda CRV vs RAV4 has conquered the minds of consumers for quite some time due to its hybrid nature, generous features, and attractive pricing. Whether you want these for yourself or are willing to present somebody with the ultimate gift, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk in detail about these two crossovers. We will discuss the various characteristics that you should consider. Furthermore, which of these come out on top of one another in terms of pricing, fuel efficiency, safety, and more?

So, walk along with the comparison we have listed out for you and see which one suits your preferences the best. Continue reading to dive deeper into the details of the Honda CRV vs RAV4!

Regarding the confusion surrounding these two crossovers, you are not to blame because we are equally at fault. These crossovers have been at each other’s throats since the 1990s, fighting tooth and nail to build out their brands and passionate fans.

Both provide comparable packages, although there are a few minor variations. As a result, there is a strong chance that you will face difficulties choosing between the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 when you’re in the marketplace for a Japanese compact crossover, so we’re here to help you decide.

Let’s look at the features both provide and decide on all the necessary attributes in mind.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Pricing

Honda CRV Vs RAV4

While the comparison might shed light on the best years for RAV4 and the Honda CRV reliability (be on the lookout for the 2007 Toyota RAV4 problems), discussing the options’ pricing systems is imperative. This comparison might help you decipher and decide which one’s the best for you and suits your preferences the best.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

Regarding the base LX trim, the CR-V prices begin at $26,525 (destination included). You receive a single zone climate control system and a 5.0-inch multimedia screen. But the digital instrument panel with Android Auto, including Apple CarPlay, comes standard. However, the heated front seats, blind-spot monitoring, and 7.0-inch system are all included with the EX ($29,035).

To have a powered tailgate plus leather-trimmed seating, you must upgrade to the EX-L, which starts at $31,625. The EX-L level makes the HomeLink Remote and an auto-dimming rear mirror possible. Putting it at the number one spot, Touring has a starting price of $34,825. However, this bundle includes wireless recharging, hands-free tailgate entry, lighting effects, and other features.

FWD, as well as AWD, are standard on all grades. The cost of the hybrid—an AWD unique option—increases by $1,200, and the change to AWD adds another $1,500 to the overall price. But there isn’t a hybrid version of the base LX trim. The most expensive grade, the Touring Hybrid, has a starting price of $37,525.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

The entry-level LE trim costs $27,325 (with destination). Although standard LED lighting, rigid plastic, fabric upholstery, and just a 7.0-inch unit touchscreen make up the interior. Android Auto or Apple CarPlay comes as standard. As you move up, the XLE and XLE Premium trims commence at $28,620 to $31,325, respectively. The only options for the Adventure ($34,430) or TRD ($37,055) trims come with gasoline engines.

Additionally, AWD offers the same facility; upgrading that to other trims would cost you an additional $1,400. A hybrid that is also AWD-only costs an extra $1,100.

XSE trim offers just one hybrid model, which starts at $35,775. The Limited version of the RAV4 is at a much higher trim level and has a starting price of $35,855. Its panoramic sunroof is only an alternative accessible on the Limited and XSE trims, whereas navigation or its JBL systems are based mainly on Limited.

The RAV4’s extensive selection of trims may be overwhelming to some buyers. Furthermore, the optional packs exist, which can further confuse matters but offer a wide range of options. Even though the RAV4 is more expensive than most CR-V trims, the Toyota costs less to equip an AWD plus hybrid. The RAV4 easily wins this category when adding a vast array of trim options.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Fuel Economy

Honda CRV Vs RAV4

Since so many features exist, the CRV hybrid vs RAV4 hybrid battle shall go on indefinitely. But one of the main features that we should all consider with the world’s current state is fuel economy. Let’s compare the fuel economy of the two by considering the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 MPG.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The CR-V’s FWD and AWD fuel economy ratings are nearly equal to the RAV4. Even when they are generally less efficient on the road, FWD variants do significantly better in cities. The AWD models get 32 MPG on the freeway and 27 MPG in the town. The overall figure is 29 MPG. However, the hybrid becomes less effective overall; as per the EPA, it gets 40 MPG in the city but 35 MPG on the highway.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

Different RAV4 models have varying gas mileage. But as per the EPA, all hybrid models deliver 41 MPG in the town or 38 MPG along the highway, for a combined 40 MPG. These FWD trims achieve city fuel economy ratings of 25 to 27 MPG with highway fuel economy ratings of 33 to 35 MPG. Most AWD levels have a one MPG reduction in mileage. The TRD or Adventure, which only comes with AWD, gets 25 or 32 and even 33 MPG on the interstate.

Despite having on-par gas engines, the RAV4 succeeds in winning this race because of a more compelling hybrid engine.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Cabin Space

The RAV4 trunk space or the Honda CRV cabin space might intrigue you as they are essential features to note. After all, you don’t want to spend all that money only to realize the cabin is a little too small for your need. For the perfect RAV4 vs CRV battle, comparing the cabin space in the two options is crucial.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The CR-V does have a wheelbase of 104.8 inches (2,662 mm), especially in comparison to the RAV4’s 105.9 inches (2,690 mm), while being just over an inch taller (182.1 inches (4,625 mm).

In light of this, it provides 40.1 inches (1,018 mm) front legroom and 40.3 inches (1,024 mm) back legroom. The front has 40.1 inches (1,081 mm) spaciousness and 39.1 inches (993 mm) at the back.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

Front passengers benefit from 41.0 inches of legroom owing to a 105.9-inch length, while the back seat provides a spacious, 37.8 inches (960 mm) legroom. The front headroom is now almost sufficient at 37.7 inches (958 mm).

However, you also receive 39.5 inches (1,003 mm) headroom in the back. Although the height-adjustable seats guarantee even the tallest passengers are correctly seated, the sunroof tends to reduce headroom in the front seats.

The back bench’s 56.4 inches (1,432 mm) shoulder room may accommodate three adults. However, just three people can sit comfortably during short trips and city stays.

The CR-V provides 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) more back legroom despite shortening the wheelbase. The Honda also provides and manages higher front headroom and nearly comparable shoulder width levels, although lighter and smaller, making it the clear victor in this comparison.

Honda CRV Vs RAV4

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Features & Specs

The RAV4 vs CRV comparison peaks at the features they bring. Whether you’re looking for the best Honda CRV year or the best years for RAV4, the features matter the most! So, let us dive right into the features that set these two vehicles apart from each other.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The CR-V comes equipped with a 5.0-inch tablet infotainment system as standard equipment. The model offers the lowest grade and only has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as essential equipment. The 7.0-inch system comes with the EX trim and higher.

Only the highest Touring model offers built-in navigation, a high-end sound system, and cordless phone charging. In addition, the Touring trim or hybrid models have LED headlamps; the remainder of the range only has halogen lighting.

The base trim has a single-zone climate control system, whereas the other trims have double systems as standard. But across the range, the CR-V does come standard with its all-digital instrument panel. Additionally, the majority of add-on bundles only include decorative items. The CR-V does not have a panoramic moonroof either.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

The 7.0-inch touchscreen is the baseline for the majority of the series. Although the 8.0-inch screen is an additional package starting with the XLE trim, it isn’t included as standard equipment until you choose the Adventure, TRD, and Limited trims.

Standard equipment includes LED lighting, but auto-leveling is only available on models starting with the XLE trim level. Additionally, standards are oblivious indicators, warmed wing mirrors, and temperature controls, but with only one zone. A dual update calls for the XLE trim. However, its dual system provides a standard in the Canadian market. Only top models offer tri-zone technology.

The analog arrangement comes standard with a 4.2-inch MID display on the basic trims. Only the XSE through Limited trims provide the 7.0-inch Digi-analog layout; the XSE level is a hybrid-only model.

Strangely, irrespective of your selected style, only its driver’s seat has power adjustability. Moreover, just the Limited trim offers integrated navigation and the 11-speaker JBL audio system as standard equipment. Lower trims can also get it for $1,620 as a component of an additional package.

The RAV4 has many more features than the CR-V, such as standard LED headlights, a bigger touchscreen screen, and a panoramic moonroof, even if many of the extras are optional and most are only available on top grades.

Honda CRV vs RAV4:Cargo Space

The Honda CRV cargo space has a good reputation worldwide, whereas the RAV4 trunk space is well-known for its service. So, at the end of the day, which should you go with? It’s time to compare the two to decide which one’s better!

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

Behind the back benches, the CR-V can hold 39.2 cu ft (1,109 liters) bags; the capacity rises to 75.8 cu ft (2 135 liters) when you fold the bench. Nevertheless, the hybrid’s cargo space is only 33.2 cubic feet (939 liters) versus 68.7 cubic feet (1,944 liters). Honda does not provide a Hybrid towing capability figure; the towing capacity is just 1,500 lb as the RAV4.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

The Toyota can hold up to 37.6 cu ft (1,064 liters) baggage when you fold the bench. However, if you drop the seat down, you could fit 69.8 cu ft (1,976 liters) bags in the back. Regarding tow packages, the hybrid powertrain can pull 1,750 lb, whereas the gasoline engines can pull up approximately 1,500 lb.

Compared to the RAV4, the Honda has more cargo room, and the hybrid models’ volume decreases only slightly. The CR-V also wins this.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Styling

Whether we talk about the Honda CRV hybrid MPG or the RAV4 ground clearance, it depends on the styling since we all chase a good appearance. Here’s how the two compete in terms of appearance and styling.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The Honda CR-V has a considerably more relaxed and welcoming appearance compared to its rivals. The Honda is quite handsome, but the RAV4 is much more angular. Although it has a rear windscreen and elevated tail lamps, the pair are substantially different.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

The RAV4 is undoubtedly the more daring option in terms of appearance. It has an aggressive appearance thanks to the trapezoidal forehead, angular headlights, and a large front bumper. Another difference between itself and the CR-V is the squared-off shoulder arches, the elevated tail lamps, and the back glass. The RAV4 appears slightly broader than it truly is due to its overall appearance.

The appearance is one of those features that is customized and differs from person to person. No matter how much we generalize, it shall vary from user to user. It all depends on your choice and preferences.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Safety Features

The RAV4 vs CRV must note the safety features in both options. Safety comes first whether the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV are off-road or in the city.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The Honda CR-V comes standard with an automatic high beam, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. However, the EX model and higher are the only ones that provide blind-spot recognition and rear cross-traffic warning.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

Every model’s standard equipment set includes the Safety Sense 2.0 module. Pre-collision notice with pedestrian recognition, radar-guided cruise control, and lane change alert with steering help are just a few examples of its driver aids. However, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert is not included on the LE base grade but with the XLE trim and higher.

The RAV4 includes blind-spot detection in the lower trims, whereas the CR-V only has it as standard equipment starting with the EX trim. Thus, Toyota prevails in this case.

Honda CRV vs RAV4: Powertrains

Many people are concerned about the CRV vs RAV4 horsepower, while others are interested in the RAV4 vs Honda CRV gas mileage – these factors make a complete comparison between the two.

CRV (Compared To The RAV4)

The CR-V is available with gas and hybrid motors, just like the RAV4. Its 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder generates a maximum torque of 179 lb-ft and 190 horsepower.

A hybrid system paired with a 2.0-liter normally aspirated engine produces 212 horsepower and 232 lb-ft and torque.

Whereas the gas engine is accessible with FWD and AWD, the hybrid is only accessible with the latter. These engines include a CVT gearbox.

RAV4 (Compared To The Honda CRV)

The RAV4’s available powertrains include both gas as well as hybrid options. Both rely on the same fundamental engine as a foundation. The gas-powered variant’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces 203 horsepower and 189 lb-ft maximum torque.

It couples with an automatic transmission with eight speeds that predominantly drives the front tires. The company also offers on-demand AWD technology in all grades.

Its hybrid system, on the other side, uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a battery system to produce a combined 219 horsepower. The production of torque is also increased. Additionally, the hybrid versions are available solely with AWD.

These vehicles include gas and hybrid engine options. However, the RAV4’s engine selection has a greater variety and takes first place in this comparison.

Honda CRV Vs RAV4: The Bottom Line…

Nearly equal crossovers are present in both. The RAV4 has superior standards and extra features, while the CR-V has a larger cabin and is less expensive. We can undoubtedly say that the CR-V is an exceptional drive to the Toyota after driving both.

The RAV4 is the victor of this specification comparison since it is also more economical and takes an “a little of everything” approach. Nevertheless, the primary decision is up to you to make a prick according to your preferences!

FAQs On Honda CRV Vs RAV4

What Does CRV Stand For

It stands for ‘compact recreation vehicle,’ which is Honda’s creation.

Is Honda CRV A Good Car

Yes, the Honda CRV is a pretty great SUV. It provides quick acceleration, a smooth ride, and efficient gas consumption. The room exudes an elegant vibe. The cargo compartment is among the largest in the small SUV class, and both the seats are roomy and pleasant.

Is Toyota RAV4 A Good Car

The Toyota RAV4 is indeed a capable small SUV, yes. The RAV4 has two rows of comfortable seats, a lot of vehicle safety, and a simple entertainment system. It also has a lot of cargo room. It also offers a comfortable ride and a powerful, fuel-efficient engine.

Is Honda Better Than Toyota

Some features might be better in Honda while others in Toyota; you have to decide for yourself.

How Long Do Honda CRV Last

The Honda CRV has a range of well above 200,000 miles, but with meticulous care and love, it can continue to run for well beyond 300,000 miles.


Yes, and more specifically, it’s a compact SUV.

How Many Miles Can A Honda CRV Last

While it can run for 200,000 miles generally, it could go beyond 300,000 miles if you take proper care and maintenance.

Honda CR V How Many Seats

The Honda CR-V will inspire every motorist and family with its dynamic design, adaptability of 5 or 7 seats, sophisticated technologies, and bright, customer-centric interior.

Which Is More Reliable Honda CR V Or RAV4

RAV4 is less trustworthy than the Honda CR-V. Additionally, a dependable vehicle saves time and money because it requires fewer repairs. The CR-V had an overall J.D. reliability assessment of 84/100, while the RAV4 received an overall score of 81/100.

How Much Does A Honda CRV Weigh

The CR-V has a curb weight that ranges from 3,337 to 2,649 pounds. The drivetrain determines the CR-V maximum weight for the gasoline variants instead of the engine selection. The CR-FWD V’s trims average 3,337 pounds, while AWD variants weigh 3,455 lbs.

Is Honda CR V Or Toyota RAV4 Better

To note the proper comparison, consider all the features that arrive with both vehicles.

What Is The Best Year Of Honda CRV To Buy

The CR-V from the 2005 and 2006 model years has a pleasant ride, dependable engine, and excellent fuel efficiency. Consider another 2015 and 2016 CR-V version if you don’t want to drive a vehicle that old. Its continuously variable transmission, or CVT, contributes to the all-wheel-average drive’s average MPG of 26.

How Long Do RAV4 Last

With an average lifespan of between 200,000 and 250,000 kilometers and higher numbers for owners who take good care of their RAV4, the Toyota RAV4 is a top SUV in terms of durability.

Toyota RAV4 How Many Seats

It has five seats.

How Wide Is A RAV4

The overall width is 73 inches on the Toyota RAV4.

How Big Is A RAV4

The volume is 98.9 cubic feet for the Toyota RAV4.

How Many Miles Will A Toyota RAV4 Last

It’ll last for around 200,000 to 250,000 miles.

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